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Top Ten Tuesday: Books That Make Me Smile

TTT was created by The Broke and Bookish and moved to That Artsy Reader Girl (click here for upcoming TTT topics!).

Today’s Topic is: Books That Make Me Smile (For any reason! Maybe tell us why? Submitted by Julia @ pagesforthoughts)


1.) Carry On – Rainbow Rowell


I cuddle this book when I sleep!! *lol* So it should be no surprise that it makes me smile! ❤ But seriously, Baz and Simon are everything and they are so fluffy and cute I can’t help but smile whenever I see this book at the library or at the book store. Just to know this exists and other people might read it makes me already so happy. (Yes, if you haven’t figured it out by now I’m Snowbaz trash and I’m not ashamed of it! *lol* 😛 )

2.) Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda – Becky Albertalli


This book was so much fun and since Simon is probably the most relatable character ever I love it with all my heart! Plus all the HP references and the dialogues and the friendship/family dynamics, Simon and Blue’s e-mails?! Simon being such an adorable nerd! I smile just thinking of it! ❤

3.) An Exaltation of Larks – Suanne Laqueur

32504400. sy475

I’ll never get tired of telling you how awesome this book is!!! The banter and the conversations are perfection, the characters are multilayered and amazing! The story is … I really have no words to describe my love for this! My heart is so full whenever I think about „An Exaltation of Larks“ and I didn’t even finish it yet! I feel as much love for this as I feel for „The Raven Boys“ and you all know how deeply and unconditionally I love them! My heart aches when I smile – It’s THAT kind of smile!

4.) Percy Jackson and basically every Uncle Rick book!


The mere thought of Uncle Rick is already enough to make me smile. XD His books are always funny and I love his humour and sarcasm. No matter which kind of series he writes they are always a nice adventure and his books never cease to amaze me. Plus they make me smile A LOT! I just love Uncle Rick’s characters. 😀

5.) Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling


This is the slow sort of smile that involuntarily tugs at the corners of your lips whenever you think about your childhood. I was the generation that grew up with HP and I read the first book when I was eleven. When I was 19 the last one came out so you might as well say that HP was my childhood and you wouldn’t be wrong with that. This series is like an old friend I’m always glad to see again and just like I do with friends I always give it a radiant smile. 😉

6.) The Raven Boys – Maggie Stiefvater

17675462. sy475

Those boys are my bookish family and I’d die for them! ❤ My love for this series is not from this world and I’m hopelessly, madly and deeply in love with all of those characters. Whenever I sit on my chaise longue and look at my book shelf my gaze comes to a rest on „The Raven Boys“ and I smile. I’ll never stop loving those boys. NEVER!!!

7.) The Song of Achilles – Madeline Miller


If we’re already at describing smiles this one is the kind of sad smile that quirks your lips while tears are steaming down your face. This book broke me in the best way possible and even after finishing it two years ago I still feel raw whenever I think about it. To see it in the shelves of my library gives me an odd sense of happiness and I guess I’ll always feel melancholic when I see it. Such a beautiful book! T_T

8.) Red, White & Royal Blue – Casey McQuiston

41150487. sy475

Okay, RWRB made me laugh so hard it’s impossible not to list it here! Whenever I look at it I remember the „turkey scene“ and it has me laughing once again. *lol* This book was so refreshing and funny and I just lived and breathed for the family and friendship dynamics. Also RWRB gave me hope! I wish everyone would be as open-minded as the characters in here and I’d so help to support Alex’s mum! ❤ She was amazing! They all were.

9.) The Little Witch – Otfried Preußler


This smile comes with childhood memories! =) I remember asking my grandma and mum to read this to me because I really loved „The Little Witch“. This story was just too cute and the little witch was kinda relatable. XD I think I really need to reread this with my child. ❤

10.) Clockwork Angel – Cassandra Clare

7171637. sy475

I just love this series! And basically every single one of Cassandra Clare’s books. They feel like home and I adore the characters so much. Especially the three MCs of this series. Jem, Will and Tessa will always make me smile and I love how much they love each other. This is a love triangle done right and ahh the feels! XD Those three love each other deeply and it’s so beautiful it makes me smile. 😀


Which books make you smile?  Do we have some in common? Do you also think that there are different kinds of smiles and that not all of them are happy? What were or would have been your book choices?

Talk to me and let me know! 😉



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Top Ten Tuesday: Opening Lines

TTT was created by The Broke and Bookish and moved to That Artsy Reader Girl (click here for upcoming TTT topics!).

This time around the topic is:

Opening Lines (Best, favorite, funny, unique, shocking, gripping, lines that grabbed you immediately, etc.)

I’m sure you can tell that I had a field day doing this! I live and breathe for quotes so this was the perfect TTT tag for me! ❤ And so without further ado let’s jump right into the fun!

1.) Beartown by Fredrik Backman

31443394. sy475

„Late one evening towards the end of March, a teenager picked up a double-barrelled shotgun, walked into the forest, put the gun to someone else’s forehead, and pulled the trigger.

This is the story of how we got there.“

Now if that isn’t a way to catch your readers attention, then I don’t know! XD This is quite a start for a book and I was immediately captured. Also Fredrik Backman’s writing is so good! ❤ I love this book!

2.) A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab

23403402. sy475

„Kell wore a very peculiar coat. It had neither one side, which would be conventional, nor two, which would be unexpected, but several, which was, of course, impossible.“

I’ve become such a huge V.E. Schwab fan and I’m going to read each and every single one of her books! With this first sentence I was already intrigued, the mere idea of a coat that has more than one side something completely different than we’re used to. There isn’t only magic in the title it’s also in the book! 😉

3.) The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss


„It was night again. The Waystone Inn lay in silence, and it was a silence of three parts.“

Ahh, rarely did a first line capture my attention the way this one did. The prologue of „The Name of the Wind“ is one of the best prologues I’ve ever had the pleasure to read and considering how many books I already read this actually says quite a lot! XD Definitely one of my favourite opening lines and books! ❤

4.) The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater


„Blue Sargent had forgotten how many times she’d been told that she would kill her true love.“

I wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t have used „The Raven Cycle“ for this TTT. *lol* But seriously, how could you not continue with this book after reading the opening line? A girl that knows she’s going to kill her true love?! It’s definitely a unique and new approach. 😛

