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The Percy Jackson/Heroes of Olympus Character Book Tag

Graphics by May @ Forever and Everly

I saw this awesome tag at May’s page (Forever and Everly) and immediately wanted to do it. Hell, I would have even done it without being tagged but my amazing friend Sabrina @ Notes From A Paper Plane Nomad knows me too well and tagged me before I even knew it. *lol* So thank you sooo much for thinking of me! ❤

As May already mentioned in her blog post it’s not necessary to have read any of the books before you do this tag. All the prompts are spoiler-free! 😉 And now to the fun part! YAY! As a huge Percy Jackson fan I can’t wait to do this! XD


  • Thank the person who tagged you and link to their post.
  • Link to the original creator: May @ Forever and Everly! Please note that she made the artwork/graphics, if using them.
  • Match books with the given prompts.
  • Tag however many people as wanted!
  • Copy-paste the rules and list of prompts.

1 percy


I could have chosen so many great books to be my „Percy Jackson“ of 2020. „Nevernight“, „A Darker Shade of Magic“, „Scythe“ or „The Gilded Wolves“ they would all qualify for it, but I’m going for „The Impossible Boy“ here because I loved this to bits and pieces. Yes, I’m totally biased when it comes to this book, but for the first time in my reading life I felt at least halfway represented and this made me so happy! ❤ I just couldn’t put this book down until I finished reading it and it was such a carefully written and sensitive book. 🙂

2 annabeth


I’m going with „Illuminae“ here because this series completely took me by surprise. The format of those books is crazy and the action, the plot, the characters, the ideas and scientific facts behind it all… I was and still am totally blown away by the genius that is Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff! XD

3 grover


I still think that  „The Lies of Locke Lamora“ is way too under-hyped! I mean this series is amazing!! I love the Gentleman Bastards and Scott Lynch is such a genius for thinking up all those plot ideas! There are so many details that come into play at the end and just wow! I have no idea how he does it but his books are brilliant! 😀

4 luke

29386918. sy475

At the risk of disgruntling a lot of fans: I really though I’d hate „Wildcard“ by Marie Lu. I loved „The Young Elites“ and decided to read „Warcross“ just to find out that it wasn’t really for me. I had quite a few issues with the first book and was really, really sceptical when I started to read „Wildcard“, but OMG I actually ended up enjoying it. Which obviously makes me an odd duck again because apparently everyone else loved „Warcross“ and was disappointed by „Wildcard“. *lol*

5 chiron

17675462. sy475

Ahh that’s a tough one. I think it’s a tie between „Harry Potter“ and „The Raven Cycle“. I love both series so much and whenever I reread them it feels like coming back home. Since HP is still more known than „The Raven Boys“ I’ll chose TRC for this one though. 😉 Gotta support your less known favourites. XD

6 tyson


There are so many amazing books that deal with sibling relationships but I think this time around I’ll go for a book not a lot of people would think of. „Lady Midnight“ because the Blackthorns are #siblinggoals!!! I love each and every single member of this family and Helen, Mark, Julian, Ty, Livvy, Dru and Tavvy are EVERYTHING!!! ❤ Those siblings love each other so much it always makes me weep! *sniff*

7 thalia

41998311. sy475

I think I’ll go with „Dry“ here because it was the last book I read that managed to keep me glued to the pages. I always read about 5 different books at the same time and therefore it usually takes me quite a while to finish the books I read. With „Dry“ I was done in a week and whenever I stopped reading I noticed that a lot of time had passed. *lol*

8 nico


 „The Song of Achilles“ *sighs* I think so far I know no one who didn’t like this book and it’s definitely one of my favourites! ❤ Madeline Miller’s writing style is so amazing and I love this book with all my heart! Patroclus and Achilles were the best and I’ll never get over them! T_T

9 calypso


Harry Potter!! I hope that I’d have all the other six books with me on that island too though! Would be a shame just to be able to read only the first one. *lol* But the bookish gods wouldn’t be so cruel to leave me with only the first book, right? 😛

10 rachel


I think there’s no way this won’t be a five star read for me. So far I loved all of Cassie’s books and I can’t wait to dive into this series! I mean the children of Will Herondale?!! I’m so going to love James, I already know it. And his parabatai and I’ll be intrigued by Cordelia and OMG!! I’m so hyped for this I can’t even! =))) I need to read this asap. *lol*

11 jason


Oh gods, don’t ask me a question like that! I’d even take two hits by a brick just to get my fingers on a copy of „The Silvered Serpents“! I’ve been dying to read this book ever since I finished „The Gilded Wolves“ and even joined NetGalley in the hope to get an ARC. Unfortunately NetGalley declined my request and I’m still devastated! I JUST WANT TO READ THIS FREAKING BOOK! So, so badly! T_T

