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May Wrap-Up

Wrap Up

May was one hell of a month… in more ways than one. *lol* I read so many books. Actual books not only webcomics, mind you. 😛 And this even though I went back to work as well. At the beginning of May I commuted to my office for the first time after almost 8 weeks and it was kind of crazy to be back at work… well physically at least. I was working from home all this time anyway. With reduced working hours due to short-time work but still. XD (And just in case you wondered: All my plants are well and safe! My colleague was so kind to water them while I was away! ❤ )

I didn’t only go back to work though! My library opened on the 18th of May and of course I was there on the 19th with my bestie! *lol* It was so awesome to be able to go to the library again. It’s like a sanctuary for me and I always go there when I’m stressed out or emotionally drained. When I need to find some peace. Ironically the one place that is my safe haven was closed during our Covid-19 lockdown and I think I don’t even have to tell you how stressed I was. >_<

Well, all that time away from the library and at home had something good though. I could actually read the books I borrowed and focused on my blog. For instance I started to go for a Top Ten Tuesday Topic once a month, began to host my own blog meme SASSY Saturday , finally continued with Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs and added a new signature to my already existing one as some of you might have noticed. 😛

Additional info to my sig.

I wanted to draw a distinction between my „male“ and „female“ side/days and therefore added „V. Ronan“ to the mix. That way you’ll know when I’m in a male (V.Ronan) or female (Virginia) mindset when I write my posts. I noticed this might be helpful when you refer to them. *lol*


And last but definitely not least: #BlackLivesMatter 

”Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

I wrote this blog post in advance but considering the current happenings I wanted to use my Wrap-Us as a way to show my support for the movement! There are a lot of things you can do in order to help! I won’t list them here, but I’ll give you a useful link: #BlackLivesMatter Everyone of us has a voice and we should use it.

This said: This was already a very long introduction to my Wrap-Up, so I might as well just begin to actually write it! *lol*

Books read:(books & 1 webcomic)

Pages read:  2.544 (I guess that number is only so high because ACOWAR alone contributed 699 pages. Which is A LOT! *lol*)

Average rating: 4,14 (That’s a pretty nice average rating, but then again all those books were 4 or 5 star reads. XD)

Books that were on my reading list:  1 (1 from 2019 and 0 from 2020, Okay! It’s obviously time to focus on My Book List 2020! >_< )

May Reads:

25522198   49202877. sy475    34503674. sy475
41998311. sy475    23766634. sy475     42933645. sy475

Blood Rites: 4 Pfoten

This is already book 6 in the series and I’ve to admit that it becomes more and more intriguing with every book that I read. And, let’s be honest here, also more dangerous for Harry. *lol* That poor man has a lot of trouble to go through but thanfully he’s never alone and has good friends that don’t only care about him but also help him to find his way. I can’t wait to read book 7. Well, as a matter of fact I already borrowed it from the library. 😛

Lumine: 4 Pfoten

This webcomic is one of the cutest things ever!!! ❤ Lumine is such an adorable and innocent furball and his friendship with Kody is legit the best thing about this webcomic! Also I love Kody’s father!! I read this on webtoons and couldn’t stop until I reached the ending. The temporary ending, mind you, because the comic is still ongoing. If you’re looking for a webcomic with great art, lots of heart, werewolves, witches, and many other supernatural things this one most certainly will be a treat for you. XD

When You Get the Chance: 4 Pfoten

This was my first ARC from NetGalley and I couldn’t believe my luck when I got it. I already added it to my shelves at the beginning of February and the cover as well as the premise of the book made me want to read this… badly! *lol* I’ve to admit that I kind of expected something different when I started to read the book but even though I didn’t really like the characters I still enjoyed the book! If you want to know more details you can always read my review here!

Nevernight: 5 Pfoten

It took me AGES to read this book, but it was my own fault because I wanted to savour every little piece of it. *lol* Which I did! Boy, did I love to read this book! I know the blogging community has varying opinions about „Nevernight“ but for me it was perfect! I like my books dark and twisted, with a lot of backstabbing, intrigues and dangerous people. What can I say? It’s the faerie and Slytherin in me. 😛 And let me tell you this, both of them were really happy and satisfied once I reached the end of the book. XD

Dry: 4 Pfoten

Everybody, literally EVERYBODY warned me to have a bottle of water next to me while I read „Dry“ and you guys really weren’t kidding! *lol* I got so thirsty reading this and I think I appreciate my water tap way more than I ever did before. XD This was such a good and fast read! I loved all the different POVs and I can’t help but wonder why not more people speak about this book! If you like dystopian science fiction books this should be right up your alley!