5.) The Fault in Our Stars by John Green


„Late in the winter of my seventeeth year, my mother decided I was depressed, presumably because I rarely left the house, spent quite a lot of time in bed, read the same book over and over, ate infrequently, and devoted quite a bit of my abundant free time to thinking about death.“

I really loved this book with all my heart and I cried an ocean at the end. The way it started says so much about Hazel the MC and as a bookworm it also makes you relate to her. I mean we all have a favourite book we read over and over again so this first sentence resonated a lot with me. 😀

6.) White Oleander by Janet Fitch


„The Santa Anas blew in hot from the desert, shriveling the last of the spring grass into whiskers of pale straw. Only the oleanders thrived, their delicate poisonous blooms, their dagger green leaves.“

It’s been ages I read this but I sill remember the beautiful prose. „White Orleander“ was probably the first book that showed me how you could capture your audience with your writing alone and after this first line I was hooked and couldn’t stop reading anymore!

7.) Dry by Neal Shusterman


„The kitchen faucet makes the most bizarre sounds. It coughs and wheezes like it’s gone asthmatic. It gurgles like someone drowning. It spits once, and then goes silent.“

Now that’s a book I just finished reading and after the first sentence I was already thirsty. *lol* This opening line sets everything into motion and I think Neal Shusterman did a great job of describing a world without water. I just hope we’ll never experience anything like it in real life.

8.) Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

34503674. sy475

„People often shit themselves when they die.“
Well, I guess we can all agree that this is quite a unique start for a book. *lol* It’s such a short sentence but it really sticks with you. And the story that follows this kick-off, was at least as intriguing as the beginning of the book. 🙂 Nevernight was such a surprise for me and I really enjoyed this book! Tbh I can’t wait to dive into „Godsgrave“ soon.

9.) Traitor’s Blade by Sebastien de Castell

20887238. sy475

„Pretend, just for a moment, that you have attained your most deep-seated desire. Not the simple, sensible one you tell your friends about, but the dream that’s so close to your heart that even as a child you hesitated to speak it out loud.“

This was one of the books my Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs blog meme brought to my attention. It was lost somewhere on my TBR and even though I couldn’t remember adding it, I’ve to admit that I’m really enjoying it right now. This first sentence definitely made me curious about the rest of the book and so far it’s been a fast and enjoyable read.

10.) Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi



„I’ve been locked up for 264 days. I have nothing but a small notebook and a broken pen and the numbers in my head to keep me company. 1 window. 4 walls. 144 square feet of space. 26 letters in an alphabet I haven’t spoken in 264 days of isolation.“

If this opening line doesn’t get your attention, then not many things will. XD It was this first sentence that caused me to start with the „Shatter Me“ series and I’ve been a huge fan ever since! Is there a lot of drama, hell YES there is! But I’m loving it and Tahereh Mafi’s writing style is amazing! (At least for me it is! I know there are a lot of readers out there that would beg to differ. *lol*)


What do you think about the opening lines I chose? Would you have continued to read the books? Did you read any of them and if yes, did you enjoy them? Were some of them able to pique your interest?

Talk to me and let me know! 😛



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The Liebster Award – Part I

Hey there, my lovelies!

Over the last 3 months I was nominated for „The Liebster Award“ by not only one or two, but by FOUR different bloggers and I kind of get the impression that you guys really, REALLY want me to do this tag! *lol* It’s just a feeling and I could be wrong, but if four different people decided they want me to do this I better follow your instructions and finally go for it, right?

So since I aim to please (us Gancanaghs always do 😛 ) I concluded that it would be best to make two parts in which I answer two of my nominations at a time. That way you won’t have to read a super long-ass blog post you already forgot when you reached the ending. (Which is probably the same way you feel after reading one of my long-ass reviews, but let’s not go there, alright? XD)

Anyway! Back on track and right to the official part:

liebster award


  1. Acknowledge the blog that gave it to you and display the award
  2. Answer 11 questions that the blogger gives you
  3. Give 11 random facts about yourself
  4. Nominate 11 blogs and notify them of their nomination
  5. Give these blogs 11 questions to answer

First things first! I’ve been nominated for „The Liebster Award“ by Miri @ The Book Dragoness, Elli @ AceReaderBeck @ Smellfoy Can ReadEmma @ A Few Chapters ‚til Love! You guys know that I love you, right? ❤ Thank you so much for the nomination! I feel very honored that you all thought of me and I’ll try my best to answer all of your interesting questions! Also to everyone who’s reading this right now: Those four girls are amazing and their blogs have awesome content! So if you don’t know them already you should definitely check out their blogs! 😉

I’m going to answer Miri and Elli’s questions first so here I go:


1. What are your blogging goals for the ’20s?

What a way to start your questions. *lol* You don’t make it easy, Miri! 😛 Pfff… that’s a tough one. I guess my main goal is just to do what I love and to write reviews and keep my blog going? XD Well, I suppose I also want to improve my blog and try out a few things. Like for instance my own tags, memes, etc. I also thought about probably posting a short video or maybe I’ll work on my layout and get even more creative. There are endless possibilities and I’m definitely going to explore them. 😉

2. What is your favorite (and least favorite) part of blogging?

You’re not letting me off the hook, huh? 😛 My favourite part of blogging is to put my ideas into practice. There are so many things I want to do and once I get the chance (and have the time) I really enjoy to write them down! Also it’s so good to be able to be creative and to interact with fellow book bloggers! 🙂 This community is really amazing and everyone is so welcoming! As for my least favorite part of blogging… Mhmm… I can’t think of anything. I just love my blog. ❤ I was born to blog. *lol*

3. Do you have any hobbies aside from reading? If so, let us know!

Way too many to list them all here, but I’ll just jump right into it. Here goes nothing! XD Dancing, listening to music (and to make it, even though I’ve to admit that I didn’t make music for quite a while – no time. T_T ), cooking, writing (role play posts, reviews & poetry), drawing, swimming, skiing, … I could go on and on. 😉

4. If you were accepted as a Hogwarts student, what class would you most be excited to take?

4*. Alternative: If you could visit a fictional land, where would it be?

