Allgemein, Poetry


They can be cruel,
They can be mean,
They can be awful,
But they can’t be seen.

Sometimes they are like
A slap to your face,
Leaving an ache
Instead of their place.

Other times they might
Be tender,
Friendly, coaxing,
Trying to tempt you
To surrender.

They can be gentle
And colourful
They can make you feel
Like a fool.

Sometimes it feels
Like they rule.
Your world and everything
In between.
Some days they can
Make you feel seen.

During the night
They can spin an reel
Forcing you to kneel
And causing you to feel.

Sometimes they seal a deal
Or help you to heal.
But they can crush
You as well,
Like a spell,
A reason to dwell.
On thoughts or feelings,
All of your dealings.

They can be powerful,
They can be weak,
They can be angry,
They can be bleak.

Sometimes they fill you
With sadness and pain.
Other times they might
Have some merit or gain.

They can be lovely
And seducing.
Yes, even hope inducing.

They can be harsh,
They can be kind,
It can feel like
They have their own mind.

They can be a menace
Or a blessing.
They always hold the potential
To be distressing.

They can be so many things,
Give you wings,
Pull on your strings.
Confine you and free you
At the same time.
Yes, they can even rhyme.

They’ll get to you
All of the time.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

Day Of Reckoning

Never thought it would
Come this far,
But here I am,
Spotting a new scar.

And this one,
Is plain to see,
Spreading through my heart,
Like branches of a tree.

Black ink,
Underneath the surface,
Spilling like oil,
Starting to boil.
So dark and twisted,
It causes others to recoil.

The anger,
Is eating me alive,
All this frustration
Causing it to thrive.

The injustice,
Is killing me,
Filling me,
No longer thrilling me.
It’s not fulfilling,
Making me unwilling,
To do
What I loved
To do.
My only choice,
To start anew.

I’ve been stuck
For far too long,
Trying to survive,
Struggling to stay strong.
Where did I go wrong?

Took me way to long,
To see,
It wasn’t me.

It’s not my fault
If their world crumbles,
If their house of cards tumbles.
I did the best I could,
But no one understood.

Was forced to cut my losses,
To keep my head low,
To dodge their tosses.
To no longer grow.

I’m so done with
All this shit.
Found my voice,
My wit,
My grit.
You better sit,
I quit!

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

North Star

Like a wave
Pulled towards the shore.
Like the earth,
Revolving around its core.
Like an echo resounding,
In a cave.
Like a starving person,
I crave.

My eyes linger
On your face.
My body aches
To close this space.
My fingers itch
For just one touch.
Am I asking for too much?

Don’t want to hide
My feelings for you.
They are pure.
They are true.

It takes every inch of
Self-control I possess,
To keep some distance
To avoid this mess.
To fight my feelings,
Not to confess.
I retreat,
I regress.

But my voice is soft,
When I speak with you.
My eyes fill with warmth,
When I look at you,
I know for sure,
Because yours do too.
My skin tingles after
Every touch.
Our little gestures,
They are already too much.

It’s there for everyone
To see.
I am you,
And you are me.

Like a wave
Pulled towards the shore.
Like the earth,
Revolving around its core.
Like an echo resounding,
In a cave.
Like a starving person,
I crave.

I can’t escape
How beautiful you are.
My gaze will always,
Search for you,
My brilliant North Star.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

The Raging Man

His eyes glistening red,
his behaviour more than bad.
Yelling all around the place,
long ago lost his grace.

Fighting everyone that’s near,
forcing them to hear and fear.
His fist wild in the air,
whipping with his long hair.

His preferred weapon is his voice,
making more and more noise.
He feels misunderstood and mad,
should better go and sleep in his bed.

Spreading hate,
anger fills the room,
this man is his own doom.

Ignorance is his life,
he’s using it like a knife.
Too blind to see,
he could be free.

Loved and not alone,
with people and a home.

The big mistake he’s making,
it’s his own life he’s taking.
Not recognizing he himself isn’t holy,
expecting others to be lowly.

The devil’s in his eyes,
he’s losing his disguise.

Another soul lost and gone,
this war will go on,
until one side has won.

© Virginia Stone


Broken Pieces

There’s nothing
left of me,
all those pieces,
loose and free.
His words,
everything I didn’t want to hear,
commitment to my deepest fear.
I’m here,
no not there,
broken pieces everywhere.

His name,
That echoes
through my mind.
Going insane,
numb and blind.
Fragments of the past
in my ear,
don’t get near.
Future falls,
if you touch it,
my dear.

I think.
I thought.
This could be.
You and me.

Fog in my eyes,
tears paying the price,
causing ice,
playing nice,
roll the dice!

Thunderstorm within my soul,
got no control.

Let it roll!
let it roll.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

The Little Things

It’s the little things,
I miss,
For instance
The touch of
A gentle kiss.

It’s the little things
I crave,
Like the sound
Of the ocean,
The sigh of
A wave.

It’s the little things,
I long for,
Like a hug
From a friend,
That helps me to soar.

