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Sunshine Blogger Award


Hey there, my lovelies! ❤

I finally managed to get to this tag and I want to thank the lovely Surina for tagging me for the Sunshine Blogger Award! She’s an amazing blogger and I love to visit her page! ❤ If you’re not already following her blog you should definitely take a look and make sure to check it out! I can guarantee you it will be worth your precious time! 😉

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blogging site.
  2. Answer the questions.
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  4. Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
  5. List the rules and display the sunshine blogger award logo on your site or on your post.

 The Questions and My Answers:

 Question #1: What is your all-time favorite book?


Aww Surina, that question just isn’t fair. *lol* I have so many faves it’s not even normal anymore but if I had to decide for a stand-alone I’d always choose “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. I’m currently re-reading it again and I love this book so damn much! <333 It’s definitely one of those books I’ll never get tired of.

Question #2: What is your most anticipated book of this year?

A few months ago I probably would have gone with a Cassie Clare or Tahereh Mafi book but right now it’s definitely “Red, White & Royal Blue” from Casey McQuiston. I want to read this book so badly I feel an ache in my chest whenever I see a review about it. Everyone is praising it and I. JUST. WANT. TO. READ. IT! >_< May 14th… May 14th… I can do it! *takes a deep breath*

Question #3: What books have made you cry?

Wrong question. The right one would have been “What books didn’t make you cry?” *lol* Seriously, I seem to have a weakness for books that make me cry and I just can’t stop to read them. There were so many books that made me cry… “Clockwork Princess”, “Lord of Shadows”, “Kingdom of Ash”, “A Court of Mist and Fury”, “The Heart’s Invisible Furies”, basically the entire “Farseer Trilogy”… gosh the list could go on and on. XD

Question #4: What book do you feel needs more love?


I always have the same answer here and I’ll never get tired of recommending this series: “The Codex Alera” from Jim Butcher! I loved the characters and the world they live in! I borrowed book one from the library because the blurb sounded interesting and within less than a month I was through all 6 books of the series. I guess this says enough. ;-P

Question #5: Can you tell that I’m shamelessly trying to find more books to add to my TBR? 😉 I’ll stop, promise.

Yes, I can and I really hope you’ll read “The Codex Alera” series now! *lol*

Question #6: What are some of your favorite quotes?

Oh jeez! I’m such a sucker for quotes I just can’t decide for only one. I live and breathe that one though:

“Freely we serve,
Because we freely love, as in our will
To love or not; in this we stand or fall.” – John Milton, Paradise Lost

And don’t even get me started on other quotes because you’ll regret it. XD Alone Maggie Stiefvater’s “The Raven Cycle” is so quotable I could probably write an entire essay! *lol*

Question #7: What else, besides reading, do you like to do in your free time?

Phew! I have so many hobbies but barely any time to pursue them. (To have a kid will do that to you. ;-P) But once I have time I’m writing, drawing, dancing, blogging, roleplaying, reading, cooking, listening to music or I actually even make music (it’s been quite a while though). Or and that happens almost every time except when she’s sleeping, I play with my daughter and go for a walk with her. XD

Question #8: What is your earliest book-related memory?

I remember my nanna reading us bedtime stories when I was a little kid and my parents were out for dinner. I was always looking forward to my parents going out because I knew she would read to us for hours! <333

Question #9: What is the most mind-numbing thing you have ever done?

Now that’s a funny question. I think it was working as a clerk at a bus company. Every day I got there I knew exactly what my 8 hour shift would entail and it was so mind-numbing my brain cells are already dying just thinking about it. I’m sure there are a lot of people who’d love a job like that but I’m just too creative to spend my days with repetitive work. >_<

Question #10: What is the most positive thing you can think of?

It’s not a “thing” per se but I think it would be my family and my friends! =) <333

Question #11: Have you had a good day so far?

Yes!! It’s early morning here and it’s almost 7:15 a.m and my kid is still sleeping because it are holidays! *lol* So that gave me plenty of time to answer your questions which makes me really happy! XD Oh wait, I think she’s waking up now. *lol*

I Tag:

  1. Xandra @ Starry Sky Books
  2. Melanie @ TBR and Beyond
  3. Lisa @ I got lost in books
  4. Laura @ Laura Herondale’s Book Blog
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  9. Brianna @ Brianna The Bookworm
  10. Ashley @ Bubbly Booknerd
  11. Uzma @ Littlethoughtsfromtornpages

I wish I could have tagged even more people than those amazing 11 bloggers! Now it’s up to you to tag everyone else I wasn’t able to tag. I’m counting on you, guys! 😉


My Questions:

  1. Which book character is the most like you?
  2. Which book was your favourite read of 2019? (Of course we’re talking about the first quarter of 2019 here 😉
  3. Which books have made you laugh out loud?
  4. Is there a book you hate with a fierce passion?
  5. What’s the reason you started blogging?
  6. What is your favourite quote?
  7. Are you a mood reader or do you follow a list?
  8. Also do you prefer to read e-books or physical copies?
  9. Your most anticipated read for this year?
  10. What are your goals for 2019 and did you already go through with them?
  11. If you could go on a date with a book character, who would it be? ;-P

I can’t wait to read your answers and I’m sure they will be awesome! =)

Take care!


The Sassy Library Fox

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Review: Children of Blood and Bone (Tomi Adeyemi)

Rating: 4 Pfoten


Book 9 on My Book List 2019

”We are the people who fill the king’s prisons, the people our kingdom turns into laborers. The people Orïshans try to chase out of their features, outlawing our lineage as if white hair and dead magic were a social stain.”

I really don’t know how to begin this review and I’m pretty certain that this is mostly due to the fact that it seems to be unpopular opinion time. *lol* Truth be told, this rarely happens when I read a book. If my friends say they loved it, I usually end up loving it too and when it comes down to it, I think Tomi Adeyemi actually did a great job with her book. It was different, the cast was diverse, the magic system was intriguing, the characters weren’t only morally grey but also complex and the world building was unique.

So if all of that was awesome, why didn’t I like the book as much as I thought I would? Well, there were some things I just couldn’t bring myself to overlook. For instance I had kind of a tough time to get into the writing style (I guess it just wasn’t for me) and I would have liked to get a little bit more background information. I mean I still don’t know what exactly an agbön game is. Is it a war strategy game in real life? Why is it mentioned that Tzain is muscular due to it? Do they actually fight? Is it some sort of water combat?

Also how exactly do all of their powers work? Sure, at the beginning of the book there is an explanation of all the ten Maji clans but whenever someone uses their power we only see what they do but we never get to know HOW they do it and what’s behind of it. Sure, we could argue that the knowledge was lost when magic died and that no one really knows how to use their abilities properly, I think it would have been helpful to explain the machinations behind those powers and incantations though. For a die-hard fantasy fan like me the short explanation we got during the book definitely wasn’t enough. But once again that’s my subjective opinion.

