Allgemein, Poetry

Day Of Reckoning

Never thought it would
Come this far,
But here I am,
Spotting a new scar.

And this one,
Is plain to see,
Spreading through my heart,
Like branches of a tree.

Black ink,
Underneath the surface,
Spilling like oil,
Starting to boil.
So dark and twisted,
It causes others to recoil.

The anger,
Is eating me alive,
All this frustration
Causing it to thrive.

The injustice,
Is killing me,
Filling me,
No longer thrilling me.
It’s not fulfilling,
Making me unwilling,
To do
What I loved
To do.
My only choice,
To start anew.

I’ve been stuck
For far too long,
Trying to survive,
Struggling to stay strong.
Where did I go wrong?

Took me way to long,
To see,
It wasn’t me.

It’s not my fault
If their world crumbles,
If their house of cards tumbles.
I did the best I could,
But no one understood.

Was forced to cut my losses,
To keep my head low,
To dodge their tosses.
To no longer grow.

I’m so done with
All this shit.
Found my voice,
My wit,
My grit.
You better sit,
I quit!

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry

The Raging Man

His eyes glistening red,
his behaviour more than bad.
Yelling all around the place,
long ago lost his grace.

Fighting everyone that’s near,
forcing them to hear and fear.
His fist wild in the air,
whipping with his long hair.

His preferred weapon is his voice,
making more and more noise.
He feels misunderstood and mad,
should better go and sleep in his bed.

Spreading hate,
anger fills the room,
this man is his own doom.

Ignorance is his life,
he’s using it like a knife.
Too blind to see,
he could be free.

Loved and not alone,
with people and a home.

The big mistake he’s making,
it’s his own life he’s taking.
Not recognizing he himself isn’t holy,
expecting others to be lowly.

The devil’s in his eyes,
he’s losing his disguise.

Another soul lost and gone,
this war will go on,
until one side has won.

© Virginia Stone

Allgemein, Poetry


I hate it to get up every day,
I hate it to waste the hours,
I hate it to run that way.

I hate it that I can’t write anymore,
That there’s an empty store
With no core.

I hate it that I trusted you,
I hate it that you made me love you.
I hate it that you made me cry,
That you even made me wish to die.

I hate it that there’s nothing inside of me,
I hate it that I’m still not free of thee.
I hate it that I’ve to heal that emptiness,
Hate it that you left me in all this fucking mess.

I hate it that I’m still thinking about you,
After all that endless pile of shit you made me go through.

I hate you for taking my muse away,
I hate you for making me sway on my way.

I hate it to be all alone,
I hate it when I see your number on my phone.
I hate it to see the picture that used to be on my wall,
I hate YOU,
Will never again wait for your call!

I hate it that I was nothing worth in your eyes,
That I believed all those stupid lies.

I hate so much about you,
So many things!
I hate it that we even talked about wedding rings!

I hate your dissimulation,
Even more,
I hate you for this humiliation.

I hate you for so many reasons…

But tell you what:
I hate myself for loving you all those years!
For trusting you and throwing away all of my fears!

What I truly hate the most,
Is ME,
That I loved you at all costs.

© Virginia Stone