It’s the little things
I want,
That started,
To taunt.
To daunt.

Like the touch
Of a hand,
Holding mine.
Entwining fingers,
A lifeline.

Like a peck
On the cheek,
A tight embrace.
Messing up hair,
Stroking a face.

Like the brush
Of soft lips,
Against fingertips.
Resting my head
On someone’s shoulder.
Watching a smile
Unfold and smoulder.

It’s the little things
I miss so dearly.
It’s the little things
That hurt so severely.
I just want them back,
Yours sincerely.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

Not All Prayers Are Answered

You plead,
You bleed,
You scream,
You yell,
You tell.

Your story,
Your worry,
Your fears,
Your tears,
For years.

You hope,
You dream,
You wish,
You feel,
You reel!

You command,
You demand,
You rage,
You age.
You weep,
You sleep.

You wail,
You’re frail.
You cry,
Ask why?

Their reply:
Not all prayers are answered.
That’s why,
Some die.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

Land Of Hope

Reach out your hand
I’ll follow thee,
To the land
Of hope
Where we’ll be free.

It might
Be frail
Like the wings
Of a butterfly.
It might
Sting and hurt
Like the pain
Of a long goodbye.

There’s no way
To guarantee
If we’ll
Take flight
If we’ll be free.

No way to say
If we’ll
Live or die.
No way
To know
If we’ll be a lie.

All we can do
Is try.

Just give me
A chance
Only one more glance.
Please let us dance.

Reach out your hand
I’ll follow thee,
To the land
Of hope
Where we’ll be free.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

Troubled Evolution

And then the world was set on fire,
Trees burning in the heat,
The situation got real dire,
Turning into an inevitable defeat.

The noise so silent
Pebbles dropping in the lake,
Slow vibrations turning violent,
Their force an exhilarating ache.

The wind was roaring,
Drowning out all sound,
My heart was soaring,
Up, up and away from the ground.

The earth was shaking,
Push turning into pull,
The current awakening,
Its stream not empty but full.

The air charged with electricity,
It’s music reaching a crescendo,
The sky filled with toxicity,
Every atom laced with innuendo.

The storm eventually breaking loose,
Its might relentless in its pursue.
No hope to negotiate a truce,
So greedy after its curfew.

Consuming everything as it goes,
And once at full speed,
It never slows.
It never slows.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

Death and Despair

Please sweet death come down on me!
Touch me with your black wings
And set my fire free!
Take me to the depths of hell,
Take me to heaven,
I don’t care,
It’s all the same,
It’s all well!

Why do you call for me?
Why should I end your life?
Is there any reason for me?
Is there even a reason for thee?

Oh please sweet death,
Embrace me with black fire,
Take me to another place up higher!
There’s no reason for me to live on,
It went all so wrong!

You little child,
Don’t demand such things from me,
I won’t do you this favour.
It’s not your time to go with me!

But please my dear friend,
It should,
No it must end!
Take me with you on the eternal flight,
Give me the kiss,
It is my right!

You are too young to understand,
The meaning of life and death,
My friend!
I can’t kill people as I please,
I’m not doing this with ease!

You have to help me
Or I’ll gamble my soul!

Young girl,
Don’t make me lose control!
Others plead for their lives,
Stabbed by knifes
Or some shot between the eyes!
Why do you want to die?
Tell me little girl,
Why do you want to make others cry?

I don’t have any reason to live,
My life is so hollow,
I want to follow,
I know I will…
Go to the place without fear,
Go to the place of my dear!

Oh what a fool you are,
It was his fate to die in the car!
And it is your destiny to live on,
Even if it all seems wrong.
I understand your pain,
But all attempts are in vain!
Go and live your life on full expense,
Before it ends!

It sounds so easy but it isn’t true,
You don’t have human feelings,
You know nothing about what
I had to go through!

You may be right,
But I won’t take you
On my flight!

Angel of darkness why are you so cruel?
Even though you rule,
About life and death.
It’s you who’s got the power
In the

I’m dealing with the gift of power.
It’s me who says when it is your last hour!
What’s so bad about life anyway?

It’s the fact that he couldn’t stay!
It’s the fact of standing up every day,
The fact that I’m breathing whereas he’s away!
It are all those feelings that make me sway!
How can I live while he’s dead?
How can I be happy without going mad?
How can I be glad…?
To live…

Young poor girl,
There’s still so much you have to learn.
Yearn for him when you feel like it,
Cry all night to get rid of this hit.
Take your time to mourn,
Take your time,
It is no crime.
But there’s one thing,
I have to tell,
Something he told me,
Before his body fell.

He loved you with every fibre of his heart.
He loved the girl you were,
Oh you’ve been so smart!
There was only one wish he had,
Before he flew towards the moon,
Gazing directly into my empty head.

He wanted you to be strong,
He told me that you have to keep on.
He knew there was nothing he could give,
Except of the gift that you’d live.
He wanted you to have a better life,

He simply wanted you,
To stay alive…

© Virginia Stone