Ahhh, Miri you’re killing me with those questions! *lol* I think DADA would be super interesting but I’m sure I’d also enjoy Potions (without Snape), Herbology and Flying. Hell, I think I’d love them all! Why do I have to chose? T_T

5. What book group cast would you want to be part of?

If it would have to be a real life book cast I’d be totally down for being a part of the „Red, White & Royal Blue“ cast! ❤ I loved that crew so much! If it would have to be a fantasy cast I’d be so down for being a part of „The Raven Boys“. I’m basically Ronan anyway so I’d fit in perfectly. 😛

6. Do you DNF books/series? Do you generally finish them?

I’ve never DNFd a book and even though I sometimes had to fight through it *cough* „The Death Cure“ *cough* „Genuine Fraud“ *cough cough* Boy, I’m sorry, must be my allergy. 😉 Where was I again. Oh yeah, even though I had to fight through some of the books I read I still always finish them. I feel an odd sense of responsibility to finish books I started because I believe that the author deserves it. Also I don’t want to write down my opinion if I don’t even know if the book was bad or good until the end so yeah, I always finish books before I write/speak about them.

7. What is the favorite blog post you’ve written?

Honest answer? I haven’t written it yet. I don’t think that any of them was good enough to be my favorite so I still aim to write that perfect blog post. Guess this is a good motivation for keeping my blog up and running, huh? XD

8. Go to the 77th page and the 7th line of your current read. What does it say?

„The same thing he always is. Delivering mail.“ Haha! Okay, that sounds so boring even though the book is amazing! (It’s from „A Darker Shade of Magic“)

9. What kind of day is the best day for reading for you?

It used to be rainy days but now it are windy days. I can’t go out when it’s too windy because my ears are very sensitive and this even when I wear a hoodie or hat. So I try to stay indoors when it’s too stormy outside and read. 😉

10. What is a book you loved as a child?

Ohhh, before I discovered Harry Potter I was such a huge fan of „Die Knickerbockerbande“. It’s a child series written by an Austrian author. If we’re talking about one single book then it would have been „The Little Witch“ by Otfried Preußler though. *lol*

11. What was the last time you couldn’t put down a book? What book was it?

Definitely „The Illuminae Files“! I lived and breathed with those characters and I was totally absorbed in the books. ❤ It’s rare for me to page through an entire series but Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff succeeded to glue me to the pages.


1. What book are you dying to get your hands on?

Ouch, that question hurts. *lol* I’ve been dying to get my hands on „The Silvered Serpents“ and I even made a NetGalley account to get it as an ARC. Unfortunately my request was declined because I’m from Europe… Tbh I’m still licking my wounds. T_T

2. If you could re-read any book for the first time, what would it be?

That’s a tough question, but I think it would be „The Song of Achilles“. I loved this book so much when I read it for the very first time and it made me not only happy but also sad. Madeline Miller’s writing style is just so beautiful, I basically kept weeping throughout the entire book. *lol* ❤

3. Your go to pizza order?

Pizza with all kinds of cheese, onions, ham and corn. Though I love to vary and have a preference for weird pizzas. Like I eat them with garlic and broccoli. *lol*

4. Your favourite book cover of 2020?

49202877. sy475

I just got an ARC from NetGalley and I’m in love with the cover! I love that it’s so unapologetic LGBTQ+ and then there’s the skyline of Toronto in the background as well! One of my favourite cities ever! ❤

5. Are you addicted to watching TikToks until 3am? (because same.)

I’ve to admit that I only discovered them recently, but yes, they are so much fun! XD (I can’t watch them until 3am though because my little one gets up at 4am atm. *silently dies*)

6. What’s your favourite character from your favourite series (book or show)

I have so many! Favourite series and characters I mean. As you all know I’m kind of in love with „The Raven Cycle“ though. So I’m Ronan Lynch and I’d die for Adam Parrish! Just saying. 😛 (Guess I just outed myself as queer af. *lol*)

7. Best food to eat when you’re drunk?

Pizza! When I was a teen I went out to dance quite often and every time when I danced I got hungry (I guess  too many drinks didn’t help either XD). So I’d take my friends and we’d head to that tiny pizza shop at „Schwedenplatz“. I swear nothing was better than that pizza! ❤

8. What are you favourite random book tropes/dynamics.

I’m such a sucker for the „enemies to lovers“ trope but I’ve to admit that I love „family dynamics“ in books too! Plus a decent best friends rep is making me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. 😉

9. Your favourite vines?

As in alcohol? I’m more the type for sweet vines so I like Porto, Lambrusco or Samos. If we’re talking about actual vines I like ivy (though it’s poisonous) and taro vine. (I have a green thumb, don’t aks. *lol*)

10. Do you bake/cook?

Yes, I do both! 🙂 At the moment I’m cooking more than I’m baking though. Now that I have so much time at home I can let out my inner gourmet chef once again and it’s actually kind of nice to have the time to cook and to eat in peace. I think my family is pretty grateful for my cooking skills as well. XD

11. What book do you recommend always and forever?

You mean which kind of books (plural) do I recommend always and forever? 😛 Because it always depend on the person’s preferences. You know what they say: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure and all that jazz. *lol* One of my personal favourites is „The Picture of Dorian Gray“ though.


(you’ll get the other 6 in Part II 😉 )

1.) I’m a Gryffindor with quite a few Slytherin traits so I guess even though I’m always sorted into Gryffindor I might be some sort of Gryfferin like Harry?! *lol* Funnily enough lots of people told me I remind them of Harry Potter so I guess that’s okay? *scratches head and shrugs*

2.) I only have about 60% of hearing on my right ear and a tinnitus on my left one. According to the docs the bad hearing is due to a birth defect and kind of caused the tinnitus when I scraped past a burnout. Funny times. 😉

3.) Whenever I develop an unhealthy obsession about a certain food product you can be sure that it won’t be available in future. Like I’d love those amazing steakhouse potato chips from Kelly’s and all of a sudden they’d discontinue it. The same goes for Billa Chai tea, Ölz blue berry muffins, etc. You name it! I swear somewhere out in this world there’s a person that tracks my eating habits and has a blast removing all my favourites from the supermarket shelves! *lol*

4.) I used to draw Mangas when I was a teen. It was mostly fanart but every now and then I actually came up with something original. Some people thought I was good but ehh… I don’t think so. >_<

5.) I’ve been told that I have a deep, pleasant and soothing voice and I have no idea why people seem to like it so much. Apparently I should be on the radio or become an audio book narrator. XD (fun fact: My company once asked me to record a text for their phone loop. I bet lots of people that had to wait until someone answered the phone might have started to hate my voice. Haha!) Anyway if you know how to start a carreer like that, let me know! It sounds like it might be fun! 😛


So, that’s it for now! 🙂 I hope you guys enjoyed my answers and random facts. In Part II I’ll answer Beck’s and Emma’s questions, add 6 more random facts, will give my own questions and I’ll make sure to tag 11 other people. And yep, I think it’s going to be an even longer blog post than this one. Sorry bout that! >_<

This said: Stay safe and healthy! ❤ (and if possible optimistic as well. XD)



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Totally Didn’t Book Tag

Hey there, my lovelies!