12 piper


My bestie has been raving about this series whenever we went to the library and I got curious. About two years ago I picked up the first book „The Screaming Staircase“ and was hooked! 😀 I just loved those kids and the world they live in! Stroud wrote such a unique story and the characters grew on me! I’m pretty sure I would have loved this even more as a kid! ❤

13 leo

Red, White & Royal BlueI just realized that I don’t read a lot of funny books. *lol* But I think I’ll go with „Red, White & Royal Blue“ here because this book didn’t only make me smile but also managed to make me laugh out loud which is kind of a feat! At least I usually don’t make it a habit to laugh like a madman when I’m in public transport. 😛 I loved this book so much and I’m sure I’ll reread it one day. 😀

14 hazel


Does 2007 count as old? *lol* Since it’s been 13 years I’ll just say „yes“ and go with „Wicked Lovely“. It’s the first book in Melissa Marr’s „Wicked Lovely Series“ and I still love this series so much! ❤ This was the first time I read about cruel, cunning and wicked faeries and I was so ready for it! XD I’ll always love Irial and Niall! My two precious boys!

15 frank

The Gilded Wolves (The Gilded Wolves, #1)Since I already mentioned „The Song of Achilles“ earlier I’ll go with „The Gilded Wolves“ for this prompt. I really, really, really didn’t want to reach the end of this book. The longer I read the more I dreaded the ending and urgh…. now I’ve to wait until book two comes out and I just hope that the ending of „The Silvered Serpents“ won’t kill me again. >_<

16 reyna


I wouldn’t say everyone hates it because there are some really dedicated fans out there but „Captive Prince“ is definitely one of those books that’s more than just a little controversial. You either hate this series or you love it and personally I belong to the latter category. I got a lot of hateful comments on my review for being a fan of this series but oh well I can deal with the haters. 😛 I still stand by my opinion: I love Laurent and Damen. Period!

17 octavian


Okay, first of all I’d like to say that I love the idea of this punched teddybear! *lol* It’s soo fitting! XD And then I’d like to mention that I absolutely hated „The Scorch Trials“. This might be a super controversial opinion but from book two on „The Maze Runner“ series was such a disappointment for me. If it wouldn’t have been for Newt and Minho I wouldn’t even have bothered to finish this series. >_<

18 percabeth


Ahh this is such a tough one! There are so many great romances out there and I wish I could choose them all! But I think even though I might repeat myself here I’ll go with „The Raven Cycle“. And nope, I’m not talking about Blue and Gansey here. I’m talking about Adam and Ronan. ❤ Those two… I loved that super slow burn, how they respect each other, all those tender gestures and soft moments. I swear I must have died about a thousand deaths by just reading Ronan’s thoughts about Adam’s hands. I think I’m dying once again just thinking about it! T_T Ahh my heart!


Miri @ The Book Dragoness

Elli @ AceReader  (I just saw that you did that one already so *lol* Guess I was one day too late with my tag. XD)

Beck @ Smellfoy Can Read?

Emma @ A Few Chapters ‚til Love

Alexia @ Right Writing Words

Anna @ My Bookish Dream


This was so much fun! I love May for creating this tag! Oh, well who am I kidding? I love May with and without this tag. *lol* 😛 She’s the best! ❤

I hope you guys will have fun doing this tag too! XD As always you don’t have to do it, but I’d really love to read your answers!

This said: Take care and stay healthy and safe!



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Book Tag: Who Am I?

Hey there, my lovelies!

I know I’m super late with this tag but it always takes me a little while until I’m able to get to my tags. So don’t worry if I still didn’t do yours, I’ll get to it… eventually. *lol* This said, let’s get right to the „Who am I?“ book tag! A huge thanks to Sabrina @ Notes From A Paper Plane Nomad who tagged me for this a few weeks ago! I’m sorry, I didn’t get to it sooner! XD Still, better late than never, right? *lol*

So without further ado, let the fun begin! 😛

1. If your life were a book genre, what would it be?

I think it would be Young Adult even though I’m already an adult. *lol* Does this make sense? It just feels like it would be YA because there are always obstacles and challenges I have to overcome. With the help of my family and my friends of course. So yep, definitely YA. XD (Also does anyone ever answer „thriller“ or „horror“ here? *lol*)

2. What villain from a book do you identify with the most?

Ohh that’s a tough one. I love villains in books because they are interesting characters but I don’t think I identify with them. Maybe Irial from Melissa Marr’s „Wicked Lovely“ series. He’s the King of the Dark Court faeries and he’s not a bad person. He just has to act the way he does because someone has to do the job. Which reminds me a little bit of Rhysand from ACOTAR. Irial was first though!! *lol* Gosh, I love Irial so much! ❤

3. What protagonist are you most similar to?

I guess I might be a weird mixture of Simon Speer from „Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda“ and Ronan Lynch from „The Raven Boys“. *lol* I know that’s kind of crazy but it is the way it is. *shrugs*

4. Which book did you connect with in the past that you no longer do?

Mhmm „Divergent“?! I loved the first book and was hooked right from the beginning but I didn’t enjoy the second book as much and the third one was kind of a disaster. xD So this series was disappointing for me and after the first book I couldn’t connect to the rest.