A Court of Wings and Ruin: 4 Pfoten

I really love this series but even my reread couldn’t help me to get over the many issues I had with this book. *lol* It still feels like Sarah had enough and just wanted to connect all the open threads regardless if it was harmonious with the rest of the series or not. XD Me being bitter? No way! 😛 Anyway if you actually want to read my 4.658 words long essay about all the things I liked and didn’t like you’re welcome to do it here! 😉

Five Feet Apart: 4 Pfoten

The topic of this book is really heavy and if I wouldn’t have seen the movie with Cole Sprouse ( *sighs dreamily* ❤ ) I probably would have never even known that there is a book. „Five Feet Apart“ was as sad and heartbreaking as I expected it to be, reading the book I got way more details about the daily routine of people with CF though. There are always some things that get lost while watching a movie and to read the book as an addition certainly helped me to understand the characters and their lives even better. I don’t know if the CF rep was done properly but the books purpose was to raise awareness for it and if you ask me they succeeded to do so.


How was your May? Did you read a lot of books? Were your libraries closed too and if yes did they open up again? Do you like the changes on my blog? Will you try out „SASSY Saturday“? Can anyone of you teach me how to use the new wordpress editor? (My head is one big question mark! *lol*) Talk to me and let me know!

And as always: Stay healthy and take care! ❤



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Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs

hugs'n'kisses or dismissed by the missus

Hey there, my lovelies!

Gee! I really should do those more often. >_< But then again I only do them when I started to read the book of the last one and this time around it took me ages to get to it. *lol*  What can I say? All those library books I borrowed got in the way. At the moment my library is closed though so I figured I could squeeze in a new book from my meme! This said let’s start with the fun! 😉

The rules:

1.) Link back to the original post @ The Sassy Library Fox (I really want to know if it works out for you and I’m curious about your book choices! ;-))

2.) Choose 3 random numbers from 1 to the end of your TBR list. (In my case it are 3 random numbers from 1 – 293, so for instance I’ll pick 61, 138 and 217)

3.) Take a look at the 3 books on your TBR. (61 – Broken Ink, 138 – Brooding YA Hero, 217– Radiance)

4.)  Then you follow the rhyme:

One to hug and read, (Radiance: This is perfect! „Radiance“ is on My Book List 2020 so I had to hug and read this! XD)

One to kiss and keep, (Broken Ink: I’m still intrigued by the idea of this and I’m so going to pick this up once I need a dark m/m book.)

One to dismiss and weep! (Brooding YA Hero: This has been on my TBR for ages and I don’t think I’ll read this anytime soon. The ratings I saw weren’t all that amazing as well so I’ll just dismiss it. If fate truly wants me to read this it will land on my feed again. *lol*)

5.) Read the book you hugged and kept within a month and repeat the process as often and as frequently as you like. (I’ll do this once a month and hopefully it will help me to reduce my TBR ;-P)


Sooo since I’ve been pretty sloppy with this meme and added way too many books to my TBR (that’s what being cooped up at home will do to you *lol*) there are still 291 books on my list. My goal is still to get it down to 275 by the end of this year so I better try to be consistent in future! I’ve no doubt that I’ll read „Radiance“ in no time though. 😛



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250 Followers Celebration Post!!! Woot! – What should we do to celebrate? =)

Hey there, my lovelies!

I thought that 250 Followers would qualify for an unscheduled blog post! XD I mean, dang! That’s so amazing!!! There are 257 of you out there now and I couldn’t be happier!

(I’m a horrible person though because I didn’t even realize that there are so many of you now….*lol*)

When I wrote down my New Year’s resolutions in January I definitely didn’t expect to hit this number so soon. XD So a huge THANK YOU to everyone who’s following my blog! No matter if you’re already a regular or a newbie I really appreciate your support! ❤

I initially planned to make a Giveaway when I hit that number but I’m not all too convinced this is a good idea right now. Especially not in the times of Covid-19. (I could send the winner the package but I really dunno if it would even get to you in those rather turbulent times.)

