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German speaking Authors Year & My bookish New Year’s resolutions for 2020

German speaking authors year 2020

Hey there, my lovelies!

What the hell is a „German speaking Authors Year“ might have been the first question that popped into your mind when you saw my banner. And I can totally understand it. *lol* Well, I guess you want an explanation now, am I right? 😉

So here it goes: I recently had a chat with a German reviewer and we realized that even though there are many great German authors that sold plenty of books most of them are still vastly underrated and never get the attention they deserve. Some books of them are even translated into 15 different languages, yet they are barely known in other countries.

So I thought, why not dedicate an entire year to find those hidden gems and to bring them to your attention? Maybe some of you might even want to join me and discover some great books as well?! You never know! XD

In order to keep some sort of system that won’t interfere with My Book List 2020 I decided to categorize my „German speaking Authors Year“ into quarterly challenges.

January – March: Romance & Science Fiction

April – June: Fantasy & Young Adult

July – September: Historical & Classics

October – December: Horror & Thriller

I’ll try to read as many books of German authors that fall into those genres (knowing me that will be quite a challenge…) and hopefully this will work out somehow. *lol* I’d love to see some of you join me but it’s also okay if you don’t and only live through me. 😛

If you actually decide to participate (which would be awesome btw!!) please make sure to link back to this post though. I’m a very curious person and I’d love to see which kind of books you choose! Who knows, I might even discover great new German authors I never even heard about. 😉

Anyway, if I read a German book and write a review about it I’ll make sure to use my banner. That way you’ll always know that it’s part of my challenge. Also if you resolve to  join me, feel free to use my banner as well! The more the merrier! XD

This said, let’s head to the second topic of my post:

My bookish New Year’s resolutions for 2020:

– Don’t read more than 5 books at the same time! (Ha! Did you notice that it were 3 books last year? In 2019 I always ended up reading at least 5 – 7 books though, so I’m really trying to get a grip on that. *lol* Apparently the litte time I had left still didn’t keep me from reading way too many books at the same time… Still, if it are more than 5 books it takes me forever to finish them so I’ll really do my best to keep it at five!)

– Don’t add more than 290 books to my TBR pile. It are 287 at the moment, but I still want to get the number down to at least 275. Since I was off way worse last year (302) I actually almost managed to reach that 2019 goal.

– Read the books I already own!! (There are so many books on my bookshelves and on my e-reader and I finally NEED to read them!! >_< *giving myself the stink eye*)

– Don’t borrow more than 3 books from the library! Just kidding! *LOL* There’s no way I can only borrow 3 books from the library and I know it! Last year I even managed to exhaust the maximum of 25 books. *facepalm* Let’s say… not more than 15 at the same time? (and even that will be hell! XD)

– Stick to My Book List 2020 and finish My Book List 2019! This is going to be fun! *lol* (Me being sarcastic? No way! 😛 )

– I want to continue with my blog meme „Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs! And I definitely want to write more discussion posts! XD I have so many ideas, I just have to find some time to write them down.

– I might try to create an own book tag. I have no idea in which direction it will go, but I feel very creative and 2020 might be the perfect year to get out of my comfort zone and to try new things. 😉 Now that my blog is somewhat established I feel ready for it.

– Get 250 followers on my blog. 😉 It could happen! Oh and I want to host another giveaway once I hit that number! I enjoyed doing the first one so much and I loved to prepare the parcel for the winner! It was so much fun and it made me so happy to send it away. 😀

– Reorganize my physical bookshelves. They need another makeover and my LGBTQ+ section became so huge that I’ve to think about how I want to arrange it. *lol*

– Start an Instagram? Make a short video? Or get more involved in other social media. I dunno! There are so many options and I have no idea where to begin. XD What do you say? I’m sure you guys have a lot more expertise than I do. 😉

– Relocate some of my longer reviews from goodreads to my blog. The word limit seems to become less and less and I’m worried about all those long reviews I wrote over the years. Maybe one day they’ll just delete them because they are too long and after all the effort I put into them I can’t let that happen. *lol* So over the next year there will be weeks I might post thrice in order to resettle them here.

– And last but not least: Go through with my „German Speaking Author’s Year“!!! 😀


So, enough about me!

What are YOUR New Year’s resolutions for 2020? Do you have a book list like me or are you a mood reader and decide spontaneously? Which book releases are you looking forward to? Are you going to re-read some of your favourite series?