A while back Sahi @ My World of Books did this tag and I found it pretty interesting so I decided that I feel tagged and snatched it for my own blog! 😛 I think this might be kind of a challenge because the questions won’t be easy to answer, I still want to do it though. We all need a challenge every once in a while, right? And before I jump right in: If you don’t know Sahi’s blog already, take a look at it! She’s a great person and her blog has amazing content! 😀 This said, let the fun begin!

1. Totally didn’t need to have a sequel/sequels.

2. Totally didn’t need to have more than one point of view.


Now that’s a tough question. I usually love books with more POVs so I can’t think of a single book that should have only had one. I can think of one POV I definitely didn’t need though. Adam’s POV in the „Shatter Me“ series. I really dislike his character and I probably should have never read the Novella from his POV. *lol*

3. Totally didn’t need to change cover art through the middle of a series.

English  8835379  vs. German  6325285


I don’t know if that counts but I reread the „Precious Stone Trilogy“ a few weeks ago and this time around I went for the English version. I’ve to admit that I like the German version way better than the cover art of the English books.

4. Totally didn’t need a love triangle.


Haha! I’m so with Sahi when it comes to this answer! Yes, yes and once again yes! The love triangle in „The Hunger Games“ was totally pointless!

5. Totally didn’t need this book to be included in this series.


It’s been a while I read this series but I remember thinking that „City of Lost Souls“ was the weakest book in the entire series. The idea was good and some parts of it I actually enjoyed but at the same time I was kind of pissed that my HEA was destroyed and that everything started all over again.

6. Totally didn’t need a cliffhanger.

40165899. sy475

And once again I can only agree with Sahi. The ending of „War Storm“ frustrated the hell out of me too! I just wanted more than that! There were still so many open questions and I didn’t get any answers. Guess I’ll have to read „Broken Throne“ soon! Thanks for the tip! 😀

7. Totally didn’t need to have just one point of view.


This might be an unpopular opinion but I would have loved to see different POV in the ACOTAR series! I mean we see everything through Feyre’s eyes (okay a little bit from Rhys’s POV too) but since I love all those characters I would have enjoyed to know their thoughts! Especially Lucien’s! I need a Lucien Vanserra POV so badly I can’t even! *lol*

8. Totally didn’t need that much hype.


And here I go with another unpopular opinion, but seriously why did „Divergent“ get so much hype?! I loved the first book and it was amazing but boy did I hate what Veronica Roth did with the rest of the series. „Insurgent“ wasn’t as good as the first book and don’t even get me started on „Allegiant“. *sighs*

9. Totally didn’t need a relative book reference. (Eg, For example: Hunger Games fan would love Divergent.)

Okay, here comes the moment where I have to point out that Goodreads gives the weirdest recommendations and relative book references! I mean it recently told me I’d enjoy „American Psycho“ because I read Akairya (The Fractured Soul)! Just to explain this: „Akairya“ is a fantasy middle grade book and „American Psycho“ is… well it’s FREAKING „American Psycho“ that’s what it is!! *lol*

10. Totally didn’t deserve my time.


Oh gods, don’t even get me started! XD I guess the worst book that comes to mind is „Genuine Fraud“ though. It made absolutely no sense and it went exactly nowhere. I enjoyed „We Were Liars“ but „Genuine Fraud“ definitely wasn’t for me!


Since I kind of snatched this for my blog I’m not going to tag anyone! Feel free to do the tag if you want to though. =) Just make sure to link back to me so I can read your answers! What did you think about mine? Do you agree or do I actually have quite a lot of unpopular opinions? *lol*

Tell me and let me know! ;P 



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The Waffle Book Tag

Hey there, my lovelies!

I love waffles and my love for them is as old as my love for pancakes! *lol* I swear if I could, I’d eat them all the time. Unfortunately my mornings are always rather stressful and I don’t have any time to eat breakfast during the week. (At five in the morning all I can stomach is coffee so I suppose it’s my own fault for not eating anything solid until I’m at work.) >_< Still, when I’m on vacation I always make sure to eat breakfast and quite honestly that’s the best part of my holidays. 😛

breakfast GIF

Anyway let’s get back to that awesome waffle tag! A huge thanks goes to Miri @ The Book Dragoness for thinking of me and tagging me for this one! I love waffles and I’m pretty sure I’ll get very hungry while doing this. XD *drools* So lets head from the „drools“ right to the rules! 😉


  • Link back to the original creator, Kat @ Novels & Waffles
  • Feel free to use any of the waffle graphics in this post, just make sure to credit me (pretty pretty please with lots of maple syrup on top)
  • Tag as many people as you want (or don’t want) to. No pressure here, folks 🙂


waffle book tag belgian waffles

5297You probably can’t hear it anymore but I’ll always go with „The Picture of Dorian Gray“ here! *lol* I’ll never get tired of mentioning how awesome this book is! XD You might say it’s my first true love when it comes to classics and after reading it for about a hundred times, at least it feels like it, I always find some new aspect that makes me think about all the characters and their relationships. 😀 Highly recommended because Oscar knew his stuff! 😛


waffle book tag whole wheat waffles

Red, White & Royal BlueRed, White, and Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston! I can only agree with Miri here! This book gave me all the feels and it definitely was one of the best books I read in 2019. RWARB is everything I ever wanted and I wish our world would be as accepting as it was in here. This was such a wholesome story and it made me smile so much! ❤ Ahh and the ending, don’t even get me started about that awesome ending! I didn’t feel as content after reading a book for quite a while.