This blog is a democracy though (is it really? *lol*) so I decided to give you guys a choice! I came up with three ideas and the one that gets the most likes from you (just say which one you prefer in the comments) will be done! 😉

1.) I’ll try to draw your favourite book character in my own manga style. (Oh gods! It’s been ages I last did something like that…) I’d make a blog post and you’d write your favourites into the comments and then I’d pull 2 (?!) of them out of my bowl and try to draw them? Sounds good? XD

2.) I could make a 250 Followers celebration video and upload it on here? Maybe answer 3 questions in (video)person as well? Okay, that idea isn’t fully developed yet but maybe you have some ideas?! 😛

3.) A book giveaway! I know I said that I don’t think it’s wise to do one in these times but if you really want to go for it and think that the parcel would still be able to get to your place I’d try my best to make it work! (Yes, I love you guys enough to give it a shot and to disinfect everything before I send it to you! 😉 *lol*)

Sooo the choice is up to you! I’ll let you know what it’s going to be as soon as I have all of your answers! =)

Have fun voting! And as always:

Try to stay healthy and safe! Take care! ❤



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March Wrap-Up

Wrap Up

Okay, not gonna lie here, March was a tough month. Not only book wise but also life wise. You might say one led to the other. When COVID-19 hit my country everything came to a standstill and our lives changed rather drastically. From one day to the next I stopped commuting to work, set up a home office and tried to work from home as best as I could. With a little kid that’s constantly around me because kindergarten is closed too and with my hubby on top of that March was quite a trying and exhausting month though.

I constantly found myself falling into bed right after work and was no good for anything. Thankfully my kid is still taking naps because damn I needed them badly too. *lol* Since the situation in Austria didn’t get any better (at least not up until now) I’ll be on short-time work from now on. So there’s that. More time to take care of my family, to cook for them and hopefully also more time to read and to blog? XD You can always dream, right? Now that my reading slump is over I’ll hopefully read more again.

One thing is for certain though: Now that I’m spending so much time at home my flat is super tidy. I swear it probably was never as clean as it is now! *lol* Or well, maybe it was when I moved into it 6 years ago and scrubbed literally EVERYTHING! 😛

On a side note: There happened something super amazing in March (understatement of the century!!) and I just need to gush about it, so please bear with me! *lol* It won’t take long, I’ll just mention that for some weird, crazy and completely unfathomable reason I ended up being number 99 in the Goodreads Global Top 100 of ALL FREAKING TIME! THANK YOU GUYS SO DAMN MUCH!!! I can’t even… O_o AKDFASDFJASKDFJSAKFSJDFKASJFD! Okay, that’s it, I’m fine. *faints*


Anyway, enough of my weirdness and musings and right back to the few books I actually managed to read last month! XD

Books read: 6

Pages read:  1.642 (Not as great as February but considering that I was in a slight book slump due to work and COVID-19 this actually isn’t all too bad!)

Average rating: 4,00 (That’s quite okay I suppose! I expected „The Death Cure“ to pull the rest of the books down, but apparently my other two 5 paws reads saved the rating. *lol*)

Books that were on my reading list:  1 (from 2019, boy I really need to finish some of my books!! >_< )

March Reads:

34878431. sy475     7171637     13265138
43889556. sy475     7706484    33230173. sy475
Akairya: 4 Pfoten
Abrianna Leaming was so nice to give me a free copy of her book and I enjoyed it immensely! 😀 Yes, it might have taken me way too long to get to it but once I did I kind of rushed through it. This was a great fantasy middle grade book and if you like dragons, magic and elfs this might be the perfect book for you. 😉
Clockwork Angel: 5 Pfoten
Ahh it felt so good to be back in this world! I wanted to reread this series for ages and I finally started with the first book! What can I say? I still love Will, I still adore Jem and Tessa is as great as ever! All those bookish discussions, the characters and their interactions. Amazing! If you want to read my full review on this masterpiece you can do it here!
The Death Cure: 2 Pfoten
I kind of expected not to like it and unfortunately I was proven right. I really enjoyed the first book but from „The Scorch Trials“ on this series just didn’t make any sense. (at least not for me) In the last book there was no aim and no purpose, the characters would say one thing and do another and urgh… that kind of irked me big time. This felt so aimless that I just couldn’t give it a better rating. Truth be told, Minho and Newt were the only reason I kept on reading and that definitely wasn’t enough! >_<
Thank God I’m Fired: 4 Pfoten
Another review copy from an author I appreciate and hold in high regard. 🙂 You might say Sandeep Pawar is an own voice when it comes to IT topics and to say he’s a funny voice would be a huge understatement! I really enjoy his books because they aren’t only fun but also show the human side of IT and this in a very entertaining way. So if you’re interested in this sort of thing, search no more. Sandeep already delivered. 😛
The Last Olympian: 4 Pfoten
Ha! I loved this! Uncle Rick once again proved why he is a genius and one of the best authors to read when it comes to Greek Mythology! This was quite action packed and definitely held my attention until the very last page! A worthy final for a great series! I wish I could read „The Heroes of Olympus“ now but unfortunately my library is still closed. T_T So for now I’ll just have to wait. (Dang! I wanted to read about Nico di Angelo so badly!! He’s my precious son and I love him to pieces! ❤ )
The Summer Palace: 5 Pfoten
I can’t believe I waited 3 years to read this! But then again I can and boy, was it worth the long wait! *lol* I loved this short story so much and it was everything I ever wanted for my two boys! ❤ This was the ending I would have loved to read when I finished „King’s Rising“ and it made my heart sing with joy! I just love, love and LOVE Laurent and Damen! They are everything! XD


How was your March? Did you manage to read more books than I did or were you in a reading slump as well? Are your libraries closed too? And if yes, where do you get your books from now? How’s the current situation at your country? And the most important question: Are you still healthy and okay?!

