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April Wrap-Up

Wrap Up

For once I’m actually early with my monthly Wrap Up post. Mostly because I didn’t write a lot of reviews lately and fell behind again. >_< I swear the closer the end of my educational sabbatical gets, the busier I become. *lol* At the moment it feels like I’m trying to do everything at once and it’s not easy. I’ve to finish my last course, I’ve to navigate family life and I’ve recently started to go job hunting again. So it’s just been a lot … XD

Add to that a sick kid, lots of appointments, a death in the family, a very ill relative and lots of other things and you can see that my plate is pretty full right now.  My kid is still ill as I type this and I’ve paused writing this post about 5 times already. Honestly, I have no idea how I’m supposed to get my homework done this week, let alone to go job hunting. Naturally my reading suffered as well and I didn’t write a single review in two weeks. Ooops.

But hey, I managed to get up my May TBR on BookTube so I count that as a win. *lol* (It helped that the video was on the shorter side for once. Haha!) So you can see April was quite the rollercoaster with the usual madness added to the mix. XD I really hope May will be a better month again but I’m not all too sure it will be. Guess we’ll have to see what’s going to happen. 😉

For now I’ll just head to my monthly wrap up and hope for the best! *fingers crossed*

Books read: 5 (5 books & 0 webcomic, Since I added the book I read with my kid too, it were actually 5 books. *lol*)

Pages read: 1.764 (Not too bad this month. )

Average rating: 4,40 (I had so much fun with all of those books and it shows in my rating! 😀 )

Books that were on my reading list: 2 ( 0 from 2021, 1 from 2022 and 1 from 2023.  Well, not my best TBR month but I managed to read two books so that’s better than in some other months. *lol* )

April Reads:



Winter’s Orbit: 4 Pfoten,5

I wanted to read this ever since I stumbled upon the ARC on NetGalley, but unfortunately I was declined and it took me about a year to actually get to the book. I honestly didn’t expect my library to have it but here we are and it was amazing! I absolutely adored Prince Kiem and I really liked Jainan! Also this was such a unique setting! I mean it plays on another planet and there was a mystery element surrounding the death of Jainan’s former husband and a lot of political intrigues. The romance took kind of a backseat here but I personally loved everything about this book except of the huge miscommunication trope. I mean I get why there was one, it makes perfect sense once you read the entire book but I’m no fan of that sort of trope so this is basically the only reason why this got 4,5 paws from me an not all five.

Flash Fire: 4 Pfoten,5

I laughed tears reading this book! I didn’t think this was possible but it probably was even more hilarious than book one! *lol* Nicky and his antics will never cease to amuse me and I was so happy to see that him and Seth are in such a steady relationship. Gibby and Jazz were adorable too and I love that we have a kickass lesbian side couple here. Also why is Nick so relatable? I love him and his thoughts! ❤ But of course it’s not all rainbows and sunshine and T.J. Klune tackled a lot of serious topics as well. I can’t wait to dive into book three. =)

She Gets the Girl: 4 Pfoten

I’ve been on a roll when it comes to f/f books and this one was super cute and really great! I loved this enemies-to-lovers relationship and Molly and Alex were perfect together. I found it super interesting that there were quite the heavy topics in this one as well and I felt really sorry for Alex at some parts. She always seemed to be so composed and cool but beneath the surface there was a lot of trouble and it was really nice to see how Molly got to know her even better with every time they met. I actually managed to get up a full review for this one so you can just follow the link if you want to read it in all its glory! *lol* 😉

Cutting Your Teeth: 5 Pfoten

THIS BOOK!!! *screams in excited* OMG!!! This was pegged as AFTG meets vampires and I was so happy I got an ARC of it! AND I was not disappointed!!! Damn, I loved this so much! ❤ Were there some typos and could the writing need some editing? YES! Was it amazing nonetheless? Also YES! I just loved all the AFTG/Neil Josten vibes I got from Ezra and Killian was the perfect mysterious love interest. But beware, while this book might have some AFTG vibes this doesn’t mean that it is similar. It totally could stand on its own and I loved that this was such a unique story with vampires, two distrustful boys, a found family trope and other supernatural creatures. This was the first in a series and I honestly can’t wait to read book two. This might be my new obsession. Oh and yeah, fair warning: The romance is very slow-burn! xD

Lichterland: 4 Pfoten

This book was so much fun! I know it’s a children’s book, but even my adult butt had a lot of fun reading this with my kid. We read a new chapter each night and I absolutely loved the drawings and the world in which the two MCs Karla and Frederik lived. Frederik is a Prince and Karla is a common girl but they meet in the „Glimmerwald“ and then become besties that go on an adventure to find a magical amulet. I loved all the creatures in this book, no matter if it were elves, shadow biters, Wirbelwutsch’s, candle leprechauns etc. If you have a kid and can read in German you should definitely go for it. 😉


This said: How was your April? Did you read many books? Which book was your favourite and did you read as many great books as I did? Did you already read the books I mentioned and if „yes“ did you enjoy them?

