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September Wrap-Up & My 2nd Bloggiversary!

Wrap Up

What to say about September? Well, I’m kind of glad it’s over?! I think I might be repeating myself here but 2020 is the worst year ever and there are still 3 months left. Or only three months left? Let’s try to stay positive and say „only“. Yep, I think I can live with that. Anyway I’m kind of starting to feel like FitzChivalry or Rowan Damisch and the only thing that’s helping me right now is that they never gave up and sort of prevailed in the end. Sort of… let’s not think all too hard about that, okay? ;-P

So what else is new? My first month of working a couple of hours more was pretty okay I guess. I mean I noticed that I have less time for the nice things in life, but I can deal with it somehow. Or rather I can deal with it because by now there’s coffee running through my veins instead of blood? *lol* I think I’m not even kidding. ;-P I mean I’m either typing my reviews and blog posts at night (like this one at 23:00 p.m) or early in the morning. (at around 5:00 a.m) So if you do your maths you know when I sleep. (*pssst* The answer almost never. *lol*) I suppose insomnia does have its advantages after all. XD

But it wasn’t all rain this month though! There was some good news too! Both of my Give-Aways arrived savely at their destinations and as far as I could tell the winners were happy to get them! =) So there’s that! Plus: I had my second bloggiversary on September 28th and I can’t believe how far I’ve come in those last two years! ❤ It’s amazing and I really hope I’ll celebrate even more bloggiversaries with you! =)) And on this positive note I’ll just stop here and go right to my montly Wrap Up! 

Books read:(6 books &webcomic, I know 6 books is still a lot but September definitely wasn’t my best month this year)

Pages read:  2.298 (3 of those 6 books were actually pretty long! *lol*)

Average rating: 4,17 (One 5 stars book and it was amazing!! ❤ The rest wasn’t bad either as well. XD)

Books that were on my reading list:  1 (from 2019 and 0 from 2020. <_< I think I’ll just ignore this section. Just kidding. I’m currently reading at least 3 books that are on my 2020 list, but they are HUGE and I started too late!)

September Reads:

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38470248   44771022. sy475     43514655. sy475
A Charm of Finches: 5 Pfoten
I LOVED this book so much I couldn’t even put it into words. Of course I tried, but I think I failed miserably. XD Guess as long as Suanne doesn’t hold it against me that’s okay for me though. But seriously, if you haven’t discovered Suanne’s books already, you definitely should make sure to take a closer look! They are awesome, they are beautiful, her stories are unique and taken from life and there are so many thoughts that go into them that it’s just overwhelming! ❤ If you actually want to read my attempt at a proper review you can do it here!
Defy Me: 4 Pfoten
I don’t know if I like that series or if I don’t. I mean I loved the original trilogy! It will always hold a special place in my heart, but those last two books including „Defy Me“. I just don’t know. I think the series steered off course and right now nothing makes sense anymore. The characters are reacting to crazy happenings but that’s about all they do. I mean I love every second I’m able to spend with my favourite characters, yet at the same time I can’t help but wonder where this is heading. If you want to hear all of my confused thoughts you can read my full review here!
It’s been a while I read a fantasy book with so many different nations and creatures but it was a lot of fun to dive back into the fantasy fold. *lol* This was a review copy I got from the author in exchange for an honest review and it was a really great one indeed! I thought it would be more on the funny side and even though some parts of it were a lot of fun to read, it still tackled surprisingly serious topics. So this was totally unexpected and I kind of found myself paging through it. XD 
Catwoman: 4 Pfoten
We all know Maas can write! What I didn’t know up until I read this book was the fact that she can actually write convincing lesbian characters. I went into this expecting the typical Maas brand but what I got was so much more and this made me really happy! We have a lesbian MC, a bi MC, a super slow burn that doesn’t end in mind-blowing intimacy and I was like: OMG is this actually a Maas book?! „Catwoman“ was a real surprise and I hope Maas will continue to write books like this one! So damn good! =))
The Toll: 4 Pfoten
Neal Shusterman did something not many authors manage to do: He wrote a great ending to an amazing series! Sure, there were some things I didn’t like, but in general I’ve to say that he wrapped it up nicely with a bow. XD And even after two books he introduced us to new characters that were awesome and turned my world upside down! ❤ All I’ll say is Jerico Soberanis! She/he owns my heart!! As does Greyson! And Rowan and Citra and so many others. *lol* You get the idea. ;-P Legit one of the best series I ever read. 
I love Kenji’s POV and this short novella was once again such a pleasure to read. =) Plus I loved all the things that were confronted in this. Kenji isn’t just a funny character, he’s also a deep character with a lot of thoughts and feelings and an intelligent mind to sort through everything that happens. I can’t wait to see more of his POV in „Imagine Me“ and I really hope that things will make more sense in this last book! XD Please Tahereh turn this thing around! 