Still, there is one thing I really couldn’t overlook and that was the way the ships developed or should I rather say the way they didn’t develop. They came out of nowhere and quite literally smacked you in the face. *lol* One moment it was like: „I hate you with a fire so bright I want to destroy and burn you to the ground“ and the next it was „I love you and want to be with you until our bones are dust on that aforementioned ground“. So urgh! A 180 degree change because of what? A single moment you agreed? Nope, definitely not working for me. #SorryNotSorry

If I convince myself to overlook all of those little things the book was a really great read though and I have no qualms to recommend it. Well, okay if you don’t like insta-love you might get annoyed and probably should keep this in mind. *lol* It’s just a suggestion though. ;-P


Welcome to my characters section! I don’t have any maji powers so if you continue to read your memory won’t be erased after you’re done with this part of my review. You will be spoiled for eternity and if you don’t want to take that risk you better leave now and never look back. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. 😉


”I see you dyed your hair.” She points at the color hiding my white streak and smirks. “You might want to add another coat. Some of your maggot’s still peeking through.”

I really liked Zélie! She was exactly the way you would imagine a heroine to be. I mean she had her beliefs and she stood by them and never gave up. No matter what happened, how torn and broken she felt, she always got up again and fought. For her family, for her people and for herself. I think if she truly sets her mind on something there is actually nothing she couldn’t do. Also, I kind of loved that we got to see both of her sides. On the outside she was always so brave and determined, but on the inside we could see her insecurities and fears. It was nice to see how others perceived her and how she truly was. XD My poor, poor girl though. =(( I suffered with her so much and as if the loss of her mother wouldn’t have been already enough she even had to fall into the hands of Saran. I will never forgive him for what he did to her and my heart will always bleed for Zélie! T_T

”Tell me, little prince.” I whip around. “What hurts more? The feeling you get when you use your magic or the pain of pushing it all down?”

”I won’t let your father get away with what he’s done. I won’t let your ignorance silence my pain.”

”You crushed us to build your monarchy on the backs of our blood and bone. Your mistake wasn’t keeping us alive. It was thinking we’d never fight back!”

”You don’t have to be afraid-“
“I am always afraid!”
I don’t know what shocks me more – the power in my voice or the words themselves.”


”Sadness swells inside me as I close my eyes and picture her face. Just a brief thought of her is almost enough to take me away from the hell of this desert. If she were here, she’d be smiling, laughing at the grains of sand that got stuck between her teeth. She’d find beauty in all of this. Binta found the beauty in everything.”

Okay, let’s be blunt and totally honest here: Amari is my one and only true Queen and I love her to bits and pieces! <333 This girl is nothing but amazing and even though she had her weaknesses, this didn’t stop her from trying to improve and to make things better in the end. Amari knew exactly what she was capable of but I think she had troubles to come to terms with it. I guess in general she’s a rather peaceful person but if someone hurts the ones she loves and cares about she becomes a Lionaire. *lol* That kind of reminded me of myself, so I could totally relate to her. XD Plus, I loved that she was Saran’s daughter but still recognized her father’s faults and mistakes, that she dared to get in her father’s way. No, that she even tried to save him and tried to show him that he was wrong. It didn’t work out in the end but it definitely wasn’t due to her not trying.

”Do not worry,” I whisper as he takes his last breath. “I will make a far better queen.”


”Magic slithers inside me. Venomous, like a thousand spiders crawling over my skin. It wants more of me. The curse wants to fight its way in –“

*sighs deeply* What a morally grey, confused, broken, complex and multi-layered character. I really don’t know if I should hate or like him and usually that’s a really good sign. *lol* Inan did so many stupid things and sometimes I just wanted to yell at him, if you know his entire background story it’s not easy to judge him for his actions though. His father’s warrior or not, it was obvious that he had troubles to come to terms with his role. If you’ve been raised in the belief that magic is bad it’s not easy to accept that everything you’ve been taught was a lie. I mean he’s been indoctrinated his entire life and it didn’t come as a surprise that he would have difficulties to accept that he’s actually one of the maji. Plus, despite everything his father did, he truly loved him…. Unfortunately that love wasn’t reciprocated and my heart broke when Saran found out about his powers and tried to kill him. I’m saying “tried” because I really don’t know if he survived the ending or not. It didn’t look good for him but it still might be possible that he survived. If he did I’m convinced that he’ll be even more broken than he was in the first book though and I’m not entirely sure if I’ll be able to handle such a broken Inan. >_<

”I’m really one of them.
I’m the very monster I hunt.”

”I hate my magic.” I lower my voice. “I despise the way it poisons me. But more than anything, I hate the way it makes me hate myself.”


Mhmm… I really don’t know what to think about Tzain. I have the feeling that I didn’t really get to know him because we never got his POV and that obviously makes it kind of hard to gauge his character. For some reason I didn’t like the little that I saw, though. I mean I get why he was angry at Zélie but it’s really not like anything that happened was her fault. I didn’t like his overprotective attitude and sometimes it felt like he was acting very selfish. I mean he is a kosidán and I think because of that he didn’t really understand what it means to be a diviner, what it means to be despised just because you look different. Still, I think some of his worries and reservations were valid and when the shit hit the fan Zélie could always count on him. So all told, I guess it’s safe to say that he’s a good brother who loves his sister and only wants the best for her. =)


”After the Raid you should’ve been desperate to keep magic away. You were supposed to be afraid. Obedient. Now I see there is no educating your kind. You maggots all crave the disease tainting your blood.”

I hated Saran and it made me sick to hear his thoughts. If there ever was a person in a book who’s the epitome of racism it certainly would be Saran. Gah, all those prejudices and that senseless hate I really couldn’t stand him. And if I didn’t hate him enough already, the fact he wanted to kill Amari as well as Inan, his own flesh and blood, only caused me to despise him even more. I’m sorry for Amari because my warrior princess didn’t deserve to have the blood of her father on her blade, but I’m definitely not sorry that he died in the end. I mean he didn’t even hesitate to kill them both…. What a cruel father! *shakes head*


”Don’t – “ He stops me before I interject. “This isn’t about you. I couldn’t speak for weeks after I got my scars. I certainly couldn’t fight.”

Now that’s a character that really intrigued me! Roën seems to be right up my alley and I hope that we’ll get to see more of him in the next book. There weren’t enough moments with him but the little I saw automatically gave me a Nikolai vibe and we all know how much I love Nikolai Lantsov. *lol* I don’t know how I feel about him being a possible love interest for Zélie but I’m inclined to give their ship a chance. XD So I guess I’ll just have to wait until book two comes out.

”Apologies.” He smiles. “My feet have a nasty habit of following my heart.”


Zélie & Inan:

”An unknown force burns behind his amber gaze, a prison I can’t escape. Something in his spirit seems to claw onto mine. But before I can spend another second locked in his eyes, Nailah flies over the gate, severing our connection.”

That ship! *shakes head* Urgh! Okay, there obviously was attraction right from the beginning, but seriously, the little glimpses of “for a criminal I’m supposed to kill, Zélie actually looks hot” and “Inan is an obedient sexy bastard that wants to kill me” certainly didn’t prepare me for the fact that they made a 180 degree turn and became a ship all of a sudden. I’m saying this with all due respect but: WTF?!!! Inan’s powers show him Zélie’s pain and he understands everything? Yah, right. Totally relatable! It’s not like Inan was intent on killing her for half of the book and that they hated each other with a fierce passion. NAH! Oh wait, it WAS exactly like that! *rolls eyes* I can live with insta-love if it’s done well, but this was “INSTA love” (emphasis on “insta”) and I’m not okay with that. I like Zélie’s character and I like Inan’s character but I don’t like their ship?! Maybe I would have liked it if things would have gone more slowly, but the way it happened I just can’t… Well, I just can’t, you feel me? >_<

”Liar,” he decides. “You’re just trying to get into my head.”
“No, little prince. It’s you who’s gotten into mine.”