Talk to me and let me know! 😉

And as always take care and stay healthy and safe!



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May Wrap-Up

Wrap Up

May was another month that went by so quickly I didn’t even notice it was over… until it was over. *lol* Seriously for some reason I actually thought I could make it to 5 books this month only to realize that it was already May 31st! XD There were so many things that kept me busy in May it’s actually a miracle I managed to read those 4 books. For one I worked until the last day of May and even had to hand over everything I worked on until then so my successor could take over. In addition to that I also had to try to get my educational sabbatical on track. Which took a lot of time as well. Not to mention my family and normal life stuff.

So yeah, May was another pretty busy month and I really hope that June will be a relaxed month now because honestly, before I start anew I really need a break to recharge my batteries. Those last 2 years were extremely draining and it showed in my blog presence and on goodreads. I used to read 6 – 8 books a month (and this with work and my family etc.) and those last couple of months I only manged to read half of my usual amount. I really needed that change badly and I hope everything will work out. Please cross your fingers for me. XD

The couple of books I DID read in May were fantastic though and I’m so glad I finally managed to read „The Fever King“!!! ❤ But before I start to rave about all the books I read I’ll just head over to my monthly wrap up statistics and take it from there! 😉

Books read: 4 (4 books & 0 webcomic, considering I was so busy this was actually a lot?)

Pages read: 1.555 (I guess that’s about my average page count so I’m fine with it.)

Average rating: 4,38 (I really enjoyed all those books, but „The Fever King“ was my fave!! ❤ )

Books that were on my reading list: 0 ( 0 from 2019, 1 from 2021 and 0 from 2022. There are so many books of my TBR on my „currently reading“ so I’m sure the next wrap up will be more successful!)

May Reads:

34813077. sy475     22740196    59049801. sy475


Waking Gods: 4 Pfoten

I really wanted to continue with this series and when I found the second book in my library I just couldn’t resist. „Waking Gods“ was another great read and by now I can say that Sylvain Neuvel always surprises me! I swear this series has a lot of plot twists I never saw coming. O_o Very curious about the third and last book!

The Blood of Olympus: 4 Pfoten,5

I read the final book of „The Heroes of Olympus“ and now I’m sad! T_T I didn’t want this series to end but at the same time I wanted to know what happens next so #bookwormdilemma *lol* I really enjoyed this book so much though! The friendship in this were everything and even though it was more serious than all the other books I kinda loved it for that?! I’ll always love the golden trio (Percy, Nico and Leo) because they are just amazing! <333 I suppose my next Uncle Rick series will be „The Trials of Apollo“? XD

The Map to You: 4 Pfoten

I actually got that one as an ARC from NetGalley and I was very surprised I got approved for this. *lol* „The Map to You“ was a really good f/f story and I loved the easy banter between the two MCs Sasha and Kinsey! 😉 Their flirting was so much fun and the fact that they were friends before they became lovers was the icing on the cake. At least for me it was. XD This book tackled way more serious topics than I thought it would though, so consider yourself warned, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows! ;-P I’ll write my full review about it soon!

The Fever King: 5 Pfoten

Okay, this book!! This book knocked it out of the park for me! I wanted to read „The Fever King“ for ages and never really got to it but damn did I miss out! You know the kind of book that has you sort of spellbound? Yep, „The Fever King“ was this kind of book! For the couple of days it took me to read it, I was totally obsessed with the book and constantly found myself thinking about Dara and Noam. I really loved this one to bits and pieces and I can’t wait to read the second one. I’m afraid it will be super dark but ahhh I need to know!!! T_T


This said: How was your May? Did you read a lot of books and if yes which ones did you read? Was there a favourite among them? Did you read any of the books I read last months and if yes, did you enjoy them? What have you been up to in May and is your life as busy as mine?! (I genuinely hope it’s not because my schedule always feels extremely packed. *lol*)

Talk to me and let me know! 😉

And as always take care and stay healthy and safe!



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