waffle book tag eggo waffles

22037424I’ll just rephrase Miri’s question here and ask: Is there anyone out there that didn’t think of HP first? *lol* If there is one series that fills me with nostalgia, then it’s Harry Potter! And haha quite honestly I feel really old when I see all those kids arguing about my fave characters. Sometimes it’s really strange to belong to that first HP generation that actually grew up with the books. Especially when you’re about 20 years older than the primary school kids that talk about it too. XD Okay, I feel old now. Ahh the nostalgia. 😛

waffle book tag chocolate waffles

26795341Simon Spier! This boy is sooo damn sweet I can’t even. ❤ He’s just so precious and he needs to be protected at all costs! There aren’t a lot of fictional characters like that out there but Simon is definitely one of them. If I’d have to think of another character that’s as sweet as him the only other one that comes to mind would be Lazlo Strange. 😀


waffle book tag blueberry waffles

35216509__SY475_I’LL NEVER GET OVER THAT ENDING!!! GAHHHH!!! This book made me feel super blue! Like seriously! I should have known when I picked it up and read the blurb, but being the optimist that I am I thought it couldn’t be that bad. Well, guess Adam Silvera proved me wrong. But then again what did I expect from an Adam Silvera book? I have yet to read one of his books that actually ends well. *lol* Oh boy, that would be a surprise. Haha!


waffle book tag waffle cone

25524728That’d be Illuminae! I never read anything like it before and I certainly never read anything like it after I finished this series. Alone the format of the book is so very different to everything I ever read and boy was the plot amazing! This was clearly one of my reading highlights of 2019. Even though I’ve to admit that you actually DO get strange stares from people if you read it in public. *lol* Apparently they assume you’re crazy when you read a book upside down. 😉


waffle book tag maple syrup

2292384__SY475_Pfff which one to choose? I read so many series I stuck with until the end. One of the longest is this one though and I’m still not at the ending. 😉 I’ve been reading the „Stephanie Plum Novels“ for years but I never get tired of it. Every time I need a good laugh I just read the next book and even though I’m already at the 15th book I’m still not done with it. Last time I checked it had 26 books but I think a 27th will be out this year. So lots of books I have to read! XD


waffle book tag waffle iron

I could say bookmarks but if I’m entirely honest I don’t need them. *lol* I mean I use them but I could easily remember the page on which I stopped reading. So when it comes down to it my favourite bookish accessory would be my small and colourful sticky notes. I need them to mark all those wonderful quotes and I’d be totally lost without them. The more amazing quotes the more sticky notes in my books. They actually look like a hedgehog sometimes. 😛

I tag:


This was a pretty cool tag! And yep, it made me hungry as hell! I need waffles with lots of maple syrup now so excuse me while I go and get some! 😛



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Book Tag: Who Am I?

Hey there, my lovelies!

I know I’m super late with this tag but it always takes me a little while until I’m able to get to my tags. So don’t worry if I still didn’t do yours, I’ll get to it… eventually. *lol* This said, let’s get right to the „Who am I?“ book tag! A huge thanks to Sabrina @ Notes From A Paper Plane Nomad who tagged me for this a few weeks ago! I’m sorry, I didn’t get to it sooner! XD Still, better late than never, right? *lol*

So without further ado, let the fun begin! 😛

1. If your life were a book genre, what would it be?

I think it would be Young Adult even though I’m already an adult. *lol* Does this make sense? It just feels like it would be YA because there are always obstacles and challenges I have to overcome. With the help of my family and my friends of course. So yep, definitely YA. XD (Also does anyone ever answer „thriller“ or „horror“ here? *lol*)

2. What villain from a book do you identify with the most?

Ohh that’s a tough one. I love villains in books because they are interesting characters but I don’t think I identify with them. Maybe Irial from Melissa Marr’s „Wicked Lovely“ series. He’s the King of the Dark Court faeries and he’s not a bad person. He just has to act the way he does because someone has to do the job. Which reminds me a little bit of Rhysand from ACOTAR. Irial was first though!! *lol* Gosh, I love Irial so much! ❤

3. What protagonist are you most similar to?

I guess I might be a weird mixture of Simon Speer from „Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda“ and Ronan Lynch from „The Raven Boys“. *lol* I know that’s kind of crazy but it is the way it is. *shrugs*

4. Which book did you connect with in the past that you no longer do?

Mhmm „Divergent“?! I loved the first book and was hooked right from the beginning but I didn’t enjoy the second book as much and the third one was kind of a disaster. xD So this series was disappointing for me and after the first book I couldn’t connect to the rest.

5. What recent book would you love to be a character in?

I’d love to be a character in „Red, White and Royal Blue“. Like OMG!! I’d sooo love being friends with the English/American crew! They are amazing! ❤ And of course I’d love to live in a world in which people are so accepting that they’d support love between an English Prince and the son of the American president. Like: Please give me this world!!! It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of! *lol*

6. What do your reading habits show off in your personality?

I adore books with great humour and easy banter and I think that reflects a huge part of my personality. But I’m also reading a lot of serious and sad books so that says quite something about me too. And haha I love LGBTQ+ books so yeah, kinda obvious what that means, right? *lol*

7. What book taught you something about yourself?

Harry Potter. I basically grew up with the series and read the first book when I was about 11 and the last one when I was 19. So HP taught me a lot of things about myself. I think in some way it moulded me and made me the person I am now. XD If anything the question should rather be: What didn’t Harry Potter teach me about myself? *lol*


This one was a lot of fun but also kinda tough. *lol*  I’m going to tag:

Isabelle @ Nine Tale Vixen

Elli @ AceReader

Anna @ My Bookish Dream

Hamad @ The Book Prescription

Lyn @ Nomadic Worlds

And anyone else who wants to do it! Feel free to link back to me! 😉

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Anything but Books (tag)

Hey there my lovelies!

I was tagged for this by Sha & Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews and I’m glad they thought of me. They have an amazing blog and I’m always honored when they decide to tag me. 😀 If you don’t know their site yet you really have to check it out! XD (I’ll never get tired of saying this. *lol*)


name a cartoon character that you love

I’m not really the cartoon kinda person but I always loved animes and I adore „Yuri on Ice“! I swear I watched this series about a thousand times and Victor and Yuri are the best thing ever! ❤

what is your favourite song right now?

