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SASSY Saturday

SASSY Saturday

Hey there my lovelies!

Welcome back to another round of my montly blog meme „SASSY Saturday“!

How does it work? Well, that’s easy! 😉

All you have to do is to follow those three golden rules:

1. Credit the creator of this tag (The Sassy Library Fox) and link back. (so I can see all your amazing answers!)
2. Answer the 5 questions below!
3. AND enjoy doing the blog meme! 😛

„SASSY Saturday“ is planned to be a monthly meme but if you want to do it more often feel free to go for it! This meme was created to get to know other bloggers, their new obsessions and to reflect on your own last month! Above all it was created to have fun though! 😉 If you want you can also use the banner I created! This said let’s head to the good part:

S – Series you loved this month

First Kill: My Yoongi and I were actually watching another k-drama when we saw this drop on Netflix and we just couldn’t resist! *lol* I mean an f/f Romeo and Juliette retelling? We both wanted to watch this and decided to go for the first episode. Well, what can I say? Before we even knew it we were right smack in the middle of the series and had almost gone through the 8 episodes in no time. *lol* It was really good. Pretty gory at some parts but also super interesting. I loved the family dynamics so much and I hope for a second season!!!

A – Author you discovered

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Axie Oh – XOXO

I wanted to read „XOXO“ for ages and finally picked it up as a cozy comfort read and it was exactly that! I loved all the Korean expressions and the food that was mentioned in here and the love story was really cute and nice to read. I just wish there would have been even more of the love story? *lol* I dunno. I just wanted even more, I guess. XD

S – Song you couldn’t get enough of

Charlie Puth feat. Jung Kook – Left And Right

Okay, ever since BTS decided to take a break as a band I can’t keep up with their content anymore. *lol* Not that I’m complaining! I love that they all get a chance to express themselves now and that they don’t have to follow the typical boyband rules anymore. So yeah, I’ve been living my best life following all of my 7 boys and JK’s collabo with Charlie Puth was the first song that was released after their announcement. And wow, what a great song it is. I can’t get it out of my mind anymore because it’s such a catchy tune. Or to say it with the songs lyrics: „You take up every corner of my mind.“ *lol*

S – Surprise – Something that totally caught you off guard

That June was over so fast! Haha! Honestly, this was the biggest surprise ever! It was the first time in my adult life (and I’ve been working for years now!) I actually had 4 weeks vacation and they passed by so quickly I still don’t know where they went. *lol* But I guess in the end the only thing that matters is that really I enjoyed those four weeks and well, I enjoyed at least 3 of them (one out of those four was spent at home with my ill kid…) so I count that as a win! 😉

Y – Your fave blog post of another blogger

„F/F Recommendations“ by Elli @ AceReader

I always complain that there aren’t enough f/f romances to read and when I saw Elli’s post I was so happy because: YAY!!! Finally some great f/f recommendations I hadn’t known yet! So thank you Elli for sharing this post with us! It was amazing and my TBR grew once again. XD


What do you think about „SASSY Saturday“? Would you like to join the fun? Did you watch „First Kill“ too and if yes did you enjoy it? =) Which kind of song is stuck in your head and you can’t seem to be able to stop singing it? And which blog post of another blogger was your favourite last month? Care to share the link?

Talk to me and let me know! 😉

And as always, stay healthy and safe!



The Sassy Library Fox