Allgemein, Poetry


I hate it to get up every day,
I hate it to waste the hours,
I hate it to run that way.

I hate it that I can’t write anymore,
That there’s an empty store
With no core.

I hate it that I trusted you,
I hate it that you made me love you.
I hate it that you made me cry,
That you even made me wish to die.

I hate it that there’s nothing inside of me,
I hate it that I’m still not free of thee.
I hate it that I’ve to heal that emptiness,
Hate it that you left me in all this fucking mess.

I hate it that I’m still thinking about you,
After all that endless pile of shit you made me go through.

I hate you for taking my muse away,
I hate you for making me sway on my way.

I hate it to be all alone,
I hate it when I see your number on my phone.
I hate it to see the picture that used to be on my wall,
I hate YOU,
Will never again wait for your call!

I hate it that I was nothing worth in your eyes,
That I believed all those stupid lies.

I hate so much about you,
So many things!
I hate it that we even talked about wedding rings!

I hate your dissimulation,
Even more,
I hate you for this humiliation.

I hate you for so many reasons…

But tell you what:
I hate myself for loving you all those years!
For trusting you and throwing away all of my fears!

What I truly hate the most,
Is ME,
That I loved you at all costs.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry


I’ve been standing in a room with you,
And lightning was shining through,
And you pretended you couldn’t see,
What you mean to me.You got closer,
I backed away,
And in this moment,
I knew I couldn’t stay.

When I made my way towards the door,
You grabbed my arm,
Outside I could hear the thunder roar.

You begged me to stay,
My eyes filled with tears,
I just couldn’t go away.

During the thunderstorm we kissed,
And I couldn’t pretend,
It was so clear what I had missed.
With this weak moment of passion,
I made my confession.

I couldn’t stop,
It was so clear,
Just for this time,
I wanted you to be near.

Our bodies touched,
We knew we’d never go to heaven,
We’d go to hell
And though we fell…


We stood in a crowded room,
I couldn’t reach you,
It felt like my personal doom.
I tried to get to you,
But they wouldn’t let me push through.

Then I saw you kissing her
Like there’d be no tomorrow.
And I knew I’d never get rid
Of this sorrow.

My heartbeat stopped
I tried to prop
Me up…

But the pain was too strong
There was nothing to hold on.
I fell like in that night,
I fell so hard it took my light.

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