Allgemein, Poetry

Faith in Humanity

There’s a weapon that’s stronger than steel,
It’s a dangerous thought that makes you feel.

It’s an idea that keeps you up at night,
It is something that you just can’t fight.

The fear, it lurks in all of us,
Causing us to lose our trust.
Turning us into strangers,
Showing us unknown dangers.

There’s no more constant motion,
No more waves in the ocean.
Life has become a smooth pond,
Once strong relationships an unsecured bond.

Minds are as empty as the streets they wander,
Every single action we ponder.

There will come a time after this,
A time when we realize what went amiss.
A time to rebuild and to learn from mistakes made,
A time when we leave the shade,
When our memories will eventually fade.

Let’s fight this weapon that’s stronger than steel,
Let’s keep those dangerous thoughts at bay and not make them real!
Let’s work on this fear that’s keeping us paralyzed,
Let’s bring a wave to the ocean and be energized!

Together we can make this future real,
Together we can live the ideal!
Let’s reach out a hand and show some trust,
Let us all adjust!

There’s nothing we can’t achieve,
As long as our hearts are open,
As long as we believe!

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry


I hate it to get up every day,
I hate it to waste the hours,
I hate it to run that way.

I hate it that I can’t write anymore,
That there’s an empty store
With no core.

I hate it that I trusted you,
I hate it that you made me love you.
I hate it that you made me cry,
That you even made me wish to die.

I hate it that there’s nothing inside of me,
I hate it that I’m still not free of thee.
I hate it that I’ve to heal that emptiness,
Hate it that you left me in all this fucking mess.

I hate it that I’m still thinking about you,
After all that endless pile of shit you made me go through.

I hate you for taking my muse away,
I hate you for making me sway on my way.

I hate it to be all alone,
I hate it when I see your number on my phone.
I hate it to see the picture that used to be on my wall,
I hate YOU,
Will never again wait for your call!

I hate it that I was nothing worth in your eyes,
That I believed all those stupid lies.

I hate so much about you,
So many things!
I hate it that we even talked about wedding rings!

I hate your dissimulation,
Even more,
I hate you for this humiliation.

I hate you for so many reasons…

But tell you what:
I hate myself for loving you all those years!
For trusting you and throwing away all of my fears!

What I truly hate the most,
Is ME,
That I loved you at all costs.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

The Forbidden Fruit

I see your desire,
It burns in your eyes,
Just like fire.

You caress my cheek
And even by this simple gesture,
My knees get weak.
Turning away,
I try not to sway.

We shouldn’t be doing this,
I was his,
For so long,
Now it feels wrong.

Avoiding your gaze,
I try to blink away
The haze.
I want you so bad,
Thousands of thoughts
Swimming in my head.

As I want to leave,
You grab my arm,
I almost let out
A sigh of relief.

Your fingers under my chin,
You force yourself in.
Can’t hide the longing
In my eyes,
You see past the disguise.

Knowledge is spreading on your features,
How could I be so treacherous?
Exposing myself to your sins,
We’re still in our skins.

No matter how much we want it,
I can’t risk you to get hit.
Closing my eyes
I feel your fingers in my hair,
This isn’t fair!

A smile forms on your face,
The one that makes
My heart race.
I can’t give in,
We can’t let our emotions win!

I try to run away,
But you make me stay.
Gently forcing me
Against the wall,
All my senses fall.

As you close the distance
Between our lips,
I can feel your hands
On my hips.

Passionately we kiss
For this moment,
I’m no longer his.

All the time
We avoided being close,
The craving rose.

Drowning in this
Consuming fire,
We’re beyond
Good and bad,
Most certainly we’re mad.

Following the light
We stopped to fight.
I taste the ashes on your lips,
Burning my fingertips.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

As Safe As Houses

How many tears will I have to cry?
How often will I wonder why?
How much heartache will I feel?
How often will I wish him to be real?
How long will it take,
Until I break?

How much am I able to survive?
How much time will it take of my life?
How many obstacles will we have to overcome?
How often will I have to run?

How long will I have to fight?
How often will I wonder if this is right?
How much bitterness will gnaw on my heart?
How long will it take until I find my other part?
How many lonely nights in my bed,
Until I’m finally going mad?
How many years will I have to wait,
Until I meet him at the gate?

How often will I yield to despair?
How long will we dare to care?
How much solitude are we able to accept,
Until we amortize our debt?

How often will I be worried sick?
How often will this situation get on my wick?
How long,
Could this list go on?

All those questions,
No reply.
It’s obvious why.

There’s one question I can answer for sure:

How long will I be able to endure,
This pain,
This vain endeavour?

As long as our love seems to be true and pure,
As long as our hearts seem to feel real,

That’s the deal!

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

World Affairs

So many questions on my mind,
Why are all those people blind?

How come there’s so much rain?
Where is all the grain?

Why are so many people alone?
How come they don’t find a home?

Why is helping never enough?
Because the times are rough?

Why do they cry?
Why are we too shy?

Why is there so much pain on earth?
How much is all this worth?

Who was the first one to start a war?
Who is forcing women to be a whore?

Why is there so much anger?
What’s so bad about being a ganger?

Why do so many people die?
Who says the afterlife is a lie?

Why do some parents abuse their child?
How come people are like animals: wild!

Where did the feeling „sympathy“ go?
Since when does the word „tolerance“ always ends in a row?

When did trust become extinct?
Why is everybody’s heart black and inked?

When did greed become a virtue?
When did they stop to listen, claiming they heard you?

I’ve no answer to all of this,
but I know what I miss!

For you it is a simple word.
For me it’s everything that should be heard!

Through all this madness and despair
It’s love that has to dare,
to question everything in life


it has to thrive!!!

© Virginia Stone


Allgemein, Poetry

Force Of Nature

I’m the spark that lights the fire,
I’m the flame that burns too bright,
I’m the one that pushes you higher,
I’m the one that illuminates the night.

I’m the storm that brings the rain,
I’m the lightning that ignites the dark.
I’m the one that soothes your pain,
I’m the one that is your mark.

I’m the phoenix on his descend,
I’m the ash that fertilises your land.
I’m the one that holds your hand,
I’m the one that can amend.

I’m the wave crashing on your shore,
I’m the wind that seeks for more.
I’m the one that breaches your core,
I’m the one that tells the lore.

I’m everything you’ll ever need,
I’ll sate your hunger,
I’ll feed your greed.

I’ll be your monger,
I’ll be your thief,
I’ll be everything you wish for,
I’ll never leave.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

Never going too far

To see you every day
and not to be able to tell the truth,
makes me cry inside.
There’s something,
but I don’t know if this feeling is true.
Am I really falling for you?

You seem not to notice what you’re doing to me.
Will I ever be free?

Your gaze makes me shiver,
your words make me weak.
I could watch you forever,
your gestures, your smile
but I still wouldn’t know
if I want you to be mine.

It’s driving me mad,
I can’t even think clear,
want you to get out of my head,
but still want you to be near.

I’d tremble if you’d touch my lips,
I’d fall for you,
I can tell you this.

Sweet longing is what keeps me up all night,
you’re more than just out of sight.
The truth is,
I’m never going to tell how adorable you are.
I’ll keep it as a secret,
will never go too far.


© Virginia Stone
Allgemein, Poetry

Foreign Me

Everything is changing,
Nothing is like it was before,
Wind closes a window
And opens another door.

I’m no longer
The person,
I used to be.
More than ever,
I’m longing
To be me.

So much fake,
So much fate,
So many miles,
It was some long path to take.

People say:
Change is good.
But for me
It’s just one big wood.

I’m following the way,
Steadily walking towards this sunray.
Can’t stop in my tracks,
Branch beneath my feet cracks.

It just happens
This progress.
It’s a mess.

Mirror reflection in the water,
I’m no longer my mother’s daughter.
So alien I’ve become,
My features so different,
I want to run!

This labyrinth is consuming me,
Can’t find my way out,
There’s just another tree.

All those years,
What did they do to me?
I’m blind,
Can’t see.
Some voice is screaming: flee!

Mist is all around,
Knees on the wet ground.
What I’m searching,
It can’t be found.

I’m seeking,
The person I used to be.
My young and innocent me.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

In Bad Faith

They set their eyes on me,
Their gaze so gleefully.

They had been waiting,
For someone like me to come,
I guess I should have better run.

For one moment,
I didn’t pay attention.
I just turned around…
Do I have to mention?
I was already facing the ground.

They were about four or three,
I tried desperately to pull myself free,
I knew they wouldn’t give up on me.

The first punch hit my nose,
Blood running as red as a rose.
The second hit my ribs,
I tried to get up on my fingertips.

I blinked away my tears.
Never show them your fears.
Be strong,
In order to live on.

I … was taught to
I couldn’t do.

I was lying on the floor,
They punched me,
Hit me against a door.

When my entire body was sore.
I passed out.
Couldn’t… take it anymore.

I was left
To die on the ground.
I was found.
I… was… found.

They set their eyes on me,
Their gaze so gleefully.

I know,
It wasn’t about me
It was only…

About my ethnicity.


© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

The End

This is how it used to be,
The way things are meant…
Looking at a broken tree.
Was only searching for love,
Found thee.
For a while I got so much more,
Now I’m hollow
To my deepest core.

Where’s the reason to go on?
What are the lines for
My once perfect song?
All the footsteps are washed away,
Searching for them,
Can’t manage to find my way.

So many years spent alone.
Countless hours on an empty throne.
Lost my crown,
All on my own.
Died with every breath I took,
Take one last final look.
Time to close the pages
Of this empty book.

Where’s the reason to go on?
What are the lines for
My once perfect song?
All the footsteps are washed away,
Searching for them,
Can’t manage to find my way.

Turn around.

© Virginia Stone