Allgemein, Poetry

North Star

Like a wave
Pulled towards the shore.
Like the earth,
Revolving around its core.
Like an echo resounding,
In a cave.
Like a starving person,
I crave.

My eyes linger
On your face.
My body aches
To close this space.
My fingers itch
For just one touch.
Am I asking for too much?

Don’t want to hide
My feelings for you.
They are pure.
They are true.

It takes every inch of
Self-control I possess,
To keep some distance
To avoid this mess.
To fight my feelings,
Not to confess.
I retreat,
I regress.

But my voice is soft,
When I speak with you.
My eyes fill with warmth,
When I look at you,
I know for sure,
Because yours do too.
My skin tingles after
Every touch.
Our little gestures,
They are already too much.

It’s there for everyone
To see.
I am you,
And you are me.

Like a wave
Pulled towards the shore.
Like the earth,
Revolving around its core.
Like an echo resounding,
In a cave.
Like a starving person,
I crave.

I can’t escape
How beautiful you are.
My gaze will always,
Search for you,
My brilliant North Star.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

Death and Despair

Please sweet death come down on me!
Touch me with your black wings
And set my fire free!
Take me to the depths of hell,
Take me to heaven,
I don’t care,
It’s all the same,
It’s all well!

Why do you call for me?
Why should I end your life?
Is there any reason for me?
Is there even a reason for thee?

Oh please sweet death,
Embrace me with black fire,
Take me to another place up higher!
There’s no reason for me to live on,
It went all so wrong!

You little child,
Don’t demand such things from me,
I won’t do you this favour.
It’s not your time to go with me!

But please my dear friend,
It should,
No it must end!
Take me with you on the eternal flight,
Give me the kiss,
It is my right!

You are too young to understand,
The meaning of life and death,
My friend!
I can’t kill people as I please,
I’m not doing this with ease!

You have to help me
Or I’ll gamble my soul!

Young girl,
Don’t make me lose control!
Others plead for their lives,
Stabbed by knifes
Or some shot between the eyes!
Why do you want to die?
Tell me little girl,
Why do you want to make others cry?

I don’t have any reason to live,
My life is so hollow,
I want to follow,
I know I will…
Go to the place without fear,
Go to the place of my dear!

Oh what a fool you are,
It was his fate to die in the car!
And it is your destiny to live on,
Even if it all seems wrong.
I understand your pain,
But all attempts are in vain!
Go and live your life on full expense,
Before it ends!

It sounds so easy but it isn’t true,
You don’t have human feelings,
You know nothing about what
I had to go through!

You may be right,
But I won’t take you
On my flight!

Angel of darkness why are you so cruel?
Even though you rule,
About life and death.
It’s you who’s got the power
In the

I’m dealing with the gift of power.
It’s me who says when it is your last hour!
What’s so bad about life anyway?

It’s the fact that he couldn’t stay!
It’s the fact of standing up every day,
The fact that I’m breathing whereas he’s away!
It are all those feelings that make me sway!
How can I live while he’s dead?
How can I be happy without going mad?
How can I be glad…?
To live…

Young poor girl,
There’s still so much you have to learn.
Yearn for him when you feel like it,
Cry all night to get rid of this hit.
Take your time to mourn,
Take your time,
It is no crime.
But there’s one thing,
I have to tell,
Something he told me,
Before his body fell.

He loved you with every fibre of his heart.
He loved the girl you were,
Oh you’ve been so smart!
There was only one wish he had,
Before he flew towards the moon,
Gazing directly into my empty head.

He wanted you to be strong,
He told me that you have to keep on.
He knew there was nothing he could give,
Except of the gift that you’d live.
He wanted you to have a better life,

He simply wanted you,
To stay alive…

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

The Forbidden Fruit

I see your desire,
It burns in your eyes,
Just like fire.

You caress my cheek
And even by this simple gesture,
My knees get weak.
Turning away,
I try not to sway.

We shouldn’t be doing this,
I was his,
For so long,
Now it feels wrong.

Avoiding your gaze,
I try to blink away
The haze.
I want you so bad,
Thousands of thoughts
Swimming in my head.

As I want to leave,
You grab my arm,
I almost let out
A sigh of relief.

Your fingers under my chin,
You force yourself in.
Can’t hide the longing
In my eyes,
You see past the disguise.

Knowledge is spreading on your features,
How could I be so treacherous?
Exposing myself to your sins,
We’re still in our skins.

No matter how much we want it,
I can’t risk you to get hit.
Closing my eyes
I feel your fingers in my hair,
This isn’t fair!