Ohh that’s a tough one! I love music so to choose only one song is kinda cruel. XD It’s Christmas time though so I’ll go with a Christmas song here: „Shakin‘ Stevens – Merry Christmas Everyone“. I swear that song always causes me to dance Jive in my flat! *lol*

what could you do for hours (that isn’t reading)? 

Definitely blogging and writing. I swear I could sit in front of my computer and write for ages. It doesn’t matter if it are blog posts, roleplay posts, poems or reviews. I just love to write. 😀 I have so many thoughts and ideas I want to get down on paper but unfortunately I don’t have all too much time to do it. >_<

what is something you love to do that your followers would be surprised by?

Mhmm I dunno. Is there anything that would still surprise you? *lol* I think you all know that I’m a very musical person and that I love to bake and cook. I just spent an entire afternoon in my kitchen dancing to songs that played on the radio while I made Christmas cookies, but I don’t think that’s a surprise. XD

what is your favourite unnecessarily specific thing to learn about? 

Useless knowledge? *lol* I have a weakness for things like that. I mean who else knows that a little fly which was found in the Amazon rainforest was named after Arnold Schwarzenegger and is called: „Megapropodiphora arnoldi“? And did you know that Empress Elisabeth from Austria also known as Sissy had a tattoo? (For the curious among you: It was an anchor on her shoulder 😉 ) I could probably go on and on with this. I swear I have so much useless knowledge I could fill an entire book. Unfortunately a lot of people already did that so *lol* I’m not going to be a writer soon. XD

what is something unusual you know how to do?

Define unusual. Mhmm okay I think this is kinda unusual: I know how to fold a paper three times so that it fits perfectly into an envelope. Whenever my hubby needs to send a letter he comes to me and asks me to do it. By now I only use my visual judgment. *lol* Guess that’s what you get when you have to fold about a thousand letters for a bulk mailing. (Apparently my first job had it’s use after all. XD)

name something you’ve made in the last year (and show us if you can)

The aforementioned Christmas cookies and the birthday cake of my little one! *lol* And yes, I think I’ll induldge you with pictures. 😛 The quality of them is bad though because they were taken with my super old phone. Are you ready? Et voila:

20190617_055330   20191207_172553

what is your most recent personal project?

To be healthy again!! I’ve been ill so often this year and I’m really trying my best to strengthen my immune system. This definitely counts as a personal project. XD

tell us something you think about often (maybe while staring out of windows)

Okay this might get a little bit philosophical but I think a lot about the world we’re living in and how I am supposed to raise my child in it. I see the trend towards egoism and that a lot of people get what they want just because they are loud and assertive and I can’t help but wonder how my little one fits into it. I want her to be compassionate, honest and open-minded but I’m really afraid that those are characteristics that won’t get her far on the long run. How are you supposed to swim in the ocean of life if you’re the only one who cares for the feelings of others? Maybe my job caused me to be embittered but I see this world and its relentless and ugly parts every single day and it breaks my heart how little those who have everything care about the people that are not so fortunate. I can only speak for myself but my parents raised me to be a righteous and compassionate person and no matter how thankful I am for their education and their values I have to admit that I never had it easy. And *lol* damn this got really philosophical here! Sorry! >_<

give us something that’s your favourite, but make it oddly specific

Lying down on my sofa (after a long and cold day) with a good book when the little one is finally in bed and getting all sleepy while I read. So sleepy that my eyes close and I startle out of my sleep because the book fell on my nose. *lol*

say the first thing that pops into your head

I’m already done?


I tag:

Miri @ The Book Dragoness

Hamad @ The Book Prescription

Elli @ AceReader

Anna @ My Bookish Dream

readingtonic ( I don’t know if you do tags but if you do them I’d love to read your answers!)



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The Fall Bucket List Book Tag

Hey there, my lovelies!

Autumn is in full swing over here so I was very happy when I was tagged for this by the ever marvellous Miri @ The Book Dragoness! Thank you so much for thinking of me! ❤ If you don’t know Miri’s blog already you should definitely stop by and send her some love! XD She’s amazing and deserves all the attention!! XD This said: Let’s go for the tag!

The Rules

  • Link back to the original creator in your post.
  • Feel free to use any of my graphics in your post, or create your own!
  • Tag 7 other people at the end of your post, and let them know you’ve tagged them.



A book that is lighthearted


The first category and it’s already a tough one! *lol* I’m such a sucker for serious and sad books that rip out your heart and leave you empty and broken, so this is actually kind of a challenge for me. Mhmm… the only series I can come up with is Janet Evanovichs „Stephanie Plum“ series! XD I just love those books! Stephanie is basically a disaster on two legs and if that wouldn’t already be enough she’s having two hot love interests that make it very hard to choose! (Even for the reader!!!) Those books are a lot of fun and always make me laugh! And the antics of Grandma Mazur? They are epic!  Highly recommended if you want something light and funny! 😉



A book that has a lot of hype


Harry Potter! 😛 The hype is real! *lol* Especially in autumn! This series might be well known and the last book „The Deathly Hallows“ hit the stores in 2007 but the hype is still going! And honestly, fall is the perfect season to sit down with your HP book, drink some coffee and enjoy Hogwarts while it’s cold outside! No wonder I recently started to re-read the series again. ❤



A book that has fun friendships


I recently read „What If It’s Us“ and I absolutely adored the friendships in this book. Ben and Dylan were such amazing besties and I could relate to them so much. Plus I liked how realistic all those friendships were portrayed! They argued, they hugged, they laughed and they cried together. They had troubles dealing with each other after there developed relationships in their circles of friends and they had even more problems trying to navigate through the shipwrecks of breakups. But through all that they still stuck together and this was amazing! ❤ If you want to read my review you can do it here!



A book that warms your heart


Well, technically I could have also chosen this for the fun friendships but I think it fits even better in this category. „The Raven Boys“ is one of my comfort reads and no matter how often I read it, it always warms my heart! ❤ This series is just awesome and I love everything about it. From the characters to the plot, from the atmosphere to the friendships, from the magic to the quotes! Just everything! Best cozy read ever! 😛



A character who’s a talented chef


The only book that always comes to mind when I’m asked a question like this is „Heartless“. Catherine is an amazing chef and she makes the best and most delicious food ever! XD Aside from her I can’t think of any other book that would feature a talented chef though. Where are all the nice amateur chefs in books?