Tell me and let me know! =)



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Top 15 of my bookish 2018 – The Awesome, The Meagre & The Series

I saw that many bloggers did this for the end of 2018 and I thought I might join the fun! 2018 was probably one of my best reading years ever because I didn’t just read 109 books but also was lucky with most of my reading choices. (Not all, mind you! ;-P) Maybe I just got a lot more critical, though?! At least that’s what goodreads seems to claim and I wouldn’t want to argue with goodreads, would I? *lol*

So without further ado, here’s a short summary of my reading year 2018!

I hope you’ll enjoy it! XD

The Awesome:

The Name of the Wind:


Is there anything I didn’t love about this book? Kvothe is exactly the sassy, driven and broken kind of hero I crave for and Patrick Rothfuss just NAILED IT! I even bought the special 10th anniversary edition. Do I have to say more?

The Scorpio Races:


Maggie Stiefvater will never cease to amaze me! This woman can write and I hope she never stops to grace us with her books!  This had such a wonderful island and autumn vibe to it and was the perfect read for October.

The Song of Achilles:


Madeline Miller was such a revelation and I can’t wait to read “Circe”! If it’s only half as good as “The Song of Achilles” I’ll be a more than just happy camper!

– Deadmarsh Fey:


I was lucky enough to get an ARC from Melika, the author of this book, and it was the first ARC that got 5 stars from me. I loved this book to bits and pieces! From the slow built, to the heroes vs. villains and the countless legends and stories about faeries it was based on. Melika did her homework and she did it more than just well!!! 😉

Magnus Chase:


I just discovered this series in May and I’m already on the last book! I truly love everything about Magnus Chase and his world, plus I adore Alex Fierro! <333 Praise Uncle Rick for blessing us with a gender fluid representation! Alex isn’t just relatable as hell but also such an amazing character I can’t help but love her/him! XD

The Meagre:

Sworn to Silence:


*sighs* That one was an okay read but I hate forced love stories in my thrillers, especially if they do nothing to move along the plot. So overall just a “meh-read” for me.

Carter Reed:


Urgh, I was so disappointed with this. I wanted an action packed mafia romance book and I got it until the 40% mark. Then it lost its appeal and all the implied sex scenes took over. I already said it in my review on goodreads and I’ll say it again: „IF THEY AT LEAST WOULD HAVE HAD THE DECENCY TO HAVE SOME FABULOUS SEX!!! *lol*“

Dead Ever After:


For the last book in a series with a total of 13 books that one didn’t really do it for me. The ending was kind of anticlimactic and I would have expected something different.

– Four:


It wasn’t a bad read and some things were really interesting, but I somehow would have wished for … more?! There just didn’t happen all too much and this took away from my enjoyment of reading the book. >_<

– Heartless:


I kind of loved the book but also didn’t? I adored Jest and loved his character but I didn’t like how things worked out in the end. Catherine’s change into the Queen of Hearts happened way too fast and it was so abrupt that I couldn’t relate to it. Do you know the series “Vampire Diaries”? Yes?! Well, it was like she flipped the switch of her humanity. *lol*

The Series:

Assassin’s Apprentice:


Oh how I suffered with Fitz throughout the entire series. I swear Robin Hobb knows how to write and my heart bled whenever I picked up this book. The injustice in this series was maddening and it flat out killed me. I’m still planning to read the rest of her other books though. Does that make me a masochist? Most likely. Am I still going to do it? YES! XD

Lockwood & Co.:


This is legit one of the best series I read this year. Ghosts, the supernatural, agents and young kids that deal with “The problem” like a boss?! Hell yes! If you haven’t heard of this series yet, you definitely should check it out. 😉

– The Young Elites:


My first Marie Lu series and definitely not my last. She got me hooked and I loved her morally grey characters. Adelina and Raffaele were amazing and I just couldn’t get enough of them. ❤ Highly recommended if you like villains and complex-characters!

– Captive Prince:


This was actually a re-read and whenever I read this series I seem to love it even more. Laurent and Damen own my heart and I’ll never get tired of reading their journey from enemies to lovers. *sighs deeply* Such a beautiful series. <333

– Throne of Glass:

Sarah J. Maas

I started 2018 with “Crown of Midnight” (the second book of the series) and I’m ending it with being halfway through “Kingdom of Ash” (the last and 7th book). So this tells its own tale, right?! I love all those characters and I don’t want this series to end! It’s so, so, so good, I’m probably going to cry once it’s over! >_<


So this was my year 2018 in a (not so small) nutshell!  😉 How was your 2018? Was it a successful reading year too? Let me know in the comments! XD

This said I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR and I hope that your 2019 will be nothing but awesome! ❤



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