Talk to me and let me know!

Also on a last, rather serious but still optimistic note: Stay healthy and take care! ❤ We can get through this and if we stick together we’ll come out of it stronger than before!



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Fuss, Cuss & Discuss: Age gaps in books & why some people’s reactions confuse & amuse me

Fuss Cuss &amp; Discuss_vers1

Hey there my lovelies!

It’s about time to implement my New Year’s resolutions and to start with my discussion posts! My last one was in September 2019 so shame on me for taking so long! *lol* Anyway, let’s not dwell on the past but rather focus on the future of my „Fuss, Cuss & Discuss“ post. 😉

I’ve been a member on goodreads for about 2 1/2 years now and there’s a topic that always returns and comes up again: Age gaps between book characters! Now the first thing you’ve to know about me is that my hubby and I have an age difference of about 9 years. Neither of us sees this as problematic and in all honesty when you reach a certain age and both of your lives head in the same direction, it actually isn’t an issue anymore.

So let’s explain my stance on age gaps and when they should be considered problematic (well at least in my opinion):

  • 12 year old girl and 16 year old boy: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! That would be so, so, so soooo damn wrong I can’t even!!! They are both at completely different stages of their lives. Their age gap might only be 4 years but at that age this makes all the difference!!!
  • 20 year old girl and 26 year old girl/boy (let’s get a little bit of diversity into this 😉 ): Yes, go for it! They are both adults and they (supposedly) know what they want from life. (I have to mention that in Austria you’re an adult when you’re 18. At that age you’re allowed to drive, to drink and to marry. I’m aware that it’s different in other countries, hence the short digression. XD)
  • 40 year old man and 60 year old woman/man: Well, they are old enough to know that their partner could be their own kid, but if they love each other and want the same thing, who am I to judge?

Well, that’s my opinion about age gaps in a nutshell. Still, in the bookish world there are more interesting things that can happen and it never ceases to amaze me how people think of them. One of the most interesting things are age gaps in YA and fantasy books. Why are they so interesting? Well, because in all honesty the way people react to those age gaps is amusing and sometimes, yes, I admit it, outright hilarious! *lol*

Want an example?

Okay, let’s go with „Throne of Glass“ here because this actually made me smirk when I read it. Warning: This is going to be spoilery so if you didn’t read the „Throne of Glass“ series or „Twilight“ yet, you better don’t continue to read! Fair warning, you still got time to leave this page! 😉

Are you ready?

So , in „Throne of Glass“ we have our MC Celaena Sardothien and at one point in the series we reach a moment where it’s mentioned that her former mentor and King of the Assassins Arobynn Hamel loved her and that she was intrigued by him too. At that moment in the series Celaena is about 17 or 18 and Arobynn is 38? Imagine the reactions of the people who read this! „Ewww“ and „This age gap is nauseous!“ were rather mild reactions. And okay, I admit it, that’s an age gap that wouldn’t be okay for me too, but then you always have to see things from the right perspective because and now comes the part where I couldn’t help but laugh:

People found it completely intolerable that Celaena and Arobynn had feelings for each other, but they were totally okay with the Celaena/Rowan ship! Which gets one big fat *LOL* from me! You wonder why? Well, because dear Prince Rowan Whitethorn might look like a 17 year old teenager but is actually 350+ years old! Funny just because he looks like a 17 year old teen it’s okay for them to be together? Let’s be real here: He’s about 312 years older than Arobynn and about 332 years older than Celaena! So if you ask me that’s a really unacceptable age gap. The about 20 years between Arobynn and Celeana are peanuts in comparison. *lol* Not that I don’t ship them, I’m all for the Celaena/Rowan ship but why do people think to ship them is totally okay and to ship her with Arobynn is wrong? From the age perspective it makes absolutely no sense.

The same thing could be used for „Twilight“ as well. I mean Bella is what? 17? And Edward is 100 years old? If you break it down to the basics Edward is a 100 year old creeper that watches a 17 year old girl while she sleeps! *lol* Yet everyone is riled up about the age gap between Bella and Jacob. Because, OH MY, Jacob is 15 and 2 years younger than Bella! The mere idea is so horrible, I can’t even! (notice the sarcasm in here! 😛 )

You can blame me for shipping Bella with Jacob but quite honestly if it comes to the age difference, those two are harmless in comparison to the Bella/Edward ship! XD Just saying!