A smile spreads on my lips, one that’s coming more and more often in her presence. “You rather enjoy insulting me, don’t you?”
“It’s almost as satisfying as beating you with my staff.”

Amari & Tzain:

Tzain smiles, and it softens up every hard line in his face. “You’re not so quiet yourself, Princess. The way you snore, I should’ve called you the Lionaire this whole time.”

And here we go with another ship I don’t want to board. *lol* This felt so damn forced I can’t even. It’s like Tomi Adeyemi decided that she needed another couple and that those two would do. But just because they are two of the MCs and have the commonality that they don’t have any powers they don’t automatically have to become a ship! It’s just not working, especially because Amari is still in mourning for Binta. If you ask me they were definitely more than just friends and if anything I want to see Amari with Zélie which brings me to my unofficial ship of this book.

Amari & Zélie:

”I wipe away the remainder of her tears and place my hand on her cheek. I couldn’t be there for Binta, yet being with Zélie, I feel the hole in my heart closing. Binta would’ve told me to be brave. With Zélie, I already am.”

Now this is finally a ship I would board without a second thought or hesitation! XD Those two had chemistry and slowly but gradually became friends and grew on each other. They could be an amazing ship and I would totally support it. As for the probability: It was never explicitly mentioned but I’m pretty sure that Amari is bi. The way she mourned for Binta and the little glimpses we got of their relationship kind of gave me the impression that they were more than just friends and actually loved each other. Of course I could be wrong but I don’t think that I am. So from Amari’s POV it definitely would be possible. Zélie? I don’t know… Adeyemi focused too much on the male MC of the story so I doubt that Zélie is bi. Still, I’m curious to find out how the relationship between Amari and Zélie is going to develop and I’m definitely ready to read about it in book two. 😉


“Children of Blood and Bone” was a new and refreshing approach in the YA and fantasy genre. I might have had some issues with the execution but in general I really enjoyed reading Zélie’s story. So all told this makes 3,5 paws rounded up to four. I’m convinced there is a lot of potential and room for improvement so I’m really looking forward to read the sequel “Children of Virtue and Vengeance”.

And last but not least I want to thank the lovely Uzma for reading this book with me! It was a great buddy read and I hope there are even more to come! ❤ Maybe we could even go for the second book once it finally hits the stores? 😉 I’d definitely be up for another round. XD

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In Bad Faith

They set their eyes on me,
Their gaze so gleefully.

They had been waiting,
For someone like me to come,
I guess I should have better run.

For one moment,
I didn’t pay attention.
I just turned around…
Do I have to mention?
I was already facing the ground.

They were about four or three,
I tried desperately to pull myself free,
I knew they wouldn’t give up on me.

The first punch hit my nose,
Blood running as red as a rose.
The second hit my ribs,
I tried to get up on my fingertips.

I blinked away my tears.
Never show them your fears.
Be strong,
In order to live on.

I … was taught to
I couldn’t do.

I was lying on the floor,
They punched me,
Hit me against a door.

When my entire body was sore.
I passed out.
Couldn’t… take it anymore.

I was left
To die on the ground.
I was found.
I… was… found.

They set their eyes on me,
Their gaze so gleefully.

I know,
It wasn’t about me
It was only…

About my ethnicity.


© Virginia Stone

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Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs

hugs'n'kisses or dismissed by the missus

Hey there, my lovelies!

Another month is over and after finishing „The Lies of Locke Lamora“ recently I’m ready to hug and read the next book.  So here I am going for my third round of my own blog meme “Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs”.

If you want to try my blog meme too, feel free to do so! Just make sure to follow the rules and everything should work out fine! 😉 Well, that is of course, if you don’t cheat on yourself. *lol*


The rules:

1.) Link back to the original post @ The Sassy Library Fox (I really want to know if it works out for you and I’m curious about your book choices! ;-))

2.) Chose 3 random numbers from 1 to the end of your TBR list. (In my case it are 3 random numbers from 1 – 299, so for instance I’ll pick 50, 161 and 249)

3.) Take a look at the 3 books on your TBR. (50 – One of Us is Lying, 161 – The Harvest of Betrayal, 249 – The Abyss Surrounds Us)

4.)  Then you follow the rhyme:

One to hug and read, (One of Us is Lying: I already have this on my kindle so it’s time to finally read it)

One to kiss and keep, (The Abyss Surrounds Us: Lesbian Pirates?! Did you really think I’d pass on this opportunity? *lol*)

One to dismiss and weep! (The Harvest of Betrayal: This sounds really interesting but I read way too many serious books lately and I doubt I’ll bring myself to read this in near future. I’ll keep it in mind though. Maybe one day I’ll add it to my list again.)

5.) Read the book you hugged and kept within a month and repeat the process as often and as frequently as you like. (I’ll do this once a month and hopefully it will help me to reduce my TBR ;-P)


„One of Us Is Lying“ is one of those books I wanted to read for ages and I’m glad I’m finally giving it a try. So far this blog meme worked out really well for me. When I started there were 303 books on my TBR list and after this third round there’ll only be 297 left. This is amazing and I’m so happy it works!!! ❤

What about you? Did you try my meme already? Did it work out for you too? Do you want to give it a shot?

Tell me and let me know! =)



The Sassy Library Fox

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March Wrap-Up

Wrap Up

Do I get an award for being even worse off than last month? *lol* I swear March was so bad!!! I only managed to read a total of four books and three mangas. And under normal circumstances I wouldn’t even bother to mention the mangas because they are so short and I more or less usually always read them as a kind of „book snack“ in between. XD

Still, considering the fact that my allergy was acting up and gave me a hell of a time, emphasis on „hell“, it’s a small miracle I even accomplished to read that much. What made it even worse was that a nasty bronchitis chose that moment of physical weakness to jump on the train as well. So I suddenly found myself wheezing and gasping for air while I was shook by coughing and fever fits. Not a nice way to spend your days, I can assure you.

Well, anyway. I’m still alive and breathing, my glass is half full and not half empty and now that I have the right antiallergics I’m actually doing fine. *lol* (It might have helped that it rained over those last few days, so a huge thanks to the weather gods! XD)

This said, let’s finally move on to my statistic:

Books read: 7

Pages read: 2.970 (Not a lot, especially if you consider that three of them were Fruits Basket volumes. *lol*)

Average rating: 4

Books that were on my reading list: 3 (1 from 2018 and 2 from 2019)

March Reads:

34727535  865293

40040199  38630871

The Heart’s Invisible Furies: 4 Pfoten

With a total of 736 pages this book was really thick! I could have easily used it as a tool for self-defence! *lol* Fortunately I didn’t have to, even though I sometimes had a sudden urge to smack some of the ignorant characters that made Cyril’s life even harder than it already was. XD Still, this book was so good! My personal conclusion:

Particularly sad,
hilariously vivid,
achingly beautiful
and ridiculously charming.