So how was your September? Are you ready to finish the chapter of 2020, too? Did you read a lot of books and are you looking forward to spooky October? Do you have any book recommendations for scaredy cats foxes like me? When do you usually write your blog posts and did you already celebrate your second bloggiversary?! And if yes: How? XD

Talk to me and let me know! 😉



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September Wrap-Up

Wrap Up

Remember when I said August was my worst reading month? Oh, well, scratch that! *lol* I think September was even worse. I might have read more books than in the month before, but two of them were only 38 and 112 pages long, so they were short stories instead of real books and it looks way more than it was. XD

Despite everything 3 of them were on on My Book List 2019 though and I’m happy to announce that I’m finally ticking off the books that are on my list! *lol* It only took me 9 months to get there but I think I can handle it now. Haha!

I guess it’s good that I stopped procrastinating and if I continue this way I might even be able to read at least 20 of those 40 books! Which truth be told, would already be some sort of achievement for me. *lol* Last year I was off way worse so I’m definitely improving! Well, by my standards at least. ;P

I don’t know if October will be even worse, but at least I’ll have a good reason to read less because if everything goes according to plan I’ll be at the Frankfurt Book Fair on October 19th!!! XD I’m so pumped and I can’t wait to go there. Maybe I’ll even dress up in a HP uniform because they have a huge Cosplay Event going as well. ❤ Ahh I’m so ready for this!!!

Anyway enough of my musings! Let’s move on to my statistic instead!

Books read: 6

Pages read:  1.775 (Urgh! 147 pages less than last month. I blame it all on Netflix, „Glee“ and „The Blacklist“. *lol*)

Average rating: 4,5 (I’m getting more picky again. XD)

Books that were on my reading list:  5 (2 from 2018 and 3 from 2019)

September Reads:

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Interview with the Vampire: 4 Pfoten

It was about time I finally picked this up and I’m so glad that I put it on My Book List 2019! If not I probably still wouldn’t have read it and this really would have been such a shame. I mean I watched the movie about a thousand times (Young Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise?! Just too delcious and yummy to resist! *lol*) Anyway, I really enjoyed to read IWTV and I was happy to get some background infos that were lost in the movie! If you’re interested in reading my full review you can do it: here!

Opal: 5 Pfoten

AKDFLASDFJSLKDFJASKDJAJ!!!! Do I even have to say more? *lol* It was sooo damn good to be back in Maggie’s world and I loved this short story so much! I’m basically Ronan Lynch and I love and adore Adam Parrish so yes, this was all sorts of amazing for me! ❤ It was really interesting to see them through Opal’s eyes and I love that little rascal to bits and pieces! XD Goodreads review

Wonder Woman – Warbringer: 4 Pfoten

This read like a movie and I really enjoyed it! The side-characters were amazing and I really would have liked to see this as a film adaptation. *lol* Unfortunately I saw the plot twist from miles away and I had the feeling that the MCs weren’t fleshed out enough. Despite all of this it was a quick and entertaining read though! So if you want to read all of my thoughts you can do it here!

The Color Purple: 4 Pfoten

An amazing classic that addressed a lot of touchy subjects. While I read the book I realized why it’s banned in some countries but if you ask me it’s a book that SHOULD be  read! Such an intriguing story about two sisters that live in two entirely different worlds, yet still continue to write each other throughout the course of many years.

A Court of Mist and Fury: 5 Pfoten

Do I even have to say that this was AWESOME!? *lol* This was a reread but I think I loved it even more the second time around. There are so many things I missed when I read it for the first time and my review is probably going to be super long. XD Chapter 54 though. *shakes head* No matter how old I become or how often I read ACOMAF this chapter will always get to me. ❤ *sobs*

Shadow Me: 5 Pfoten

Kenji Kishimoto is one of the best things ever and I’m so glad he finally got his own short story! This was everything I wanted it to be and I loved to get his POV! I always knew that deep down within him, he’s a very serious person, but boy, I had no idea how tough his life is. >_< This book made me want to give him a long, good hug and only caused me to love him even more! ❤ Want to read my thoughts? You can do it here!😛


How did you fare in September? Did you manage to read many books or did Netflix get in your way too? *lol* Which kind of books did you read and did you like them or not?! Are you going to the Frankfurt Book Fair as well? And if yes, will I see you there? XD

Talk to me and let me know!



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