And with that I’ve reached the end of my „Fuss, Cuss & Discuss“ post. There are like about a gazillion of other examples I could have used as well, but I’ll just leave it at that. I think after reading those two you already get the idea. 😉


So what do you say? Huge age gaps between the MCs of a book: YAY or NAY? Does it depend on the book genre? Would you be okay with a 15 years age gap between a faerie and a human? Would you see it differently if it would be a 15 year difference between the MCs of a contemporary book? Why is it okay in fantasy books? What’s your stance on age gaps in general?

Let’s fuss, cuss and discuss! 😛



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Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs

hugs'n'kisses or dismissed by the missus

Hey there, my lovelies!

Wow, the last time I did one of those was in November! Boy was this long ago! XD In my defence: Before Christmas I was very busy and I guess the holidays as well as the aftermath of them kept me pretty occupied too. *lol* So here I am, doing my first blog meme after two months. (How time flies by! XD)

The rules:

1.) Link back to the original post @ The Sassy Library Fox (I really want to know if it works out for you and I’m curious about your book choices! ;-))

2.) Choose 3 random numbers from 1 to the end of your TBR list. (In my case it are 3 random numbers from 1 – 287, so for instance I’ll pick 55, 108 and 224)

3.) Take a look at the 3 books on your TBR. (55 – Traitor’s Blade, 108 – Frostblood, 224 – Ham on Rye)

4.)  Then you follow the rhyme:

One to hug and read, (Traitor’s Blade: This sounds really intriguing and to think I didn’t even know this was on my TBR. *lol* Sometimes even I am surprised about what I find on it. XD )

One to kiss and keep, (Frostblood: There was a time this was all over my feed so I’m still curious about it and it stays! ;-P)

One to dismiss and weep! (Ham on Rye: This might be a pretty interesting read but honestly atm I don’t see myself reading this all too soon. So yeah for now it’s dismissed from my list.)

5.) Read the book you hugged and kept within a month and repeat the process as often and as frequently as you like. (I’ll do this once a month and hopefully it will help me to reduce my TBR ;-P)


There are still 288 books left on my TBR list but since I added a few lately it’s no surprise that it didn’t get less. If anything it’s a surprise it didn’t get more! *lol* 😉 I’m still aiming to get it down to 275 and I’m confident I’ll reach that goal this year! This said: Let’s see if the „Traitor’s Blade“ is as good as it seems to be! XD



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My Book List 2020

Hey there my lovelies! =)

In my „Preparing my Book List 2020 & The “How many books of my TBR 2019 can I pack into the last 4 weeks of the year” challenge. ;-P“ blog post I mentioned that I would try to read 40 books this year and that there were only 33 on my list so far. I asked you for recommendations to fill in those last seven blank spots and boy did I get many awesome suggestions! XD

In fact it were so many that I made a bowl with all of them and blindly pulled out seven of them! *lol* Thank you so much for participating! I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into your answers and I hope you’ll find your recommendation at the end of the following list! ❤

So here I go:

1.) Ninth House – Leigh Bardugo

2.) The Priory of the Orange Tree – Samantha Shannon

3.) The Upside of Unrequited – Becky Albertalli

4.) This Savage Song – Victoria Schwab

5.) The Starless Sea – Erin Morgenstern

6.) House of Salt and Sorrows – Erin A. Craig

7.) Wayward Son – Rainbow Rowell

8.) Call Down the Hawk – Maggie Stiefvater

9.) The Wicked King – Holly Black

10.) Stalking Jack the Ripper – Kerri Maniscalco

11.) A Curse So Dark and Lonely – Brigid Kemmerer

12.) The Wise Man’s Fear – Patrick Rothfuss

13.) Aurora Rising – Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

14.) The Dragon Republic – R.F. Kuang

15.) The Foxhole Court – Nora Sakavic

16.) Serpent & Dove – Shelby Mahurin

17.) And I Darken – Kiersten White

18.) Iron Gold – Pierce Brown

19.) Evenfall – Ais

20.) The Language of Thorns – Leigh Bardugo

21.) Scythe – Neal Shusterman

22.) The Final Empire – Brandon Sanderson

23.) Red Seas Under Red Skies – Scott Lynch

24.) Ghosts of the Shadow Market – Cassandra Clare

25.) Chain of Gold – Cassandra Clare (release date: March 3rd)

26.) Ship of Magic – Robin Hobb

27.) I Wish You All the Best – Mason Deaver (release date: May 5th)

