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SASSY Saturday

SASSY Saturday

Hey there my lovelies!

Welcome back to another round of my montly blog meme „SASSY Saturday“!

How does it work? Well, that’s easy! 😉

All you have to do is to follow those three golden rules:

1. Credit the creator of this tag (The Sassy Library Fox) and link back. (so I can see all your amazing answers!)
2. Answer the 5 questions below!
3. AND enjoy doing the blog meme! 😛

„SASSY Saturday“ is planned to be a monthly meme but if you want to do it more often feel free to go for it! This meme was created to get to know other bloggers, their new obsessions and to reflect on your own last month! Above all it was created to have fun though! 😉 If you want you can also use the banner I created! This said let’s head to the good part:

S – Series you loved this month

You’re Beautiful: Okay this k-drama is definitely very unknown because I never heard of it until it popped up on my Netflix feed. *lol* But boy was it good!! I was buddy watching this with the Yoongi to my V once again and we both loved it so much. (Honestly it was so funny we laughed tears.) It’s about a girl that has a twin brother named Ko Mi-nam who’s an idol and his manager is desperate and convinces her to pose as her brother because Mi-nam has gone abroad in order to get surgery. So yeah, of course she says yes and suddenly finds herself in the k-pop bands apartment and is forced to pose as her brother for weeks. *lol* I guess you can already imagine all the trouble she gets into while she’s posing as her brother and if you know anything about k-pop idols you know they are all gorgeous and sweet. So yeah, being a girl among them… *flame and hearty eyes emoji* *LOL*

You're Beautiful Korean Drama Wallpapers - Top Free You're Beautiful Korean  Drama Backgrounds - WallpaperAccess

Heartstopper: I won’t say a lot about „Heartstopper“ in here because I basically binge watched the entire series in a week (Yes, as a parent that’s binging for you. *lol*) and wrote an entire blog post about it! Yes, it was me raving about the series non-stop and if you’ve missed the blog post here’s the link: „Heartstopper“ TV series: I legit smiled through my tears! T_T Enjoy! ;-P

A – Author you discovered

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L. Philips – Sometime After Midnight

I legit only read 3 books last month and it’s a miracle but I actually haven’t read any of the authors before. *lol* So I’m kinda spoilt for choice but I’ll just pick the book that got the most paws from me and that was „Sometime After Midnight“! It’s about two boys that come from totally different backgrounds and meet one night at a concert, but before anything happens the boy in the converse runs away and Cameron is left with a picture of his shoes. *lol* So yep, it started out as some sort of Cinderella retelling but it turned into so, so, so much more! Honestly I will write a long review about this because it deserves it! ❤

S – Song you couldn’t get enough of

Jimin & Ha Sungwoon – With You

I swear as ARMY you never have a quiet minute! *lol* Especially not when our boys prepare for a comeback in June! First Jimin & Ha Sungwoon’s OST came out and only a couple of days later SUGA released his „That That“ with Psy. *lol* Since I’ll probably listen to „That That“ all of May and will feature it in my next SASSY Saturday I decided to go with Jimin’s OST this month. XD It’s really so good and his lovely voice gets a chance to shine. =) It’s very calming and I love to listen to it on the train.

S – Surprise – Something that totally caught you off guard

Haha! There were so many things that caught me off guard in April. In good and bad ways I may add. *lol* The super bad surprise was that my hubby actually got Covid right before Easter and our Easter holidays were spent in quarantine. >_< My hubby had to stay at home for 10 days and my kid was at home too because she could have infected other kids at the kindergarten and I was the only one that was allowed to go out and do grocery shopping etc. So uff. It was a busy time. XD Plus even more busy because at the beginning of April I decided to go on an educational sabbatical for a year and I had to organize everything at work and in my freetime. But hey, it has to get better now, right? *lol*

Y – Your fave blog post of another blogger

BTS (Bangtan Boys): J-Hope @ BooksWithNatasa

I really like this series on Natasa’s blog and even though I’ve been ARMY for years I still find out new things about our boys! ❤ I love that she gives all of them a moment to shine and it’s always fun to read her posts! =) If you don’t know her blog yet and are ARMY as well you need to check it out. Also she posts a lot about books as well so as a reader you can’t go wrong either! *lol* 😉 I think what I want to say is: Go to Natasa’s blog! XD


What do you think about „SASSY Saturday“? Would you like to join the fun? Have you watched „Heartstopper“ too and what did you think about it? Who is your fave character from the show? Did you have to go through quarantine as well and how is the current Covid situation in your country? (Over here it’s slowly getting better) And which new author did you discover last month?

Talk to me and let me know! 😉

And as always, stay healthy and safe!



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