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Explain & Gain

Explain & Gain

Hey there my lovelies!

I’m sure the first question your’re asking yourself now is: „What’s this?“

Well, the answer is pretty simple: This is my new category „Explain & Gain“ in which I’ll try to explain some things I came across while being on wordpress. In other words I’ll try to explain something and hopefully you’ll gain knowledge from it! At least that’s the theory, I guess we’ll see how well it will work in practice. 😛

Still, confused? Okay, let’s use a practical example so it’s easier to follow my weirdness. 😉

Step 1: The problem

Okay here I go: Recently I was tagged by many of my awesome fellow bloggers (thanks a lot btw!! ❤ ) but unfortunately I never got a notification and therefore only found out about being tagged when 1.) I read their blog post, 2.) by chance (which is basically the same as no.1 😛 ) and 3.) … Well, I think I don’t even want to know how many people tagged me and I never found out. *lol*

Step 2: So why the heck didn’t it work?

To tag people in your blog posts might not work for various reasons. Experience taught me that’s mostly one of those two though: Either you’ve only  mentioned their name without a link or what happens more often: You linked to their main wordpress page. Yes, you read right. You linked to their homepage. You’d think that would be sufficient enough but nuh uh! WordPress has a completely different logic when it comes to that. Which leads me directly to the next step!

Step 3: How to tag a person in your blog post (so that they actually get a notification)?

This is pretty easy and I’m sure most of you will smack their forehead and say: Gosh!! (or you might use other words but it will still have the same outcome. 😉 ) Okay, are you ready to be enlightend?

You’ve to link to one of their blog posts! 

Yes, it’s that simple! 😛 It’s called a „Pingback“ and looks like that:


And just in case you never tried to put a link into one of your blog posts a step by step explanation for you:

1.) Find the link symbol and click on it: Link symbol.jpg

2.) Copy and use the url of a blog post the person you want to link to wrote. The easiest way is to use one of their most recent blog posts. 😉

url linkback.jpg

Write their name or the name of their blog (or both) in the „Link-Text“ and if you want to make sure that their page opens when you click on it, you also tick that little field saying „open link in a new window / open tab“ (It’s in German in the picture because yeah, I speak German, but I’m sure you get the idea! *lol*)

And then you just press on the little pink field below saying „add link“!

3.) Congrats! You just successfully pinged back to another blogger’s page and tagged them! XD

So that’s it! Wasn’t that hard, right? 😛


I might do more of those „Explain & Gain“ posts whenever I notice something that could be usueful knowledge for other bloggers. Was this helpful? Did you already know how to pingback to another blogger’s page? Is there another blogging mystery I might be able to help you with?

Talk to me and let me know!



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