Do I have to say more? If yes you can read my full review here! 😉

The Lies of Locke Lamora: 4 Pfoten

This book had such a slow start but damn it, did it get good once the world building and the characters were thoroughly introduced. I loved this so much and after reaching the halfway mark I just couldn’t put it down anymore. I needed to know what would happen next and my heart beats and bleeds for Locke and Jean! ❤ Truth be told, I was so stoked that I already borrowed the second book from the library and hopefully will read it soon! If you want to find out even more about The Gentleman Bastards, just read my review. =)

Dead Before Dawn: 4 Pfoten

About a year ago Caroline Peckham was so nice to offer me an ARC of her last book in the „V Games“ series and of course I said yes! I mean: That woman can write and after reading her first book, „V ‚Games“, I was already hooked! XD Dead Before Dawn was once again a fast paced and pretty bloody read but once you get used to that intriguing mixture of „Resident Evil“ meets „The Hunger Games“ you don’t want to stop reading anymore. No regrets with this one, except of the fact that it actually took me an entire year to get to it. *facepalm* Sorry, Caroline! ❤

Fruits Basket Vol. 15 – 17: 4 Pfoten

I loved this series as a teen and I just rediscovered it a few months ago. So I’m slowly but gradually working my way through all of those 23 volumes and so far it’s only getting better and better! ❤ If you’re looking for a manga with angsty characters that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside this might be exactly the right thing for you. XD Be careful though, despite it’s nice appearance „Fruits Basket“ can get pretty dark at times as well.

Children of Blood and Bone: 4 Pfoten

I only just finished this book on the 31st of March so I didn’t have any time to write a proper review. Well, at least not yet. It’s definitely going to be a four paws read though. I can see why so many people love „Children of Blood and Bone“ and even though I enjoyed my buddy read with the lovely Uzma  I still have to admit that I might have a rather unpopular opinion when it comes to certain parts of this book. *lol* If you got curious now, stay tuned. I’ll hopefully get around to write my review soon. ;-P


So what about you? Did you already read some of the books I read in March and if yes did you like them?!  Which books were on your reading list last month? Were they good and do you have any recommendations?

Talk to me and let me know! =)


The Sassy Library Fox

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Review: The Lies of Locke Lamora (Scott Lynch)

Rating: 4 Pfoten


”Some day, Locke Lamora,” he said, “some day, you’re going to fuck up so magnificently, so ambitiously, so overwhelmingly that the sky will light up and the moons will spin and the gods themselves will shit comets with glee. And I just hope I’m still around to see it.”
“Oh please,” said Locke. “It’ll never happen.”

Haha! You gotta love Father Chains for his vivid imagination and if you actually read the entire book you might find yourself at a place where you have to agree with him. XD
But I’m getting ahead of myself here so I’ll just start with my general opinion and will try to take it from there. 😉

This book was amazing! I’m the first to admit that it had a rather slow start and that Scott Lynch put a lot of effort into his world building, the more I read on the more I could understand why he was so thorough with his descriptions though. He set the stage, let us see how Locke’s crew operated, gave us a good understanding about their close bond and offered us a brief glimpse at the machinations behind all their elaborate heists. In short: Lynch wrote a brilliant opening to an intriguing series and I can’t wait to read book two.

If there are at least half as many twists and unexpected turns as there were in “The Lies of Locke Lamora” I’ll be a more than just happy camper. *lol* I mean seriously, I loved all those characters and their cunning and deceiving ways. XD Throughout the entire book I never knew what to expect and there were about a ton of “Oh, shit!” moments that were shortly followed by “Jeez! NO!” and “What happened now?” exclamations. I confess that some of the happenings and casual revelations actually left me reeling and I found myself saying: “That’s it! That’s exactly what I want to read!” more often than I can count. And boy did the shit hit the fan at the middle of the book. I barely got a second to breathe and I continued to be breathless until the crescendo ended in a grande finale and the curtain eventually fell.
Yes, the second half of the book was THAT intense. *lol*

Anyway, enough of musical terms! Let’s go right to the characters! 😉


Welcome to Camorr, the city that harbours questionable characters, morally grey individuals and a wide selection of rich nobles that quite literally beg to be robbed and spoiled. If you’re an innocent and clueless noble you better don’t dwell all too long. You might either end up relieved of the weight of your purse or even worse, you might end up being spoiled for the book! This was a fair warning; the rest is up to you. ;-P

Father Chains:

”There are only three people in life you can never fool – pawnbrokers, whores, and your mother. Since your mother’s dead, I’ve taken her place. Hence, I’m bullshit-proof.”

I really loved that guy! His observations and statements were so funny and accurate and boy was he a clever man. I mean he basically invented “The Gentleman Bastards” and made them the crew they are when we first set eyes on them. He might have been harsh to his boys but it was obvious that he only wanted the best for them and I guess in his own way he really cared about them too. I can’t help but wonder what happened to him though. We only read about him in flashbacks and memories so it’s kind of self-explanatory that he’s dead. How exactly he died was never mentioned though. Maybe this mystery will be solved in book two and we’ll find out more about Sabetha too?? She’s still such a mystery. XD

Locke Lamora:

”You’re one third bad intentions, one third pure avarice, and one eight sawdust. What’s left, I’ll credit, must be brains.” J

That’s Jean’s description of Locke and to some degree I have to agree with his words. *lol* I think Locke is definitely a whole lot more brains than he gave him credit for though. I really loved this character! He might be a thief but he was a gentleman too and he had his heart at the right place which is the most important thing. For Locke it never was about the money, it was all about the fun he had with his heists and brothers. You might say it was the scheming and plotting that made him happy. To create a plan and to actually execute it in the end. The money they gained from it was just secondary. Locke’s character arc was really intriguing because at the beginning it’s all about the heist and the fun, but the moment the Grey King appears everything changes and gets dark. Well, and after the Grey King took away the only thing he ever cared about his heart and mind are set on vengeance and vengeance alone. I’ve to admit that I loved that angry Locke too and the more I read about his complex character the more I loved him.

”If he was going to save them, he had to play the Grey King until the Capa was finished with him, and then he would pray for a quick and easy death. Let Locke Lamora just vanish one night; let his friends slip away to whatever better fate awaited them.”

”I will have the Grey King, and if all the powers of Camorr and Karthain and Hell itself oppose me, it will be nothing – nothing but a longer trail of corpses between me and your master.”

Jean Tannen:

”Hell yes,” cried Bug. “I knew there was a reason I let you lead this gang!”
“Well, I can’t argue with the manifest wisdom of the boy that jumps off temple roofs. But I trust my points are noted,” said Jean.
“Very noted,” said Locke. “Received, recognised, and duly considered with the utmost gravity. Sealed, notarised, and firmly imprinted upon my rational essence.”

I loved the bond between Jean and Locke! I don’t know how it happened that they got so close but it was obvious that they are like family to each other. After reading the entire book I have the feeling that I still don’t know Jean all too well but I’m pretty sure Scott Lynch had his reasons to keep his character vague. Maybe we’ll read more about him in the next book and I’d be totally fine with this. Alone the fact that he’s quite literally Locke’s “hatchet man” was enough to make me curious and I truly hope my curiosity will be sated in the next book. =)

”I don’t have to fight or run,” he crackled. “I changed the rules of the game. I just have to keep you here … asshole. Here … until … Jean gets back.”

The Sanza Twins:

”If you do end up in danger, Locke,” said Calo, “you must understand that we will ignore the orders of our garrista, and we’ll bludgeon our friend on the back of his thick skull and smuggle him out of Camorr in a box. I have just the bludgeon for the job.”
“And I have a box,” said Galdo. “Been hoping for an excuse to use it for years, really.”