28.) Imagine Me – Tahereh Mafi (release date: March 31st)

29.) Vengeful – V.E. Schwab

30.) Wicked Lovely – Melissa Marr (re-read)

31.) Furies of Calderon – Jim Butcher (re-read)

32.) Broken Throne – Victoria Aveyard

33.) The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (release date: May 19th)

34.) Uprooted – Naomi Novik

35.) Radiance – Grace Draven

36.) Ruby Red – Kerstin Gier

37.) The Coffin Maker – Breeann Allison

38.) Frogkisser – Garth Nix

39.) Sword of Kaigen – M.L. Wang (I actually pulled it out, Hamad!!! *lol*)

40.) Old Magic – Marianne Curley

I’m really looking forward to read all of those books and I hope that by the end of the year I will have ticked them off my list. Considering it all, I wasn’t doing all that bad with My Book List 2019 and I’m pretty sure that I’ll continue to scratch out the remaining books of my old list in 2020. 😉 To post it on here definitely helped me to read the books I planned to read and it kind of forced me to keep to some sort of reading schedule. (Which is definitely a good thing when it comes to me. *lol*)

Anyway! What about you? Did you already read some of the books on my list or are you planning to read them in near future? How many books do you want to read in 2020? Are you looking forward to some of those new releases too? Let me know!



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Top 15 of my bookish 2019 – The Awesome, The Meagre & The Series

Hey there my lovelies!

The old year is coming to an end (pretty soon I might add) and since this worked out so nicely last year I thought I might give you another round of „The Awesome, The Meagre & The Series“! Considering that my reading goal was pretty low this year and that I only set it on 40 books, I was surprised to realize that it ended up being 80. (YES, I actually made it to 80!!! XD) And just like last year I thought that I read no horrible books until I took a closer look at my list and noticed that there were actually a few that got a pretty low rating from me. *lol*

Anyway here’s a short summary of my reading year 2019! Read about „The Awesome, The Meagre & The Series“! 😛

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

The Awesome:

– Red, White & Royal Blue:


This book was pure fluff and definitely the biggest surprise of this year! (Well, at least for me it was! XD) So many people wrote great reviews about it and this only caused me to crave it even more! At the end I wanted to read it so badly that it almost hurt! lol* I’m so glad I eventually managed to get to it because even though I had problems to get into the writing style at first, I still wouldn’t have wanted to miss out on this! ❤ Alex and Henry were pure MAGIC & LOVE!!! This book gave me so much hope and I’m so glad Casey McQuiston wrote it! If you want to read my in depth review you can do it here!

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo:


I loved Evelyn Hugo and the way her story was told! This woman was amazing and I could totally imagine her as a real and famous person! All the press clippings made this seem even more real and I was completely taken by her story! By the end of the book it felt like Evelyn Hugo actually lived and my feelings were all over the place! ❤

– Vicious:


V.E. Schwab definitely was my personal revelation of 2019. I loved „Vicious“ so much!!! The cat-and-mouse game between Victor and Eli gave me life and the fact that neither of them wanted to give up because they both thought they were right made this even more intriguing! But who was the actual villain? I’m still puzzling over this question, and I’m still not sure what the right answer is. *lol*

The Cruel Prince:


I have no idea why I waited so long to read this! Like seriously, what’s wrong with me? Maybe I already knew that I’d love it! I mean there are cruel and cunning faeries in this and everyone is plotting and scheming so what’s not to love? *lol* Plus FAERIES!!! I love to read stories about my own kind. 😛

We Are Okay:


I never thought I’d end up loving this book so much but this was one hell of an amazing read! The way Nina LaCour described grief was so tangible and real that you could feel it through the pages! „We Are Okay“ had a tough topic but it dealt with it in a gentle and beautiful way and I couldn’t help but adore it! ❤

The Meagre:

– Grace and Fury:


What can I say about „Grace and Fury“? Well, I really didn’t enjoy that one. There were way too many series and book tropes mixed into one and the more I read the more it felt like I was reading something already familiar. When I go into a book I just want to be surprised, I’ve nothing against a few tropes if they are done well, but they just didn’t work out for me in this one. I’m sorry to say it, but this just wasn’t for me.

Leah on the Offbeat:


Urgh. This was another one of my disappointments this year. I was really looking forward to read this but when I actually got to it I had to realize that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I’d hoped I would. I didn’t get warm with Leah and I missed all the fluff that was „Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda“. Plus the bi-rep. *shakes head* Let’s just say I wasn’t very happy with it.