A book that made you jump for joy


I’m totally with Miri when it comes to this one! „Red, White & Royal Blue“ had me bouncing around my living room like a happy ferret! This book didn’t only make me happy but also gave me hope and it was perfection in every possible way! I loved how Alex and Henry fell in love, how their relationship developed, how intense they felt and how much they were willing to risk for a life together! But what I probably loved the most was the support they got and that this book was so diverse! ❤ Such a great read with a very important message! 😀


This tag was a lot of fun and reminded me of all those comfy autumn books I love to reread when the cold season starts once again! ❤

I tag:

Melanie @ TBR and BeyondMandy @ Book Princess ReviewsAshley @ Ashes Book & Bobs, Lisa @ I got lost in books, Evelyn @ Evelyn readsElaine @ Elaine Howlin – Literary BloggerAlexia @ Right Writing Words

As always I tried to tag different bloggers and as always you don’t have to do the tag if you don’t want to! 😉 It’s up to you!



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The Summer Bucket List Book Tag

Hey there, my lovelies!

It’s been ages I was tagged for this by Miri @ The Book Dragoness (okay, it was beginning of June but it still feels like it was half a lifetime ago. *lol*) and I finally got some time to do this tag! XD But hey, it’s still summer so I guess I shall be fine! 😉 Anyway, thank you for thinking of me, Miri! It was a lot of fun and I hope the people I tag will enjoy to do it too!

The Rules

  • Link back to the original creator in your post.
  • Feel free to use any of my graphics in your post, or create your own!
  • Tag 5 other people at the end of your post, and let them know you’ve tagged them.



I rarely read a book that felt so connected to the sea. I could almost feel the salt on my skin and I loved the island setting. Hell, I just loved everything about this book, but then again this is a Maggie Stiefvater book and we all know how much I love this woman! <333 She’s a master of complex characters and an amazing atmosphere.



I think I have to agree with Miri here! The romance between the Darkling and Alina turned pretty hot very fast. *lol* I loved them together and I shipped them very hard. XD They definitely had a rather dark and sexy chemistry but it was so good to read about them. <333 I really wish there would have been even more of that because they set the pages on fire. 😛


The first book I can think of is “The Odyssey” and if you haven’t been forced to read it yet, you definitely should give it a try! It might be an old classic but it’s worth to be read. Odysseus is a really intriguing character and his journey is captivating. 😀 You might even say it’s THE book that involves a journey. XD



I’m thinking kind of unconventional today so the first book that comes to mind when I think about stars is “A Court of Mist and Fury”. *lol* (Guess that says a lot about the way I think…) Anyway, ACOMAF is one of my favourite books and legit the best sequel I ever read. I love everything about this book and if you read ACOTAR already you should take this with you on the beach! “To the stars who listen— and the dreams that are answered.” *sobs*

Marathon Some Movies – A BOOK YOU COULDN’T PUT DOWN


That would be “Illuminae”. XD I swear when I started that book I had no idea what I was getting myself into but boy did I get glued to the pages! I was at the edge of my seat and always wanted to know what would happen next. If the format of the book wouldn’t be so unique I’d say it’s a “one more chapter” book but since it doesn’t even have chapters this isn’t appropriate. *lol* Let’s just say it’s a book you wolf down. 😉



I’d go for “Simon vs. The Homo Sapiens Agenda” here because let’s face it, this book is pure sugar for your battered nerves! It’s fluffy balm for your soul and I love it with all my heart! ❤ This sweet romance made me so happy that I’m once again grinning while I write this. Simon and Blue are two precious cinnamon rolls that need to be protected at all costs and they are A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E!!! ❤



“The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo” by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This book was unlike anything I read before and I loved the old Hollywood aura! This story is diverse, it’s human, it has a wonderful atmosphere, a complex and morally grey MC, amazing side characters, it has an awesome bi rep, a great friendship, it doesn’t shy away from addressing difficult issues and did I already mention that I loved it? *lol* If a book deserves to be called “a breath of fresh air” then it’s definitely “Evelyn Hugo”!



Every fantasy book ever written? *lol* I’m just kidding. XD I’ll make it difficult here and say “It Ends with Us” by Colleen Hoover. It’s no fantasy book but a contemporary romance (leave it to me to think of fantasy first and to choose a completely different genre in the end. *lol*) and I loved the MC for being so strong!! Lily is amazing and I felt so much love for her! The way she dealt with her obstacles was nothing but admirable and I genuinely hope that many people will read this book and draw strength from it. It’s certainly no light summer read but it’s so worth reading it!



I just have to think of “Heartless” by Marissa Meyer and I’m already drooling! Admittedly we’re talking about sweets here but boy, this book caused me to crave for Cupcakes, pies and cake! *lol* If you decide to give this book a try you better have something sweet in your immediate vicinity. ;P Be warned though, it doesn’t only feature delicious food but also a very delicious and sweet love interest! XD

Watch the Sunrise – A BOOK THAT INSPIRED YOU


I’m sure you can’t hear it anymore but “The Picture of Dorian Gray” by Oscar Wilde is a book that inspired me in so many different ways. ❤ It got me into complex and grey characters, it made me feel with the MCs, it caused me to question myself as well as my beliefs and it got me into writing. Believe it or not but whenever I write my characters I have Lord Henry, Basil and Dorian Gray in the back of my mind. I want people to feel with my characters, I want them to understand what moves them, I want them to laugh and to cry with them because I think if you achieve that, then you’re truly a great writer. =)


I tag: may @ my 1st chapter, Caidyn @ BW ReviewsKayla @ Books and BlendsMay @ Forever and EverlyMelanie @ Mel to the Any

And umm no, I wasn’t mainly going for names that start with an „M“. *lol* I only try to tag different bloggers whenever I do a tag. Well, except of Caidyn of course! Sorry, pal but you’ll be tagged for eternity. 😛

If you want to do the tag and I didn’t tag you, feel free to do it! I wouldn’t want to keep you from the summer fun! 😀



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The 20 Questions Book Tag // My Favorite Book, My Opinion On Cliffhangers, & More!

Hey there my lovelies!