Those two were so amazing! They grew on me so fast and then the ending happened and I was like NOOOOOOO!!! It’s so rare to read about twins in books and I really would have loved to see more of them. Unfortunately it seems like Scott Lynch had other plans and the funny Sanza twins had to disappear. T_T I loved that they would have done everything in order to save Locke and I know he loved them very much. =( I swear I cried real tears when he found them dead at the temple. It broke my heart… They would have deserved so much better than that. Locke was true to his word though, he really made them and Bug the biggest death offering Camorr ever saw and I love him even more for it! ❤

”And I had to get rid of the moustache in a hurry,” said Locke.
“And damned if he didn’t scream when Jean did the honours,” said Calo.
“Like a Sanza brother in an empty whorehouse!” Locke made a rude gesture at Calo; Calo mimed aiming and loosing a crossbow at him in return.

The Grey King:

”But you could have settled for simple theft,” said Locke. “I would have given it all to keep Calo and Galdo and Bug alive. I would have given it all, had you put it to me like that.”
“What thief does not fight to hold what he has?”
“One that has something better,” said Locke.

I really disliked the Grey King and the Bondsmage made my blood boil with anger! They were both such arrogant and self-righteous numpties! I swear when Locke decided to take them down I cheered for him and even though he had to pay a high price for his actions I still think it was worth it. Bug, Calo and Galdo were worth it. I think what shook me the most about the Grey King and his lackey was the simple fact that they just did it because they could. I mean Locke never did them any harm, yet they destroyed his entire life and killed the people he cared about. It was so senseless. The Bondsmage obviously enjoyed to have the power over other people and relished to torture on behalf of the Grey King, so I have absolutely no pity for him. Was it drastic what Locke and Jean did? Yes! Was it wrong? Yes, definitely. Did the Grey King and the Bondsmage deserve it? I’m inclined to say yes, because let’s face it if Locke and Jean wouldn’t have done what they did their lives would have been forfeit the moment the Bondsmage got rid of his shackles. I think they actually didn’t have any other choice if they wanted to survive. >_<

The Spider:

”I have always found the presumptions of others to be the best possible disguise – haven’t you?”

Ha! I knew who the spider was the moment she appeared! It was a clever disguise but not clever enough to fool me. XD I’m just glad that she believed Locke and listened to him and I think they made an interesting pair. What I loved the most about their interactions was their mutual respect though. They could appreciate the skill of each other even though they lived in totally different worlds and were enemies. It was nice to see that Locke’s opponent was as cunning and artful as he was and it gave the story a really nice touch. Whilst the Grey King was all brutality and cruel force in the end, the spider remained conniving and prudent and I really liked that about her.


This plane might have taken quite a while until it took off, but boy, did it take off in the end! The more I think about it the more I have to admit that this story was brilliantly executed and I can only take a bow and congratulate Scott Lynch for writing such a complex, detailed and elaborate book! =)

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The New Disney Princess Book Tag

Hey there! I was tagged for this by Caidyn @ BW Reviews and even though I already did this tag a few months ago I’m still glad that he decided to tag me as well. I read a lot of new books in the meanwhile so it’s always a new experience! And let’s be totally honest here: Also a lot of fun!!! ❤ XD


  • Mention where you saw the tag/thank whoever tagged you because that’s
    always good fun
  • Tag Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews and Zuky @ BookBum so they can check out the wonderful Princess fun throughout the blog world
  • Play a game of tag at the end!


SNOW WHITE – this book (like the movie) started it all
Favourite debut book from an author


Harry Potter – And the Philosopher’s Stone

I’ll always love Harry Potter! ❤ I started to read “The Philosopher’s Stone” when I was eleven years old and I basically grew up with this series. It will forever be a part of my childhood and adolescence and I’ll never stop loving it. This series taught me so much and helped to shape me into the person I am now. XD


CINDERELLA – a diamond in the rough
Just like Cinderella, you didn’t expect much out of this character in the
beginning, but they turned out to be a total gem


Codex Alera – Jim Butcher

When I started to read this series I wasn’t all too impressed with Tavi but boy did he prove me wrong! He developed so much in this series and he grew up to be a wonderful and amazing man! By the end of the last book I was utterly and totally in love with him and I don’t regret anything. *lol*


AURORA – sleeping beauty
A book that makes you sleepy or could not hold your attention


The Glittering Court – Richelle Mead

I loved all of Richelle’s vampire books but her excursion in another universe just didn’t do it for me. I didn’t feel anything reading this book and I was so indifferent to everything that happened that it took a lot of energy and effort to actually finish it. >_<


ARIEL – under the sea
A book with a water/ocean setting


Between the Sea and Stars – Chantal Gadoury

I got this book as an ARC last year and since it was a “The Little Mermaid” retelling I automatically said yes. XD


BELLE – beauty and the books
Name a book with the best bookworm/book lover


Strange the Dreamer – Laini Taylor

There are so many great books that feature bookworms and book lovers but “Strange the Dreamer” definitely is one of my favourite ones. I mean precious Lazlo got his nose broken because a book fell on it!! It’s crooked now but he doesn’t mind because it was a book that did it. That’s dedication my friends! That’s genuine book love! *lol*


JASMINE – the thief and the princess
Name a book with an unlikely love story (either in terms of romance or a book
you didn’t expect to love so much)


Illuminae – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

I think Illuminae kind of has them both! An unlikely love story (Kady and Ezra are a really interesting couple *lol*) and I certainly didn’t expect to love this book so much! I was totally blown away by my love for Illuminae and AIDAN!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


POCAHONTAS – the real life princess
Name a book that is based on a real life person you want to read/have read


Becoming – Michelle Obama

Puh that is a really tough one. I don’t really read biographies because they just aren’t my genre but I got really curious about Michelle Obama’s “Becoming”. I see it all over my feed and everyone seems to love it so I might actually give it a try.


MULAN – the princess that saved her country
Name the fiercest heroine you know


Illuminae – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

Okay, okay, I know I already chose this book for Jasmine but you gotta agree that Kady is kick-ass!!! I mean I could have gone with Aelin from Throne of Glass too but I already did that the last time I did this tag and KADY just deserves to be mentioned twice!! *lol* I love her and she’s one hell of a fierce heroine! ❤


TIANA – the princess with the coolest and most diverse crew
Name a diverse book, whether it is a diverse set of characters or just diverse in general


The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo – Taylor Jenkins Reid

I have yet to find a book that is more diverse than “Six of Crows” but I think “The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” is getting pretty close to it. Evelyn is a Queen and I love that she is Cuban with blonde hair. XD Plus we have a huge cast of many other diverse and LGBTQ+ characters. What’s not to love? =)


RAPUNZEL – let your long hair down
Name the longest book you’ve ever read


Outlander – Diana Gabaldon

I think this is still one of the longest if not the longest book I ever read. Those books all have more than 800 pages so yeah, hard to beat a series like that. *lol* I think at least one of them even had 1.000 pages or more.