A smile forms on your face,
The one that makes
My heart race.
I can’t give in,
We can’t let our emotions win!

I try to run away,
But you make me stay.
Gently forcing me
Against the wall,
All my senses fall.

As you close the distance
Between our lips,
I can feel your hands
On my hips.

Passionately we kiss
For this moment,
I’m no longer his.

All the time
We avoided being close,
The craving rose.

Drowning in this
Consuming fire,
We’re beyond
Good and bad,
Most certainly we’re mad.

Following the light
We stopped to fight.
I taste the ashes on your lips,
Burning my fingertips.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

As Safe As Houses

How many tears will I have to cry?
How often will I wonder why?
How much heartache will I feel?
How often will I wish him to be real?
How long will it take,
Until I break?

How much am I able to survive?
How much time will it take of my life?
How many obstacles will we have to overcome?
How often will I have to run?

How long will I have to fight?
How often will I wonder if this is right?
How much bitterness will gnaw on my heart?
How long will it take until I find my other part?
How many lonely nights in my bed,
Until I’m finally going mad?
How many years will I have to wait,
Until I meet him at the gate?

How often will I yield to despair?
How long will we dare to care?
How much solitude are we able to accept,
Until we amortize our debt?

How often will I be worried sick?
How often will this situation get on my wick?
How long,
Could this list go on?

All those questions,
No reply.
It’s obvious why.

There’s one question I can answer for sure:

How long will I be able to endure,
This pain,
This vain endeavour?

As long as our love seems to be true and pure,
As long as our hearts seem to feel real,

That’s the deal!

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

Force Of Nature

I’m the spark that lights the fire,
I’m the flame that burns too bright,
I’m the one that pushes you higher,
I’m the one that illuminates the night.

I’m the storm that brings the rain,
I’m the lightning that ignites the dark.
I’m the one that soothes your pain,
I’m the one that is your mark.

I’m the phoenix on his descend,
I’m the ash that fertilises your land.
I’m the one that holds your hand,
I’m the one that can amend.

I’m the wave crashing on your shore,
I’m the wind that seeks for more.
I’m the one that breaches your core,
I’m the one that tells the lore.

I’m everything you’ll ever need,
I’ll sate your hunger,
I’ll feed your greed.

I’ll be your monger,
I’ll be your thief,
I’ll be everything you wish for,
I’ll never leave.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

Breaking The Rules

I don’t understand,
This feeling,
When you touch my hand.

Those thoughts,
Spinning in my head,
It’s starting
To drive me mad.

It was so easy before,
Now I’m afraid to close
An open door.

How can I still look in your eyes?
All mine tell,
Are stupid lies.
How big is the price?

I’m not the kind of girl
You are looking for,
You want so much more.

All I’ll ever be,
Is merely your best friend.
You don’t see,
I want those feelings to end!

I’m keeping
The biggest secret
Of them all,
That you made me fall,
For you,
And you don’t even have a clue.

Been there for you,
All the time,
Now it feels
Like a secret crime.

There’s no denying,
Inside I’m dying.
Longing for your embrace,
The simple thought of it
Makes my heart race.

Can’t stand it
When your gaze falls on me,
I’ve to look away from thee.

Everything’s different
Though nothing changed.
Have to stop it
Before it gets out of hand.
A riot
In my own land.

We used to be so close
Now I’ve to back away,
Just a little
To make you stay.

To confirm my deepest fears,
After all those many years.

I saw you laugh,
I saw you cry
Dried your tears
When you wondered why.

Oh my…

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry


I’ve been standing in a room with you,
And lightning was shining through,
And you pretended you couldn’t see,
What you mean to me.You got closer,
I backed away,
And in this moment,
I knew I couldn’t stay.

When I made my way towards the door,
You grabbed my arm,
Outside I could hear the thunder roar.

You begged me to stay,
My eyes filled with tears,
I just couldn’t go away.

During the thunderstorm we kissed,
And I couldn’t pretend,
It was so clear what I had missed.
With this weak moment of passion,
I made my confession.

I couldn’t stop,
It was so clear,
Just for this time,
I wanted you to be near.

Our bodies touched,
We knew we’d never go to heaven,
We’d go to hell
And though we fell…


We stood in a crowded room,
I couldn’t reach you,
It felt like my personal doom.
I tried to get to you,
But they wouldn’t let me push through.

Then I saw you kissing her
Like there’d be no tomorrow.
And I knew I’d never get rid
Of this sorrow.

My heartbeat stopped
I tried to prop
Me up…

But the pain was too strong
There was nothing to hold on.
I fell like in that night,
I fell so hard it took my light.

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