– Anna and the French Kiss:


I liked the first 50% of the book but after that it got really frustrating and I just couldn’t. The characters and their situation didn’t feel right for me so I couldn’t give this more than 3 paws. I don’t want to spoil anything in here but I was not okay with the way the love story developed and even though I’m pretty sure that a lot of people love this book all I can say is „I guess it just wasn’t for me.“ >_<

– Genuine Fraud:


How to put it nicely without hurting E. Lockhart’s feelings? *lol* Well, let’s just say I loved „We Were Liars“ and I was more than just a little bit disappointed by this one. I still don’t know where Lockhart wanted to go with it and if we’re already „genuine“ I have to admit that nothing in this book made sense to me. XD Sorry, but that was a clear „no“ from me.

– VOX:


If 2019 taught me anything then it’s the fact that I better keep my greedy hands from dystopian science fiction books. *lol* No matter if it was „VOX““ or „The Power“ the injustice in those books always made me angry and I just can’t read them without being upset afterwards. XD So I figured I better avoid that genre for a while. Might help to put things into perpective.

The Series:

– The Illuminae Files:


Everyone who’s watched my progress with this series was bound to notice that I kind of devoured those books! *lol* I started to read „Illuminae“ in February and I never stopped. XD This was so, so, so damn good!!! I just loved everything about this series and the twists and turns had my head spinning and my mind reeling! This was nothing but amazing! ❤

The Lies of Locke Lamora:


When I started to read this I never thought I’d end up enjoying it so much, but Locke and his band of bastards swept me off my feet and I became attached to each and every one of them. Locke’s mind and his noble thief attitude? Adorable and so very intriguing! I can’t wait to dive into „Red Seas Under Red Skies“ next year! I’m so ready for this! 😀

A Court of Thorns and Roses:


This was a reread but if anything I loved it even more the second time around! There were so many details I missed when I paged through the series about two years ago and I really appreciated those little bits and pieces. Plus I fell in love with Lucien all over again! I just love that man! Yes, Rhys is awesome too, but Lucien owns my heart!!! ❤

The Poppy War:


This book was just… well WOW! I didn’t read such a great fantasy book for quite a while and R.F. Kuang has all my respect for pulling this off. Still, there were quite some tough topics in this one and it certainly was no easy read. So if you want to read it I can totally recommend it, be careful and aware of all those triggers though. 😉

– Kingdom of Ash (Throne of Glass Series):

Sarah J. Maas

I started this series in 2017 and I finished it at the beginning of 2019. Considering there were 7 books (8 if you count „The Assassin’s Blade“) this was quite a feat! And so damn worth it!!! „Kingdom of Ash“ was such a great finale that I still didn’t finish writing my review! *lol* I hoped that I’d manage to write it until the end of the year but as it seems it will hit my blog in January. (Holiday Hiatus what did you do? XD) For now all you need to know is that I loved it! 😛


So this was my year 2019 in 15 books! How was your 2019? Was it a successful reading year? Did you manage to read all the books you wanted to read? Are there some you’ll take into the next year? Were you disappointed or surprised? Let me know in the comments! 😉

This said I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope that your 2020 will be amazing!!! ❤



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Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs

hugs'n'kisses or dismissed by the missus

Ha! I’m still not done with the last book I chose when I did my blog meme but considering that it’s „The Poppy War“ I think we can agree that this is okay. I mean this book is HUGE!!! 544 pages isn’t something you read that fast, especially if you’re like me and read 5 books at the same time. *lol*

Anyway! Let’s move on and do this! XD

The rules:

1.) Link back to the original post @ The Sassy Library Fox (I really want to know if it works out for you and I’m curious about your book choices! ;-))

2.) Choose 3 random numbers from 1 to the end of your TBR list. (In my case it are 3 random numbers from 1 – 294, so for instance I’ll pick 59, 167 and 253)

3.) Take a look at the 3 books on your TBR. (59 – Strong Signal, 167 – Scarred, 253 – Essenz der Götter I)

4.)  Then you follow the rhyme:

One to hug and read, (Essenz der Götter I: Okay, it’s been ages I last read a German book but this author is from Lower Austria, writes fantasy books and is still pretty unknown. So in short: I’m curious and new authors need all the support they can get. Especially Austrian ones, because, yeah we’re a little country! *lol* )

One to kiss and keep, (Scarred: This sounds too serious for me right now so I’ll just keep it for another time when I’m more ready to tackle a topic like that!)

