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Birthday Tag!

Hey there, my lovelies!

Today I decided to do a tag I never did before: The „Birthday Tag“! So yes, today is my birthday! I saw this on IB’s blog when she celebrated her birthday and decided to do the tag once my birthday arrives! So a huge thank you @ It’s IB!  for making me aware of this tag! I’m sure this is going to be fun so let’s just go for it! =)

1. When is your birthday?

February, 12th so today, obviously. *lol*  🎊

2. How old are you turning?

If the thirties are the new twenties then I’m turning 24. *lol* ;-P

3. What was your favorite present that you’ve ever received?

That’s such a tough question because I got so many great presents over the years. I will just pick two of the most recent presents I loved a lot! 1. The Kim Taehyung „Blue & Grey“ painting of the Yoongi to my V, which she gifted me on HER birthday! (My Yoongi is too kind! <3) and the Kim Taehyung calendar I got as a Christmas present from my other bestie who is the JK to my V! My besties know me too well. *lol* As it should be! 😉

4. Are you/did you have a party this year? If so what are you doing?

Unfortunately nope. It’s cold over here and we’re in the middle of a global pandemic, numbers are sky high in Austria and to meet people outside is out of the question. If I’m lucky I’ll be able to celebrate with my sister’s family and my parents. XD

5. How do you usually celebrate your birthday?

My bestie and I have this tradition that we celebrate our birthdays together. Our birthdays are just four days apart so we made it a tradition to go to our favourite Running Sushi restaurant and to eat there. It’s been going strong for years now. 😂 I mean sometimes (especially in Covid times) we had to celebrate our birthday in March or even later but we always, really always celebrate it together.

6. What was the most memorable birthday that you had?

My eighteenth birthday. Memorable in so many ways…. It was the saddest birthday I ever had but it also was one of the nicest because I got the surprise party I always wanted… just without the most important person in my life. (at least back then) Okay, this is getting depressing. Next question!

7. If you had an unlimited amount of money what would you do for your birthday?

Unlimited? Really?! Oh boy, where do I even start? *lol* I think I’d buy a beautiful house for my family and me and I’d travel somewhere nice with my entire family and all my besties. Maybe a nice vacation in an amazing hotel at sea. I don’t even care where. Just somewhere nice where there is an ocean and great food. XD Oh jeez! You give me an unlimited amount of money and that’s all I can come up with. *lol* But seriously, all the money in the world is worth nothing if you can’t share it with the people you love. ❤

8. What’s your birthday wish list?

I think I’ve reached that age when you don’t have all too big wishes anymore. If BTS ever comes to Austria or at least to Germany I’d want a ticket to their concert. XD Except of that? I could wish myself an own house or lots of books etc., but I think the only thing that truly matters to me right now are the wishes you can’t buy with money. I wish for good health for all my family members and friends and of course I want to be healthy as well. And I wish for more time to do the things I want to do, for the things that bring me joy and for more time with my loved ones. This is the most valuable commodity. 😀


9. If you only had one birthday left, what would you do for your birthday?

I’d have a huge dinner with the people I love and would spend the entire day with them. Period.

10. Have you changed a lot from last year?

Yes! I truly live „love myself“ now and I don’t take any shit anymore. If something is making me angry or frustrated I address it directly and don’t beat around the bush. I used to be the person that got along well with everyone but last year taught me that many people will take advantage of my kindness and will use it against me. I suffered through a lot of injustice because of that and if there is anything I hate then it’s injustice. (No matter if it’s directed at me or someone else.) All that made me a very unhappy person last year and I definitely learned my lesson. „Kill ‚em with kindness“ doesn’t always work, sometimes you just have to show your claws and teeth. 😉

11. Do you have any birthday traditions?

Yeah, the Running Sushi one with my bestie I spoke about earlier. XD Aside from that there’s only one more tradition: I take a day off from work. That is, of course, if my birthday is during the week and I would have to go to work. This year it’s a Saturday so I have no work anyway. *lol*

12. What’s your favorite part about your birthday?

Okay, that might sound weird now but it’s the fact that I got one year older. I know a lot of people hate that they are getting older and don’t like their birthdays because of that, but as someone who has gone through loss and grief when I was very young I appreciate and value every second I have. Life is so precious, don’t waste it! Every birthday I celebrate is another year I was allowed to live in this beautiful world and I’ll forever be grateful for it. ❤

13. Have you ever spent your birthday in another country?

Nope. Which is pretty sad now that I think about it. *lol* I guess it’s because it’s winter when I have my birthday and you usually go on vacation during the summer?! Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I’ll add that to my bucket list now: Spend your birthday in another country. XD

14. Have you ever been thrown a surprise party or have you ever thrown one for someone?

Both. There was a surprise birthday party on my 18th birthday. And I threw a surprise birthday party for my sister when she turned eighteen. 😉 Hers was a lot of fun because I somehow managed to get all our friends to the garden house of my parents and it was summer and we danced, laughed, had a barbecue, talked and played lots of games. Good times! And of course she had no idea! I’ll never forget her look when we all appeared from behind the house. *lol*

15. Do you know any celebrity who you share your birthday with?

Actually, yes. Christina Ricci, Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln. Those are the three most famous ones I think.

16. What’s the earliest birthday you remember?

I think my 6th or 7th? My parents always made a carneval party when I was younger and every kid that came to my party dressed up. It was fun! Unfortunately I got older and from my 11th birthday on there weren’t a lot of cool parties anymore. Maybe I should make that a tradition in the future? When Covid is over it would be fun to have a carneval party every year. *lol*

17. Do you think a lot of things are gonna change next year today?

I certainly hope so. I really would like to celebrate my next birthday without Covid and I’d love to celebrate it with all my friends and my family. A huge party without any lockdowns or restrictions. I really hope next year we’ll finally all be able to take a step towards each other again and that to hug and cuddle each other without any distance will be the most normal thing in the world. That’s my wish for next year. ❤


This was a really nice tag and I enjoyed to answer the questions! =) If you have read this far, thank you! XD I know I can never keep things short so I really appreciate you sticking around until the end. Also if any of you has birthday in the near future or wants to do this tag whenever you celebrate your birthday, feel free to refer to me and to use it! 😉

And now I’ll go and eat my strawberry birthday cake, because TaeTae and I have that in common too. *lol*

[BANGTAN BOMB] V's Surprise Birthday Party 🎂 in 2020 ...  (description: Kim Taehyung from BTS blowing out the candles on his strawberry birthday cake!)

Take care and stay healthy and safe!



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