5. What recent book would you love to be a character in?

I’d love to be a character in „Red, White and Royal Blue“. Like OMG!! I’d sooo love being friends with the English/American crew! They are amazing! ❤ And of course I’d love to live in a world in which people are so accepting that they’d support love between an English Prince and the son of the American president. Like: Please give me this world!!! It’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of! *lol*

6. What do your reading habits show off in your personality?

I adore books with great humour and easy banter and I think that reflects a huge part of my personality. But I’m also reading a lot of serious and sad books so that says quite something about me too. And haha I love LGBTQ+ books so yeah, kinda obvious what that means, right? *lol*

7. What book taught you something about yourself?

Harry Potter. I basically grew up with the series and read the first book when I was about 11 and the last one when I was 19. So HP taught me a lot of things about myself. I think in some way it moulded me and made me the person I am now. XD If anything the question should rather be: What didn’t Harry Potter teach me about myself? *lol*


This one was a lot of fun but also kinda tough. *lol*  I’m going to tag:

Isabelle @ Nine Tale Vixen

Elli @ AceReader

Anna @ My Bookish Dream

Hamad @ The Book Prescription

Lyn @ Nomadic Worlds

And anyone else who wants to do it! Feel free to link back to me! 😉

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Books I Want to Read but Don’t Want to Read Tag

Hey there, my lovelies! 🙂

I was tagged for this by the amazing Laura @ Laura Herondale’s Book Blog and I’m sorry it took me so long to get to it! But oh well I’m here now and I’m finally doing this!! XD So thank you for tagging me, Laura! If you don’t know her blog already you should definitely check it out! She’s a really awesome girl and writes funny and interesting blog posts! 🙂 Make sure to show her some love! ❤

Also, this tag was originally created by Jamieson @Jamishelves, so you should check out her blog as well! 🙂 I swear there are so many amazing bloggers on wordpress it’s really hard to keep up with all of them. XD

  1. A book that you feel you need to read because everyone talks about it:


Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – J.K Rowling

Is there anyone out there who didn’t read this yet? Well, except of me of course. *lol* I really want to read this but at the same time I don’t because so many people who read it were disappointed by it. As it seems it’s one of those books you either love or hate and I’m so afraid it might be the latter one for me. Which would ruin my HP experience and fandom and I don’t want this to happen so I’ve been procrastinating for years. XD

  1. A book that’s really long:

War and Peace – Leo Tolstoi

Do I even have to explain why? This book is huge! Really huge! So huge you could use it as a weapon to defend yourself. *lol* And this makes it really intimidating! I mean this has more than 1.000 pages, so it’s no wonder I didn’t dare to read it yet.

  1. A book you’ve owned/had on your tbr for too long:


A Darker Shade of Magic – V.E Schwab

I don’t even know how long this has been on my TBR. I already had it on my TBR before I joined goodreads and it’s been collecting dust on my shelf for about 3 years. *lol* Funnily enough I really want to read this!!! I’m just scared that I’ll love it too much! I have the same feeling with this as I had before I started “The Raven Cycle” and you all know how much I adore this series and its characters! I live and breathe for them! So urgh… I hope Schwab won’t destroy me as much as Maggie did. >_<

  1. A book that is required reading:


A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens

I agree with Laura here! A Tale of Two Cities is one of those classics that pretty much everyone has read, or at least heard of. And just like Laura I feel a need to read this because Will and Tessa mentioned it so often in The Infernal Devices! Still, it’s a heavy and thick book and even though I wanted to understand what they’ve been talking about I still couldn’t bring myself to read this book. Well, as it seems my bookie Jar has other plans for me though, because I recently pulled it out of it and therfore will read it soon. XD

  1. A book that intimidates you:

The Passage – Justin Cronin

Now that’s a special case because I already read this book years ago and I loved it! And when “The Twelve” came out I immediately bought it and did the same with “The City of Mirrors”. So yes, I have the entire trilogy in my shelves but I still didn’t read more than the first book. Why? Because I loved the first book but feel like I need to reread it in order to understand the other two. *lol* And I’m too lazy to motivate myself to pick it up again. Also 9 years have passed ever since I read “The Passage” and zombies give me the creeps. XD (I kinda love them though… Urgh I’m such a masochist! *lol*)

  1. A book that you think might be slow:


Muse of Nightmares – Laini Taylor

GAH!!! I want to read this so badly but considering how slow the first book was I’m pretty sure that the second one will have a slow pace too. And right now I’m just not in the mood for slow books. I blame it all on Amie and Jay! They are killing me with their Illuminae files. *lol* But don’t fear, I’ll hopefully read this sooner or later this year. ;-P At least it’s on my Book List of 2019!

