Allgemein, Poetry

World Affairs

So many questions on my mind,
Why are all those people blind?

How come there’s so much rain?
Where is all the grain?

Why are so many people alone?
How come they don’t find a home?

Why is helping never enough?
Because the times are rough?

Why do they cry?
Why are we too shy?

Why is there so much pain on earth?
How much is all this worth?

Who was the first one to start a war?
Who is forcing women to be a whore?

Why is there so much anger?
What’s so bad about being a ganger?

Why do so many people die?
Who says the afterlife is a lie?

Why do some parents abuse their child?
How come people are like animals: wild!

Where did the feeling „sympathy“ go?
Since when does the word „tolerance“ always ends in a row?

When did trust become extinct?
Why is everybody’s heart black and inked?

When did greed become a virtue?
When did they stop to listen, claiming they heard you?

I’ve no answer to all of this,
but I know what I miss!

For you it is a simple word.
For me it’s everything that should be heard!

Through all this madness and despair
It’s love that has to dare,
to question everything in life


it has to thrive!!!

© Virginia Stone


Allgemein, Poetry

Cold Breath

Your iron will,
Your mighty power,
It’s all gone
Within an hour.

What’s left is just an empty shell,
Enough to feel,
Enough to experience living hell.

Haze is spreading in your eyes
They are no longer able to disguise
The fear that’s creeping in your spine,
Death that whispers you’ll be mine.

So many years your might was uncontested,
You’ve never been tested.

This change it happened so fast.
But you,
You fought until at last.

So many things we could not say
Until your soul
it went astray.


© Virginia Stone