One to dismiss and weep! (Strong Signal: This book made it easy to dismiss it. I’d love to read this m/m romance but I can’t get it in my country so yeah, there’s that. 😦 I might as well delete it from my list if I can’t buy it. *sniff*)

5.) Read the book you hugged and kept within a month and repeat the process as often and as frequently as you like. (I’ll do this once a month and hopefully it will help me to reduce my TBR ;-P)


And here comes the moment where I mention that I’m very happy with this blog meme!! When I started with it in January this year there were 303 books on my TBR and I thought I’d never be able to read them all. Almost nine months later my TBR is reduced to 289 books and I feel like I got this!!! *lol* I GOT THIS!!! Yesh! *does a happy dance*

Well, erm, yeah! Back to the post! XD

So what about you? Did you try my blog meme? Did it work out for you or didn’t it make any difference at all? Tell me and let me know! 😉



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Fuss, Cuss & Discuss: My top 5 requirements to grant 5 paws – Or the reason why I’m so easily pleased

Fuss Cuss &amp; Discuss_vers1

Hey there my lovelies,

I recently sat in the train and thought about the main reasons that make a book an awesome book for me. (I guess I might have had a J.K. Rowling kinda moment there *lol* Only that she started to write the HP series when she commuted and I only came up with a blog post. XD Which is the reason why she’s such a good author and I’m not. *lol*)

Well, anyway *clears throat* after thinking about it for a while I came to the conclusion that there are five requirements that automatically make me want to give a book 5 paws and I thought I might share them with you. Plus since I wanted to go for a few discussion posts every once in a while I decided this might be the right moment to invent them. 😛
(Look at me, all business and professional. *lol* It only took me almost a year to get there…)

Of course, I wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t make a blog post that rhymes so in future you’ll find my discussion posts under the name: “Fuss, Cuss & Discuss” which seemed to be pretty appropriate the moment I thought it up. XD

So without further ado here come “My top 5 requirements to grant 5 paws” Not necessarily in that order, mind you:

1.) Complex and 3D characters: 1 Pfote

When it comes to books I love nothing more than complex characters! I live and breathe for them and if they aren’t only multi-layered but also morally grey I’m already looking like the cat who ate the canary. 😛 There’s nothing better than awesome characters and in my opinion a book lives and thrives on a great and diverse cast!

Best character driven books I know: The Raven Cycle Series by Maggie Stiefvater, The Farseer Trilogy by Robin Hobb

2.) World Building: 2 Pfoten

Okay, I admit I might be pretty biased here but if I read a fantasy book or a book that plays in another world I want to have a map!!! XD There are authors who write the most beautiful and vivid worlds but if I don’t have a map on which I can follow I always feel kind of lost. So yes to be creative and to flesh out the world is wonderful and will instantly cause me to give the book one more paw. But if you add a map to it? Well, this gets extra kudos from me! *lol*

Great world building WITH a map: The Codex Alera Series by Jim Butcher, ACOTAR Series and Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas

3.) Emotions: 3 Pfoten

I can only speak for myself here but when I read a book I want to feel something. I want to laugh, I want to cry, I want to be either angry or happy, maybe even both, but most of all I want to feel with the characters. If a book manages to evoke emotions from me it’s already a good book. No matter if those feelings are bad or good, as long as I feel them with all my heart the book already did its job. *lol* I once told my family: “A book that takes you to another place and forces you to think is amazing. But a book that makes you feel, a book that causes you to laugh or cry, well THAT is a truly great book.” 😉 And I still stand by it!

Books that quite literally kill you with emotion: Cassandra Clare’s Shadowhunter books – The Infernal Devices, The Dark Artifices; The Shatter Me Series by Tahereh Mafi

4.) Plot twists & storyline: 4 Pfoten

I hate plot twist, but I also love them so you might say I love to hate them? *lol* I’m not easily surprised but when a book actually manages to make me question my sanity I can’t help but love it for this audacity. XD I guess when you read as many books as I do there comes a point when nothing can surprise you anymore, or at least you think nothing can. Well, and then there comes an author who says: Muahaha! I dare you! And the next thing you know is that you’re emotionally destroyed because their storyline and plot twists ripped out your heart. So yep, I’m a sucker for shocking plot twists and well thought out story lines. 😛

A book series with plot twist that will get you on your knees: The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown, The Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

5.) Quotable: 5 Pfoten

As you can already tell from my super long reviews I love, love, love and love quotes! If a book has amazing quotes I’ll instantly like it. I collect them, I treasure them, I know some of them by heart and if anyone quotes books or movies to me I’m a goner. ❤ Some quotes are just beautiful and true. =))

Books with amazing quotes: Six of Crows Series by Leigh Bardugo, anything by Cassandra Clare, The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss


So this were „My top 5 requirements to grant 5 paws“! What about you? What makes a book a great read for you and do you agree on some of my requirements? If yes, which ones!? Let’s fuss, cuss and discuss! 😛



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