MERIDA – I determine my own fate
A book where there is no love story/interest


The Lies of Locke Lamora – Scott Lynch

I just finished this book and I loved it so much! It was great and complex, and everything I want in a book. Plus there actually was no love story involved which was really refreshing and somehow only made this an even more perfect read. ❤


ANNA & ELSA – frozen hearts
A book in a winter/cold setting


Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater

I still think that this book has the best winter/cold setting ever! Maggie just knows how to write the atmosphere of a season and the cold winter in Shiver is no exception to that rule. 😉


 MOANA – how far »I’ll go
A character that goes on a journey


Magnus Chase – Rick Riordan

I suppose that would be a valid description for every fantasy book ever written but I’ll just go with Magnus Chase here. I love this series so much and I really wish there would have been more than three books! I would have liked to see more of Magnus, Alex Fierro and their friends! Uncle Rick if you read this: I WANT MORE! Please write another book! *lol*


I tag: Lyn @ Nomadic WorldsAshley @ Bubbly BooknerdBrianna @ Brianna the Bookworm, Iris @ Hoard of Booksmay @ my 1st chapter

Also, if you read through this and weren’t tagged but want to do the tag, feel free do to so! Just make sure to link back to me! You’ve officially been tagged now! 😛

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Review: The Heart’s Invisible Furies (John Boyne)

Rating: 4 Pfoten


Book 37 on My Book List 2019

”The desire to fall in love and to share one’s life with someone is neither a homosexual nor a heterosexual conceit. It’s human. We’re all suckers for a pretty face or a kind heart. What else can we do but keep hoping that the right person will show up?” – John Boyne

I usually don’t start my reviews with a quote from the author her/himself but I think this one is very important and needs to be read. In my opinion it’s the message John Boyne wanted to convey when he wrote “The Heart’s Invisible Furies” and looking at it in retrospective I could feel it in every single sentence he wrote.

There were the ups and downs of life, everything that happens in between and the “what ifs” that involuntarily come our way and have a tendency to haunt us for the rest of our lives. In the end however the only thing that truly matters is whether we can live with them or not. Whether we can accept our mistakes and grave decisions and if we’re ready to embrace them with all the troubles they entailed.

Of course there’s a fine line between authenticity and exaggeration but Boyne made sure never to cross it. He balanced along it for the duration of the entire book and no matter how absurd some situations seemed to be, no matter how extreme some people’s opinion were, they were never far-fetched. There DO exist Mary-Margarets, Julians and Charles all over this world and it’s realistic to assume that they might eventually cross your way. 😉

In short: This book was amazing!
It was:

Particularly sad,
Hilariously vivid,
Achingly beautiful,
And ridiculously charming.

I loved every minute of it and the characters really grew on me, which is the reason why my characters section is going to be super long again. *lol* As always I need to add my two cents though so #SorryNotSorry. ;-P


Welcome to my characters section! If you already read the book or don’t want to read it but want to know more about the characters, proceed. If you don’t want to be spoiled and still want to read the book, I’d recommend clicking that nice exit button though. It’s your choice, choose wisely. XD


”I’m not sure what it was about my appearance that made me seem like a pubescent rapist but for some peculiar reason I took this as a compliment.”

Aww Cyril was such a precious bean. *lol* I think he was what you’d call an old soul in a young body and it made me sad to read how ashamed and lonely he felt. I could relate to his struggle and why he was afraid to come out, because let’s face it Ireland at that time was not the kind of country you would have wanted to announce that you’re gay. If anyone of the police found you with another man you could go to jail for it and it’s no surprise that Cyril tried to keep it a secret from his family and friends. The problem with secrets is that sooner or later they gnaw on you and eat you alive and this is exactly what happened with Cyril. There was a point he couldn’t pretend anymore and he did what he had to do and ran away. Was it wrong? Yes. Did he have to do it? Yes, because back then he actually had no other choice. If the constitution of an entire land is against you, to leave seems to be the only possible decision, right?

”I had never considered myself to be a dishonest person, hating the idea that I was capable of such mendacity and deceit, but the more I examined the architecture of my life, the more I realized how fraudulent were its foundations. The belief that I would spend the rest of my time on earth lying to people weighted heavily on me and at such times I gave serious consideration to taking my own life.”


”I intend to live a long and healthy life and fuck as many girls as I can. I’d like to die in my bed, aged one hundred and five, with a twenty-two year old bouncing up and down on top of me.”

Ahhh dear Julian… this character made me so sad. I mean he was one of those guys you can’t help but like, he was sassy and knew how to work a crowd, but no matter his big mouth, when it came to the important things he seemed to fail miserably. I mean on the one hand he had countless love affairs and basically made it a hobby to have sex with every woman he found attractive but on the other hand he judged Cyril for being gay and sleeping with many different men. Even more so, he had no problem to accept that Jasper Timson, one of his old classmates, was gay and in love with him, but after all those years he was Cyril’s best friend he was disgusted when he finally told him that he’s gay. Talk about being hypocritical…. And then the way it all ended for him… T_T

”He was arrogant, certainly, and had no respect for authority but he made his pronouncements with such insouciance that I found it impossible not to be charmed by him.”

Mrs. Goggin:

”I remember a friend of mine once telling me that we hate what we fear in ourselves,” she said with a shrug. “Perhaps that has something to do with it.”

I loved her character and she was exactly the kind of woman I always want to find in a book. She was strong and stood by her opinion and even though life handed her some tough cards she never even thought about giving up. Catherine made the best of her life and I loved to see her so happy at the end of the book! Plus, I lived and breathed for those short moments when Cyril’s and her path crossed. They were always very polite and honest with each other and I think she was more of a mother to him than Maude ever was, even when they both had no clue that they were actually mother and son. ❤

”My boyfriends, if I had any, would surely have more sense than to let underage boys wander the corridors unsupervised,” she said, refusing to be intimidated by him. “And I won’t be poked and prodded by priests, do you hear me? Those days are long behind me. So take care not to touch me again.” Mrs. Goggin vs. Father Squires

”You’re a bit of an oddball, Jonathan,” I said. “Has anyone ever told you that?”
“Nineteen people this year alone,” he said. “And it’s only May.”


”The vulgarity of it all,” she said. “Popularity. Readers. I can’t bear it. I knew Charles would destroy my career in the end.”

Haha! Well, Maude certainly was an oddball for sure. *lol* An author who doesn’t want to be popular and writes her books just for herself is definitely unusual, but I guess to some degree I could even understand her. There’s something special about creating a story and the enjoyment you get from writing can be really amazing. It’s just sad that she never was the kind of mother Cyril would have needed but I suppose neither Charles nor Maude were prepared to deal with a little child. They were too used to their own routine and too egoistic to have a child. It’s true they provided him with a roof over his head and with food, which is probably more than some other parents can give, yet they never provided him with love and I think that’s one of the main reasons why it took Cyril so long to accept, let alone to love himself.


”It just doesn’t make sense to manacle yourself sexually to the same person for fifty or sixty years when your relationship with that person can be so much happier if you give each other the freedom to enter and be entered by people of the opposite sex whom you find attractive. A marriage should be about friendship and companionship, not about sex.”

Dear Charles had quite some modern views and I think deep down inside of him he was actually an okay kind of guy. *lol* Still, I really disliked that he always told Cyril that he’s not a real Avery. Even when he had to go to jail for the very first time, he made it pretty clear that Cyril was only his adoptive child and not his „real“ child and this distinction never sat well with me. I mean Cyril was their son in every sense of the word and even though his parents treated him like a stranger, he still loved them the way only a child can do. I was so sad when Charles died, but somehow it also made me happy that he acknowledged Cyril at the end. He had to hear those words and I’m glad Charles eventually said them. =)

”Oh good. Because you’re not a real Avery, don’t forget.”
“Yes, I knew that too,” I said smiling.
“But I’m glad we adopted you,” he added. “You’re a good boy. A kind boy. You always were.”


