Review Policy

Important announcement:

I never thought I’d have to write this but I’m currently swamped with ARCs so I’m sorry but right now I can’t accept any book offers that come my way. I’ll try my best to catch up on as many books as I can and hopefully will be able to remove this note in January 2022.

I really hope you won’t resent me for writing this but I’m trying to be fair to the authors that already waited too long for me to read their books.

I made them a promise and I intend to keep it. ;-P


Hey there and welcome to my Review Policy!

I suppose if you’re actually reading this you’re either an author or a publicist who is willing to share an ARC or a review copy of your own book or one of your authors books. So I guess it would be good if I’d give you a heads up about my personal review rules and if you’re still interested in sending me your book we can get in touch. 😉

  • My first rule (and the most important one) is that I’m always honest when I write a review about a book. If I love it I’ll rave about it and will recommend it to everyone I can reach, if I hate it I’ll voice my honest opinion and will point out the books flaws and weaknesses. So if you decide to send me your book you will have to accept that it could go either way. Bear in mind that it’s just my subjective opinion, though and that my reviews will always be respectful. Please don’t send me a request if you are uncomfortable with the idea/possibility of receiving a negative review!
  • I prefer to review digital books (epub format)! Occasionally I might accept PDF formats too, but that’s really rare because I can’t read them properly on my e-reader.
  • I get a lot of review requests so my list is long and I always read them in the order they get to me. Be warned that it might even take me a few months until I’m actually able to get to your book! I’m a working mom so my time is limited and I can’t always read when I want to.
  • If I have more than 10 ARCS/review copies on my list I won’t accept any new books that come my way. I’m sorry if you have to wait until I’m ready to accept new books, but experience has taught me that it’s better to be completely honest and open when it comes to my waiting list.
  • I love to broaden my horizon and to read a lot of different genres. My heart beats for Young Adult, Fantasy and LGBTQAI+ books, though. If you need a beta reader for any of those genres or need a rep input I’d be more than just happy to help you out. The same goes for everything related to Austria or Germany. Whether it might be German sentences or eating habits, I’m always ready to share my “insider knowledge”. 😉

If you read all this and still want to contact me you can always do it over: