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I hate it to get up every day,
I hate it to waste the hours,
I hate it to run that way.

I hate it that I can’t write anymore,
That there’s an empty store
With no core.

I hate it that I trusted you,
I hate it that you made me love you.
I hate it that you made me cry,
That you even made me wish to die.

I hate it that there’s nothing inside of me,
I hate it that I’m still not free of thee.
I hate it that I’ve to heal that emptiness,
Hate it that you left me in all this fucking mess.

I hate it that I’m still thinking about you,
After all that endless pile of shit you made me go through.

I hate you for taking my muse away,
I hate you for making me sway on my way.

I hate it to be all alone,
I hate it when I see your number on my phone.
I hate it to see the picture that used to be on my wall,
I hate YOU,
Will never again wait for your call!

I hate it that I was nothing worth in your eyes,
That I believed all those stupid lies.

I hate so much about you,
So many things!
I hate it that we even talked about wedding rings!

I hate your dissimulation,
Even more,
I hate you for this humiliation.

I hate you for so many reasons…

But tell you what:
I hate myself for loving you all those years!
For trusting you and throwing away all of my fears!

What I truly hate the most,
Is ME,
That I loved you at all costs.

© Virginia Stone


The mean c-word or how a virus has gripped the world

Hey there my lovelies,

as a book blogger I usually write about fun topics like books. Every now and then I get personal and share some poetry with you as well or write about things that are important to me.

Today, well today I’m going to make an exception and I’m going to write about the conditions in Austria ever since the Corona virus hit us. I know some of you might sigh now or be tired of this topic, but I feel like I need to write about it because it became such a huge part of our everyday life.

I’m aware that plenty of people write about it, the media is full of it and lots of people don’t want to hear the bad “c-word” anymore. What usually gets lost in the media is how other countries are affected and what happens over there. I can only speak for Austria but ever since things got serious in my country we barely got any news from others. We’re so busy with our own problems we can’t keep track of those of other countries as well.

I’m no journalist, I’m no person of influence, but I’m a normal Austrian citizen who lives here and sees what is happening. On Monday (March 9th) it were about 104 Corona cases in my country, today – Saturday the 14th we’re already at 655 and the number is still increasing. It’s spreading rapidly and because of this our government decided to take stronger measures.

From Monday on all shops that aren’t vital will close. That includes hair dressers, clothes shops, mobile phone shops, children’s toy shops, book stores (of course that one makes me super sad. >_<) shoe shops, etc. I’m sure you get the idea.

Grocery stores, pharmacies, drugstores and other shops or institutions (e.g. hospitals) that are vital will be open though. Restaurants will close at 3 p.m.!

I think I don’t even have to mention that libraries and other public places aren’t open any longer as well.

The borders to Italy, Luxembourg, the Swiss and to some of our other neighbouring countries are closed. As will be our schools, universities and kindergartens. Which basically means my kid will be at home with me for four weeks but I’ll still have to work somehow. (Home office is a real thing now. XD)

I know at first glance this might not sound all too bad, but our lives, the way we led them for years, well nothing will be the same for quite a while now. Especially our social life! Corona has a huge impact on everybody’s lives and we Austrian’s are trying to deal with it as best as we can.

So what happened now? Some people over here decided for hoarding and our grocery stores are empty. Yesterday I didn’t even get milk or butter, let alone pasta or toast. It was crazy! The government and the media are trying their best to contain a mass panic but what I’m seeing in the stores (people arguing over who gets the last loaf of bread or toilet paper) is really alarming. Yesterday they had to close a grocery shop because people started to fight. I didn’t read this in the news… I heard it from a friend who happened to be there at the time.

I probably could go on and on with other stories and things that are happening but I’ll keep it at that. I don’t want to unsettle you, I don’t want you to be afraid, what I want to do is to tell you how things are over here and which kind of consequences we face. Because if the virus is in your country you might have to face the same issues as well. Or you’re probably facing them already.

What I want to accomplish with this blog post is the following:

I want you to be safe; I want you to be healthy. I want you to be informed and to take care. I want you to listen to your governments and to take their warnings seriously. I want you to be compassionate and considerate. I want you to be aware that elderly people belong to the risk group and therefore need to be protected from exposure. (e.g. don’t let your parents take care of your children. Kids have a pretty easy course of disease and what might seem like a little cold could turn out to be Corona and be deadly for elderly people)

I don’t want to tell you about safety measures because I’m sure you read or heard about them already. I just want you to take care of yourself and each other. I think that’s the most important thing. Don’t panic, stay calm and follow the instructions of your governments. They take those drastic measures for a reason and it’s important to go along with them.

So for now all that’s left to say is: Stay safe, wash your hands and be considerate and kind. No matter where you are, we will get through this. Together! To panic won’t help anyone but if we help each other we’ll be able to get through this. Take things seriously but don’t lose your head! Stay calm and composed. That’s all I ask of you!

I love you guys and I’m sending you lots of virtual hugs and kisses! ❤

Take care!


P.S: My family and I are doing okay and we’re all still healthy! Let’s hope it will stay that way. 🙂

P.P.S: The first thing I’m going to do when this is all over is to give my parents, my bestie and the rest of my family one big hug! ❤ I’ll miss them like crazy and phones can’t hug you. *lol*

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Your Questions – My Answers ;-P (Part II)

Hey there, my lovelies! ❤

In one of my last blog posts I celebrated 200 followers and invited you to ask me some personal questions. As it seems you guys are pretty shy. *lol* Well, at least there weren’t any scandalous questions coming my way so I had no trouble answering them properly. 😛 (For once I didn’t have to use my silver-tongued faerie skills to blur the truth. Haha!)

Anyway! I really liked your questions and it was a lot of fun to answer them so thank you for making this interesting! XD I hope my answers will satisfy your curiosity and if not, just ask me an additional question in the comments. 😉

This said, let’s head directly to your interesting questions! =)


Hamad @ The Book Prescription

What is your reading routine?

Trying to get as many pages into my day as possible? *lol* Just kidding! Or not. XD Well, mostly I read about 4 – 5 different books and I vary between them. Like I’ll read a book when I drive to work (I’m a commuter and it takes 1 1/2 hours to get to my job), another one when I head back from work and a third one when I finally collapse on my sofa at night. And yes, everyone who knows their maths must have figured that this were only three books, so here comes the explanation: Different days, different books! 😉 Ever since I became a part of goodreads I also began to use those little post-its in order to mark all those awesome quotes. And yes, sometimes my physical copies look like a little hedgehog! *lol*

Geanie @ The Library Lady Travels

How did you come up with such a great name for your blog?

Ohh I absolutely love that one! ❤ There actually went a lot of thought into it. XD I always loved libraries and they are some sort of sanctuary for me. Whenever I felt sad or lonely, I’d escape into the nearest library and would get lost in those endless rows of books. Even now I feel at home there. So once when I was there with my bestie she said she’d go into another section while I skimmed the English bookshelves. She was like: „You know where to find me?“ And I answered: „Of course! I practically live here and kinda have a registration form.“ *lol* So I knew that there had to be „library“ in my name. 😛 As for the sassy and fox part. Well, everyone who knows me in real life knows that I’m sassy as hell. So that was kind of a no-brainer. Haha! *shrugs* Regarding the „fox“ there went quite some thought into it as well. It’s not only my spirit animal but I also share quite some character traits with it. *lol* Plus according to Chinese and Japanese mythology foxes are some sort of shape shifters that can change into any form. Which fits my nature more than just well. And if I’d try to explain this statement my answer would turn into an essay so I better leave it at that. 😛 (I’m being deliberately cryptic here. XD)

Kaya @ A Fictional Bookworm

What is the number one thing you’d recommend doing (or not doing!) for a new blogger?

Just do your thing! And I mean it! When I started with my blog I had that idea of a fox themed site and I stuck by it. It was difficult to get my blog running because I had no idea what to expect or where to start. The important thing is that I WANTED it to work out though. So I started to draw my fox and my paws, made some pictures etc. As long as you have an idea and are willing to make it real everything is possible. Plus try to connect with other bloggers! It helped me so much to get tips from them! (I’ll always be thankful for the mention of Canva!!!) I think once you have something unique and manage to turn your idea into a blog, your baby is going to take off no matter what. 😉 As for the „not doing“ part: Don’t be a hermit. *lol* The blogger community is awesome and it’s fun to make new friends!


Alexandra Elend Wolf

What’s the biggest difference between reviewing books on GR and your blog?
I think the main difference is that I post more reviews on Goodreads. There’s a review for every book I read on there, even if it’s a very short one. On my blog I don’t post as many reviews and not as often, mostly because I write about other things on here too. For instance I do tags and write either personal posts or poetry. Goodreads is all about reviews, my blog is about my personal life and character too. 😉 So basically you could say not every review I write on goodreads makes its way on my blog. Only the good and the exceptionally long ones! *lol* Because lets face it: I actually DO write super long reviews and the word limit on goodreads makes it impossible to write down all of my feelings and thoughts. So I’d write a short version on goodreads and post the „extended version“ on here. 😉


Are you studying or working? If you are studying, you are a college or a university student? If you are working, what is your job?

I’m working and I’ve been working for the last 11 years or so. *lol* (Exception were the 2 1/2 years parental leave) I wish I’d still be a university student! Haha! Life was way easier back then. XD So to answer your question: I went to uni but only for about two terms. After I graduated I began to study psychology, history and international affairs, but unfortunately I realized that I just didn’t want to study any more and therefore started to look for a job. I guess I could have become a chef because I have a diploma but I decided to become an assistant instead. So that’s exactly what I’m doing right now: I work as an assistant at an NGO. 😉


This was a lot of fun! Thank you for asking me those questions! =) I hope my answers were insightful and interesting to read!



The Sassy Library Fox


My Stolen Voice – I never thought I’d have to deal with plagiarism T_T

Hey there my lovelies,

I know I don’t write personal blog posts all too often but this Monday something happened to me and the more I think about it the more it feels like I’ve to write it off my chest. I’ve always been someone who needs to write about things in order to process them and this really hit me hard so please bear with me when this gets a little bit more personal than my usual blog posts.

You probably already wondered what the title of my post means and to put it bluntly and right out there: Someone stole my voice! I’m sure you’ve a question mark over your head now and I’ll try my best to explain.

So here it comes: When I logged into my goodreads account on Monday a good friend of mine wrote me that someone stole my reviews and posted them on their own profile, claiming it was their own work. He even sent me a link to the profile and told me that he already informed the admins to take off the user’s profile. My first reaction was bewilderment and I followed the link seeing MY reviews on another person’s profile!

She even had the audacity to use my book updates, copying them word for word. Down to the *lol* and winking smiley!!! I can’t even express how I felt in that moment. Suffice it to say that my face fell and that I was at least as shocked about it as I was fuming! How dare that person to steal my words, my thoughts, my ideas, the very essence of my personality! How dare she to pose as me?!?!

I swear I’m blinking back tears writing this now, because this is not okay, this is wrong on so many levels that I can’t even… well I can’t even! I feel exactly like I felt when they stole my bike at the train station a couple of years ago. I left it in the morning and when I came back in the afternoon it was gone. I cared for that bike. It was the first one I ever bought for myself, the others I had were always second hand and this was the first bicycle that was new. I bought a bell for it, I chose a basket, I made it mine! And then it was gone, taken from me by someone else who used it like it belonged to them. Like it had been them who made it what it is.

I felt so sad, powerless and helpless! I was angry, frustrated, furious and disappointed. I felt violated and humiliated and I’m feeling all those emotions right now. Only that this time around it wasn’t just my bike, it was my soul, my heart, everything that makes me “me” that was stolen and abused. Some might say that I’m overreacting that it’s not a big deal, but for me it is.

I am a person that writes reviews because books make me feel something, because they mean something to me, because I find myself in them, because I love them or hate them and because I need to get all those different emotions off my chest. I love to write, I love to get those thoughts on paper and writing is so damn important to me that it just hurts to know how easily someone was able to take away my words. 😥 I’m pretty sure that person can’t even fathom what she did to me when she copied my reviews. For her it were probably just a few clicks, for me it were hours of reading the book, hours of choosing and writing down the quotes, of pouring my thoughts into a suitable mould that reflects my personal feelings and ideas…I work hard for my reviews! They don’t just happen! >_<

So what did I do and where does this leave me?

Well, I obviously wrote to the admins of goodreads and flagged the profile of the person before I wrote an update about it. And here comes the moment where I thank all my amazing friends and followers because, boy, do I LOVE you guys! You were amazing, your words meant so much to me and they cheered me up immensely! It’s good to know that I have your support and that you don’t only appreciate my reviews but also me as a person! <333 I feel so loved and I’m grateful for all your kind comments and words! Just to know that there are people out there that felt with me and tried to console me meant so much to me! ❤ You guys are just the best! XD

So yeah, as it seems the person who stole my reviews read my update too and she actually wrote me a message and apologized for it. I know some of my friends asked me to send them the link to the person’s profile so they could flag it too, but I didn’t because despite everything she did to me, it still felt right to protect her privacy. I know I’m probably a fool for trying to protect her from a witch hunt but I know how ugly such things can get over the internet and I think there was already enough harm done. Yes, I’m aware that she didn’t give me the same courtesy when she stole my work and violated that very privacy, but I like to think that everyone deserves a second chance. I can only hope that she learned her lesson and won’t ever do such a thing again. Well, at least she deleted the profile including all those stolen reviews so there’s that. >_<

Still, this experience kind of leaves me distraught and agitated, because there’s always the thought that it might happen again. 😦


What do you think? Did something like that ever happen to you and if yes, how did you deal with it? Will this strong feeling of betrayal ever leave me? Do you think I’m a fool for trying to protect her after all this?

Share your thoughts with me and let me know! I value your opinion and I’d be happy to get some input.



The Sassy Library Fox


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100 followers celebration post

Hey there my lovelies! ❤

I just got my 100th follower and I’m EXCITED AS HELL!!! AHHHHHH!!! I can’t even! That has been my goal until the end of 2019 and we still have January so I’m kind of flipping out here. *lol* In a very good way of course! 😉 If it continues like that my book raffle when I hit 150 followers will be soon. XD

Anyway since I hit the 100 followers mark (that sounds so nice, doesn’t it? *lol*) I decided to give you some sort of a treat. I didn’t do a book tag for quite a while now and I just resolved that this would be a nice opportunity to give you a chance to ask me some questions. With book tags you always have predetermined questions you have to answer, but this time around it will be your questions I’ll answer. 😉 There’s only so much you can write down in your “About Me” section and I’m pretty sure you might have very interesting and creative questions for me. =)

So whatever you want to ask me: I’m here and will answer your questions honestly and truthfully in my next blog post.

(Well as honest and truthful as a cunning and silver tongued faerie like me can be. ;-P)

Whoopsie. Were you even able to read that small print? *lol*

Never mind! Ask me about my favourite colour, book, character, ice cream or whatever else you can think of! I promise I won’t bite. (Okay, maybe just a little. XD) This is your chance to fill in some blank spots or to get rid of some of your question marks.

Choose wisely and fire away! ;-P


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Achievements of 2018

Now that the old year is coming to an end many of you decided to write down their goals for 2019 and I probably should do that too. Well, I’m sure sooner or later I’ll actually do it, but today I don’t want to look into the future. Today I’m going to take a closer look at my past. Even more precisely a closer look at my year 2018, because we shouldn’t only look forward to the next year but also always celebrate what we achieved in the last one. 😉

There happened so many things in 2018 and even though it was a tough year in so many different ways, it was also an amazing one. I suppose you could say there are always two sides of a coin and there was at least as much happiness as sadness. Being the incorrigible optimist that I am, I rather tend to acknowledge the good things though. ;-P

So I’m going to talk about the awesome achievements of my 2018 and the many good things that happened to me. =)

– I made many awesome and good friends this year, some of them became really close friends for a while, some of them stayed, others moved on, but no matter how long they were a part of my life they influenced me immensely. I like to think that everything happens for a reason and there were people that had a huge impact on me and my life. It doesn’t matter if I lost some of those close friends again, because regardless of how things turned out in the end, they were a part of my life and I’ll always be thankful for that. Their friendship didn’t only make me stronger and a better person, but also enabled me to accept myself the way I am. And in the end, the memories and the happiness, no matter how short-lived, will always be worth it. <333

– I finally dared to start my own blog at the end of September and I’m so glad I decided to take this huge step. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but looking at it in retrospective I can still say that I don’t regret anything! My blog has become my second baby (my real one will always come first though. ;-P)  and it makes me so happy to see how it’s growing. I had the goal to get 50 followers until the end of the year and by now it are even 72 and I’m so damn grateful for this, I can’t even!! <333 *excuse me while I cry an eight sea* T_T

– Which brings me directly to my next point: The amazing people I got to know through goodreads! I became friends with a lot of awesome authors and I was lucky enough to be able to read some of their books! I think I’ll never get used to that and maybe that’s even good the way it is. =) After all it’s always important to acknowledge the luck you have! ;-P

– I actually managed to read three new releases and considering the fact that I still have to catch up on so many old series (hey, there “A Darker Shade of Magic” and “Nevernight”) this is really a big achievement for me! *lol*

– I continued to write. Whether it was poetry, role-play posts, letters, reviews or personal thoughts I just kept writing and I’m so glad I did!!! To write is a huge part of my life and it always helps me to think things through. You might say I need it in order to continue to breathe and you certainly wouldn’t be wrong with this assumption. I realized that I just need to write and I promised myself that I’ll never stop. No matter how stressful my life is going to become next year, I’ll try my best to keep on writing and I hope people will continue to appreciate what I write. (Well, at least the thoughts that I share. XD)

– I was able to spend a lot of time with my family and even though we’re a rather loud and chaotic bunch, we still love each other to bits and pieces. ❤ Now that I have my own family I’m beginning to appreciate everything my parents did for me and I have to give them kudos for raising me the way they did. No parent is perfect, we all make mistakes, but we learn, we adapt, we grow with our children, we give them all our love and we try to raise them as good as we can. (I’m getting sappy again, aren’t I?) But it’s the truth and it has to be acknowledged. 😉

– Also, I finally read 100 books!!! I’ve been working on this goal for years now and I can’t believe I actually did it this time around! To reach that goal means so much to me because I’ll go back to work at the beginning of next year and I tried to read as many books as possible before I do. I don’t know if I’ll have less time to read (rather likely) or if I’ll get even more reading done because my way to work is quite long, but I’m planning for the worst case scenario (only being able to read a few pages a day *gasp*) and therefore will forever be grateful that I managed to read those 100 books. =)))

– I spent hours at the main library of Vienna and I don’t regret anything. I mean, by now I could be registered as a resident in there and it would be no surprise to anyone. *lol* Plus I also managed to have a babysitter and was able to go to the cinema again! Oh, how I love my movies and nachos! I swear when it comes to that I’m like Gollum: “We loves our precious nachos!!” ❤

– And last but not least I want to thank YOU! I know this doesn’t count as one of my achievements, but I still wanted to mention it in this blog post. If it wouldn’t be for you guys I would have never even started my own blog. Ever since I joined goodreads and wordpress there has been nothing but kindness and encouragement coming my way. So many of you commented and told me they like my reviews, even more of you started to discuss books with me or decided to buddy read entire series. I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for this! For all of you! Because without your constant support and your comments and likes I would have never even gotten to where I am right now. You made this blog possible, you encouraged me to continue to write and you helped me so much you have no idea!! <333

A big thanks to the wonderful book community and all the amazing individuals that make it such a lovely place!! YOU. ARE. ALL. MADE. OF. AWESOMESAUCE!!! Don’t let anyone tell you differently!!! XD

I better stop now before I cry another river, but I hope you all know that you are incredible and appreciated!! <333

Thank you for reading this super long blog post! =)) I think you should get a medal for that. *lol*



The Sassy Library Fox