Cyril & Julian:

”When we see each other at family functions, I’ll be polite to you so no one finds out the truth. But don’t ever think that I feel anything towards you other than total and utter loathing. And if you dropped dead on your honeymoon, I’d cry no tears over you.”

Their story broke my heart into thousand little pieces! I was devastated when Cyril confessed his love to Julian!! Julian’s reaction was so bad; it was every nightmare come true, every doubt and every second of guilt centred on that one single moment. It was a hit right in the stomach and it hurt so, so much. T_T I mean there was a reason why Cyril never told him and instead of proving him wrong, Julian reacted exactly how Cyril expected him to. This is our biggest fear, to show our true self and to be rejected for it. For poor Cyril this nightmare became reality. I mean I understand Julian’s POV too, it was horrible that his best friend was about to ditch his sister right in front of the altar but damn if he just would have stopped for a little moment and thought things through. To force Cyril to marry Alice was the worst thing he could have done and he did it without hesitation. And then… after all those years, after everything that happened Julian saw him once again. In a hospital bed, having AIDS. Gosh, this was so damn sad. I mean after all the girls Julian was with this didn’t really come as a surprise… but still. It was heart-breaking nevertheless. They got a last chance to talk and to make their peace with each other and even though it made me cry like a little girl that moment was so important and necessary and … T_T I can’t even. I’m crying just thinking about it. When Cyril held Julian and told him to let go… *sobs uncontrollably* Despite all their differences, despite all the bad blood and anger between them, they were friends in the end and Julian died in the arms of Cyril. T_T

”And we’re enemies now, are we?” I asked.
“We’re not friends, that’s for sure.”
“We used to be.”

How many times throughout my youth had I dreamed of such a moment and now all I could do was bury my face in his back and weep.
“Cyril…” whispered Julian.
“Just let go,” I whispered back.

Alice & Cyril:

”It’s not the name that’s gay, you know.”
“No, they think Cyril is you and that we’ve got back together.
“Would you like that, Alice?”
“I’d rather bore a hole to the centre of the earth with my tongue. Why, would you?”
“Very much. I miss your body.”
“Oh, shut up.”

I loved those two! *lol* I mean I could understand why Alice gave Cyril a hard time after he left her at their wedding reception, but the nice thing was that she eventually came around and became his best friend in the end. I guess to have a son together might have helped as well but I always liked Alice and unlike her brother she was a very compassionate and sympathetic person. I think it was due to those attributes that she and Cyril got along way better after they had a talk and even though she made a lot of fun about him not coming to certain events they both took it with humour and were able to laugh about it in the end. =) So yes, their relationship filled me with hope and joy and I was very glad that Cyril managed to make amends with Alice.


“The Heart’s Invisible Furies” was a wonderful book. It forced me to feel the entire bandwidth of human emotions and at times it was so hilarious that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. The characters were unique and realistic and the irony of certain situations was spot on. It was as much a tale about Cyril’s life as it was a story about Irish history and if you like interwoven and intricate stories I’m sure you’ll love this one! 😉

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Review: Siege and Storm (Leigh Bardugo)

Rating: 4 Pfoten


”You know the problem with heroes and saints, Nikolai?” I asked as I closed the book’s cover and headed for the door. “They always end up dead.”

Do you know the song “One to Make Her Happy” from Marque? No? That’s unfortunate, because while I read this book I had a horrible earworm and couldn’t get it out of my head. I was basically humming it the entire time and decided to change the name from Daisy to Alina. I’m sure by now you’re curious about the lyrics and I’m happy to oblige:

“One to make her happy (Mal)
One to make her sad (The Darkling)
One to give her good love
That she never had (Nikolai)
Daisy Alina and her boyfriends
Livin’ in a house
Sharing just a good life.
That was four years ago.
Now Daisy Alina blew the whole show.”

Very suitable, right? *lol* I swear to read “Siege and Storm” really felt like Alina and I had 3 different boyfriends because seriously, who’s able to choose between all those awesome boys? I just love them all for different reasons and if forced to make a decision I’m afraid I couldn’t even choose for the life of me. XD They are all great and they all have their pros and cons. ;-P Still, it would be a lie if I’d claim that Nikolai didn’t make me swoon. Such an awesome man! *sighs deeply* Then again The Darkling is still hot and Mal is still sweet so … URGH!!! See what I’m talking about? *lol*

Guess Alina and I will have to be Daisy for a little while longer. 😉 Hopefully book three will make it easier to choose. XD Still, the ending of “Siege and Storm” was heavy and I really don’t know what Leigh is going to come up with in the last book. I bet she has a lot in store for us and truth be told, I’m not entirely sure if I’m ready. Haha!

Seems like I’ll just have to dive into it and find out though! 😉

The characters:

I’m afraid there will be lots of spoilers in here because the fate of some of the characters really made me go all: WOW!! NO!! ARGH!! WHY?! So consider yourself warned! This is the cupboard door to my spoiler section and if you don’t want to be spoiled you better don’t enter my personal Narnia. ;-P


”I don’t care if you think I’m a Saint or a fool or the Darklings’s whore. If you want to remain at the Little Palace, you will follow me. And if you don’t like it, you will be gone by tonight, or I will have you in chains. I am a soldier. I am the Sun Summoner. And I’m the only chance you have.”

I think I liked Alina more in this one! She was no longer the naïve heroine and finally started to show her claws. *lol* Hard to say if this was due to the influence of Nikolai or because of what happened with the Darkling, no matter the reason I’m still glad she decided to take the reins and did what needed to be done. Some might argue that she’s too young for all this but considering how long the Darkling was able to fool everyone around him I think it’s safe to say that Alina really might be their best bet. XD The ending however was quite heavy! I mean poor girl! If she’s already so weak and broken how is the Darkling going to fare? I really don’t know in which direction book 3 will go and because this rarely happens I’m more than just intrigued. 😉 I hope Alina won’t die, I really do.

The Darkling:

The faint tracery of scars on his face was barely visible, like the ghost of a map. One ran perilously close to his right eye. He’d almost lost it. He cupped my cheek with his hand, and when he spoke, his voice was almost tender. “They’re just the beginning,” he whispered.

WOAH!! Well, the Darkling was quite a surprise in this one. I always knew that he’s ruthless and prone to cruelty; I didn’t expect him to go all DARK though. *lol* I think it might have to do with what happened at the Fold and I’m pretty sure that he lost the grip on his own darkness. It’s just a theory but in the first book it was him who controlled the darkness and guided it to do his bidding and I think that this changed drastically. Now it seems more like the darkness got a hold of him and is consuming him in order to achieve its goals. Would explain why he’s so drained by the nichevo’ya he creates. Still, I can’t really hate him for what he’s done because he’s just a too good villain and I always appreciate a good villain when I see one. *lol* Hmm… maybe he can still be saved?


”Easy, now. Mustn’t get blood on the uniform. Let me explain – “
“Try explaining with my first in your mouth.”

