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My 1st Bloggiversary!!! =D

Hey there, my lovelies! ❤

Yes, you read right! It’s my first Bloggiversary (yep, I write it with two „g“s, don’t ask me why! *lol*) and I don’t even know how that happened! I mean: WOW! I’ve been blogging for a year now and the time went by so fast it still feels like I just started. XD But no, exactly a year ago I wrote my first blog post and I’ve been blogging like crazy ever since. 😉

I feel like I learned so much and made so many new friends on here! To be honest, I was kind of scared of failing when I started my blog but you guys were amazing and welcomed me with open arms. ❤ I can’t believe there are already 192 of you out there following my blog posts and discussing books with me! It’s such an incredible number I can’t even! XD Especially if you consider that to follow someone’s blog is actually some sort of commitment! I mean to get a notification whenever someone writes a new post?! That’s dedication!! (Dedication even my brother-in-law didn’t have!! *LOL* He followed me at the beginning of the year and unfollowed me 2 months later with the words: „I’m sorry, but I get so many mails I can’t keep up with your blog.“)

I know in comparison to other bloggers I’m probably frying little fish, but considering that I’m not only going to work 4 days a week but also have a little child I’m proud that I even managed to post twice a week. XD

Anyway! What I’m trying to say is that I’m sending a HUGE „thank you“ to all of you that still decided to klick that (ominous) button! ❤ *lol* I appreciate each and every one of you and I’m very glad to call you my friends!

So what did I achieve this year? (please bear with my nerdy self that loves a decent statistic 😛 )

  • I invented my blog meme Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs which funnily worked out pretty awesome for me! Apparently I’m the only one who does it though so yeah. *lol* If you ever decide to give it a try please link back to me. I’d love to know if anyone else is happy with it! XD
  • I started to write monthly Wrap Ups and it really helps to keep track of my reading progress!
  • I implemented my own discussion post that’s named Fuss, Cuss & Discuss! (Let’s see how that one goes. I just started so I’m curious if a lot of you will join my discussions. 😉 )
  • I discovered the „planning“ option! (Very, very useful if you’re working and don’t have all too much time! Haha! 😀 )
  • I drew my library fox, my paws and the leave tendril! 😀
  • I wrote a total of 124 (125 if you count this one too) blog posts and I just realized what a huge number this is! *lol* O_o
  • I got 944 comments and 1.781 likes for my blog posts. *whistles*
  • About 3.504 people visited my blog and another 7.218 viewed it during those last 12 months.
  • And last but not least, I have 192 amazing followers! 😉


Mhmm it’s been a wild year, but I get the impression that you actually want me to continue to write. *lol* 😛

Joking aside, I’m so going to keep up this blog! It’s my second baby and I wouldn’t know what to do without you guys! I might be busy with my family, friends, work, my child and life in general, but every Friday I have 3 hours to work on my blog and I make sure to use them as good as I can! XD

So once again, thanks for reading my reviews and blog posts, thanks for sticking with me and for clicking that follow button! Thank you for all the support and the nice welcome into the blogging community! I love you all! ❤



The Sassy Library Fox