  1. A book you need to be in the right mood for:

Turtles All the Way Down – John Green

I like John Green books but I definitely have to be in the right mood to read them. I know there are a lot of people who hate his books and others that love them deeply and I guess I’m somewhere in the middle. I like to read them but if I’m not in the right mood I better don’t even pick them up. XD So yeah, I guess “Turtles All the Way Down” will have to wait a little while longer.

  1. A book you’re unsure if you’ll like:


Raido Silence – Alice Oseman

I heard so many good things about this but that’s exactly the reason why I’m hesitant to pick it up. *lol* People are raving about it as much as they are raving about “Children of Blood and Bone” and even though I enjoyed Tomi Adeyemi’s book I still had many issues with it. So sometimes I tend to swim against the stream when it comes to popular books and I’m not sure if I’ll like it or not. I mean I love and absolutely adore Heartstopper so I guess I’ll just have to give it a try. 😉

And now to the fun part:

I tag: Kacey @ Tales of a BibliophileSurina @ Book Reviews by the BloggistersMir @ TBR and BeyondLyn @ Nomadic WorldsIris @ Hoard of Books

I always try to tag different people so if you’re not tagged this time around, feel free to do this tag if you want to! I wouldn’t want to keep you from the fun! 😉



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My Good Reading Habits Tag

Hey there my lovelies! I was tagged for this by Caidyn and I’m glad he decided to let me do this tag too. So after he tagged me to talk about my bad reading habits I eventually got the chance to talk about my good reading habits as well. (Which is good, because it restored my faith in my own reading habits and made me realize that I actually do something right after all. *lol* 😛 )

The rules for this tag are pretty simple:

  • Pingback to Ally’s original post or her blog in general!
  • List some of your good reading habits, the things you think you do well
  • Nominate some of your blogging friends

So without further ado let’s get to the good stuff:


That’s certainly one of the things I’m really good at. *lol* No matter how long ago I read something, I still can remember the main plot and the names of the characters. For instance a few days ago my mom told me that she’s reading a romance book but that she doesn’t remember the name. I was like: “What characters is it about?” And she answered: “Oh, there’s a girl named Savannah.” So my brain somehow remembered that “Dear John” by Nicolas Sparks featured a character named like that and we had the title. XD Don’t ask me how I’m doing this, I wish I’d know it myself. I’m also good with birthdays, numbers, faces, names and I have a very good orientation and three-dimensional comprehension. Just in case you wondered. *lol* Too much information? Okay, let’s move on!


I’m totally with Caidyn when it comes to this. I mean I’m definitely a fantasy and YA fan but I’m always trying to broaden my horizon and read other genres as well. I think so far I’m doing a pretty good job of reading different genres in 2019. At least I already read 1 mystery and 1 science-fiction book. XD


I never dnfd a book. XD I know some of you will say: “WHAT? That’s a good thing?” And I’m telling you: Yes, I think it is, because I need to know how the book ends! Even if I loathe it with all my heart I’m still curious enough to want to know what happens next. (Do you know the saying “Curiosity killed the cat”? Well, I suppose that cat would be me. *lol*) But once I finished the book I can say that I really hated ALL of it and that I know what I’m talking about. Plus I think every author has a reason to write her/his book and there is always a lot of thought and creativity going into it. You might say that I have respect for the author and her/his work and therefore don’t dnf books even if I hate them. ;-P

(I kinda envy people who can dnf books though. *LOL*)


Maybe that’s also the reason why I never felt the need to dnf? I have no clue why I always seem to pick the right books, but for some reason it rarely happens that I give a book a two or three paws rating. I guess I’m just lucky?! *lol*


This was a very cool tag and I’m glad Ally invented it. It always helps to focus on the good things in life and this was perfect to remind me of the things I love about reading. I hope you enjoyed to read through my answers and I’m looking forward to read yours too! 😉

I tag:

Ashley @ Bubbly Booknerd,

Brianna @ Brianna the Bookworm

Miri @ The Book Dragoness

Serena @ Book Reviews by the Bloggisters

Uzma @littlethoughtsfromtornpages