Haha! Mal! I can’t help but like that boy! His honesty is so refreshing and the fact he never bothers to filter his thoughts is very entertaining. *lol* Even after finishing the second book I still don’t get why so many people seem to hate him. He’s a nice and decent guy and I think everything he said and did was justified. Yes, he didn’t have to drink himself senseless and gamble in the bars but it was his only way to deal with his situation and you can’t really blame him for it. At least I don’t. Life is tough, we all have our vices and try our best to deal with the cards that we’re given. It’s obvious that he loves Alina more than anything and it’s also rather plain that this love started to destroy and poison him. Plus Alina really wasn’t the most understanding person. So yes, I still like Mal and I’m not sorry about it!!! ❤

”And there’s no way I’m leaving you alone with Prince Perfect.”
“So you don’t trust me to resist his charms?”
“I don’t even trust myself.”


I blew out a frustrated breath. “Do you ever answer a question directly?”
“Hard to say. Ah, there, I’ve done it again.”

OH BOY!!! Nikolai is so awesome!! I can’t even!! <333 Yes, I’m having a crazy fangirl moment here but seriously, what’s not to love?! This guy is amazing and I just love everything about him. His attitude, his cunning plans, his many different faces, his compassion and passion. Well, basically everything that comes out of his mouth. *lol* Leigh truly outdid herself when she created this wonderful man and I’ll be forever thankful that she wrote him down on paper! ❤ I love that he has principles and rules he lives by and if things would have gone my way Vasily wouldn’t even have gotten close to the throne. It’s obvious that Nikolai is the best choice and I really hope that there’ll be something left of Ravka once he’s able to rule! Still, right now I don’t know what happened to him and this is such a mean move! *lol* Leigh what happened to Nikolai?!!! Guess I’ll have to read the last book soon! XD

”Now that’s a word best not used around me. I tend to be overfond of risk.”

”You never improvise,” I said. “Everything you do is calculated. You change personalities the way other people change hats. And you know what? It’s creepy. Aren’t you ever just yourself?”
“I’m a prince, Alina. I can’t afford to be myself.”

”When people say impossible, they usually mean improbable.”


”She and David stay behind the group. She can’t move very quickly.” He paused. “The pilgrims call her “Razrusha’ya.”
The Ruined.”

My poor, poor girl! T_T I can’t believe that the Darkling did this to her!!! She didn’t deserve this! Just because she helped Alina to flee? It’s not fair and I would have expected better from the Darkling! I mean I know he’s the villain but Genya was so loyal to him and that’s how he thanks her? My poor Genya! I just want to hug her and tell her that everything will get better and that she’s still the most beautiful woman of Ravka! <333 I really hope David will do all those things because if not I’m going to kick him in his skinny behind. *lol*

The ships:

Alina & The Darkling:

”He can’t wait to get away from you,” I said, hovering by the door. “He’s afraid of what you’ve become. They all are.”
“Do you fear me, Alina?”
“That’s what you want, isn’t it?”
The Darkling shrugged. “Fear is a powerful ally,” he said. “And loyal.”

The moments between those two were rather short in this book and I really would have loved to see more of them together. They had such a nice chemistry in “Shadow and Bone” and despite everything Alina still seems to be drawn to him. Well, the Darkling certainly has an irresistible allure. Can’t blame her for it. ;-P Still, I hope I’ll get more of them in the last book because they are just too intriguing together. XD

Alina & Mal:

”You wanted to wear the second amplifier. You have it. You want to go to Os Alta? Fine, we’ll go. You say you need the firebird. I’ll find a way to get it for you. But when all this is over, Alina, I wonder if you’ll still want me.”

Aww those two killed me! It’s like they just can’t be together because the entire world and their own fate is against them. Alina can’t hand over her responsibility because she’s the only sun summoner and basically the only person who’s able to stop the Darkling and Mal can’t be at her side because he’d be like Icarus getting too close to the sun. T_T He doesn’t understand her powers and the need to use them and even though he doesn’t get it he still decided to be with her. Right now I really see no way how their relationship could be able to work out. I mean it’s not like Alina will stop being Grisha and Mal can’t stop being a tracker as well. *sighs* It’s such a muddled situation….

”Why didn’t you say something?”
“What could I say? And when? I barely see you anymore.”
“I thought you wanted to go.”
“I wanted you to ask me to stay.”

Alina & Nikolai:

”What’s a pirate doing on a whaler?” I asked.
“Privateer,” he corrected. “I have several ships. The Darkling wanted a whaler, so I got him one.”
“You mean you stole it.”
“Acquired it.”
“You were in my cabin.”
“Many women dream of me,” he said lightly as he steered me down the deck.

Now those two!! *LOL* I lived for their conversations!! I swear Nikolai is so, so damn awesome! Did I already tell you how much I love this man?! I’m sure I did! Haha! Well, the chemistry between Alina and Nikolai was amazing as well and I can’t say how much I loved it that she wasn’t swooning and drooling all over him like everyone else! XD She saw him as a normal person and that’s what made their scenes so perfect. =) I think my favourite moment was the encounter at the lake and the fact that Nikolai turned her down, because he knew she’d only use him as a make-do. I love this man, I really, really do! <333 For some reason I doubt that Alina will end up with him though.

”The Darkling will hunt you for the rest of your days.”
“Then you and I will have something in common, won’t we? Besides, I like to have powerful enemies. Makes me feel important.”
Mal crossed his arms and considered the privateer. “I can’t decide if you’re crazy or stupid.”
“I have so many good qualities,” Sturmhond said. “It can be hard to choose.”

”And what are you doing to be useful, your highness?”
“I’m a prince,” said Nikolai. “Being useful isn’t part of my job description. But,” he added, “when I’m not lazing about being handsome, I’ll be trying to better equip the First Army and gather intelligence on the Darkling’s location.”

”I want to kiss you,” Nikolai said. “But I won’t. Not until you’re thinking of me instead of trying to forget him.”


Once again I was hooked until the very end and once again I couldn’t help it and already started with the next book even though I didn’t even write my review for this one. I guess it’s safe to say that this series is really enjoyable and entertaining, especially now that Nikolai entered the scene!! ;-P
I can’t wait to read more about him and I want to see so much more of all of Daisy’s Alina’s other boyfriends love interests as well. *lol*

So all I can say is: Happy Reading! I hope you’ll love “Siege and Storm” as much as I did! 😉


Of Allergies And Sinister Pollen

Hey there, my lovelies!

Just in case you wondered why I was so silent over those last few days:

I’m ill. >_<

Well, at least that’s the short explanation. The long one is that I’m allergic to pollen and that the sinister collective of all hazel bushes and bi(t)rches in Austria obviously decided to give me hell. So I’m basically suffering from allergy induced asthma right now and as if that wouldn’t have been enough my weakened immune system managed to pick up bronchitis as well. I mean I’m usually a nice host, but I didn’t invite this bronchitis to my party so urgh! >_<

Anyway! The end result of this nice little pollen and germ celebration is that I have a tough time breathing and that my coughing fits (and all the other nice symptoms you usually have when you’ve a decent bronchitis) aren’t really helping as well.

What it comes down to is that I need to rest and that it might take a few days until I’m able to get up another post. So I’m still alive and kicking, but I can’t be as active as I’m used to right now.

This said I sincerely hope spring is way nicer to you than it is to me. XD

Still, I might not be able to write anything atm but I’m still around and will read your blog posts and comments whenever I feel a little bit better.

So what have you been up to?
What are you currently reading and is it any good?
Are you allergic too and if yes how are you coping with it?

Tell me! I’m here to listen (and reply)! *lol*



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