Just when I thought: “Damn I’m running out of tags” my curse got heard and the lovely Brianna @ Brianna the Bookworm decided to tag me for this! *lol* So thank you! Not only for thinking of me but also for being able to read my thoughts! (Honestly, how did you do this? Are you psychic? *wriggles eyebrows*) Anyway…  I’m glad I was tagged for this and I’ll do my best to answer those questions! =) So here I go:

How many books are too many in a series?

That’s a tough first question. I guess it always depends on the author and the series. I mean there are 7 books of the “Throne of Glass” series and seven Harry Potter books and those series were amazing until the end. Then again I also read Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series (13 books) and P.C Cast’s and Kristin Cast’s House of Night series (12 books) and they slowly lost my interest after the 9th book. So haha I guess it’s safe to say that 8 books is the moment where my attention span goes AWOL. *lol*

How do you feel about cliff-hangers?

I love to hate them. ;-P They make everything so much more interesting, but I’m dying about a thousand deaths when I have to wait for the next book. That’s exactly the reason why I like to buy entire series. Sometimes it’s unavoidable to wait though. I mean Cassandra Clare makes it impossible to wait for an entire series; you always want to read the next book! XD

Hardback or paperback?

Paperback. My shelves are full of paperback books and when I have the choice I always choose them. I think I like them more because they aren’t so heavy and bulky. Unfortunately they aren’t as resistant as hardbacks though. >_<

Favorite book?


I hate that question. *lol* I mean which true bookworm only has one fave book? I have so many favorite books I could probably fill an entire library with them, but if I have to choose I’ll always say: “The Picture of Dorian Gray”. I don’t know how often I already read this book but I love it! ❤ I recently did a reread and if anything my love for it became even stronger.

Least favorite book?

And here comes the moment when I say: “The Catcher in the Rye” and everybody is going to be like: “WHAT? *facepalm* But it’s a classic!” Yes, it is, but I still don’t like it. I read it as a teen and hated it. I tried to read it as an adult but realized I just couldn’t do it. Haha! I just really, really dislike this book and Holden! I can’t help it! It’s the way it is! I know many people love it and that’s okay for me, but I’ll never become a fan. *shrugs*

Love Triangle… Yes or No?


YES!!! If it’s well written! I love and adore “The Infernal Devices” love triangle Tessa/Will & Jem! They are everything and they love each other so fiercely! Also I’m a huge fan of the Christina/Mark & Kieran ship as well. Okay, I guess it’s safe to say that I love Cassandra Clare love triangles. *lol* Oh, wait I also love the “Wicked Lovely” Irial/Niall & Leslie love triangle and that’s a Melissa Marr series. Mhmm… I might be a sucker for love triangles in general after all. Haha!

The most recent book you couldn’t finish?

I always finish the books I start so I can only mention the last book that made it really tough for me to finish it and that would be “Genuine Fraud” by E. Lockhart. This book didn’t make any sense and I’m still wondering what I read. I really liked “We Were Liars” so this was pretty disappointing.

A book you’re currently reading?


A Court of Thorns and Roses! It’s a reread and I’m enjoying it even more than I did the first time around. There is so much foreboding in this book and it was totally lost on me when I read it for the first time! And damn I love Lucien!!! ❤ I need more page time for him! He’s the best! ❤

The last book you recommended to someone?

Illuminae! To my brother-in-law! He’s a huge sci-fi fan and I thought he might enjoy it which he actually did. *lol* At first he was like: It’s okay but not all that staggering and when he hit the halfway mark he was like: Damn that’s really good! Thank you for recommending it to me! XD

Oldest book you’ve read (based on publication date)?

Does the Bible count? I mean it’s undeniable that it’s very old and I read it so I suppose it would be the oldest book I’ve read. I read “The Nibelungen Lied” too but that’s not as old as the Bible.

Newest book you’ve read (based on publication date)?

Sarah J. Maas

The last recently published book I read was “Kingdom of Ash”. I bought so many other new releases but I still didn’t manage to get to them. I really need to get my reading groove on, but the adult life is hard and doesn’t offer all too many opportunities to sneak in a few pages. *lol*

Favorite author?

There are way too many to choose just one but I’ll list my all-time favourites: Maggie Stiefvater, Cassandra Clare, Sarah J. Maas and Leigh Bardugo. 😉 The concentrated woman power in literature! ;-P

Buying books or borrowing them?

Both! I always borrow books from the library but I buy the ones I know I’ll reread again. My book shelves are full of books I reread multiple times and it makes me very happy to look at them. =)

A book you dislike that everyone else loves?


That rarely happens but I recently read “Children of Blood and Bone” and even though I enjoyed the book, I still don’t get the hype. I mean it was a good read but damn did I have many issues with the insta-love and other topics. XD Everyone raves about it and I was like: Yes, it’s great but there’s really a lot of room for improvement. *lol*

Bookmarks or dog-ears?

BOOKMARKS!!! I could never dog-ear a book! The poor book, it deserves to be treated with respect! I love my books and it always hurts to see torn pages or dog-ears. T_T

A book you can reread over and over?


My first answer would be “The Picture of Dorian Gray” because honestly, I never picked up a book as often as this one, but I also reread the “Captive Prince” series more often than I can count. So I guess it’s a tie. xD

Can you read while listening to music?

Can I breathe while reading a book? *lol* Of course I can! I always listen to music and I’m always moving, so yes, I can read while listening to music. When you see me on my way back home, sitting in a train I’ll always read a book and wear my headphones. 😉

Multiple POVs or one POV?

Now that you ask me I can’t remember a lot of books with just one POV. I tend to read multiple POVs because it makes everything so much more interesting and gives you a good impression of the different characters. I suppose it depends on the book and the message the author wants to convey. So in general I read both but I seem to have a tendency toward multiple POVs.

Do you read a book in one sitting or over multiple days on average?

I honestly can’t remember the last time I read a book in one sitting. *LOL* I think it must have been before I got my daughter. My little rascal always keeps me on my toes so I’m too busy to read a book in one sitting. It would be really nice to finish a book in one go though. Mhmm… maybe in like umm 15 years? When I start to get old and wrinkled. Haha!

Who do you tag?

I tag: Laura @ Laura Herondales’s Book BlogHamad @ The book prescriptionCaidyn @ BW ReviewsLisa @ I got lost in books and everyone else who wants to do this tag! XD