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Achievements of 2020 & My bookish New Year’s resolutions for 2021

Hey there, my lovelies!

A new year just started and I thought it might be a good chance to take a closer look at my achievements of 2020. Once again this seems to have become a tradition and it’s always nice to take a closer look at what I wanted to achieve at the beginning of the year. I’m pretty certain most of my goals went right out of the window after Covid-19 hit us but maybe, just maybe, I actually managed to reach some of them? *lol* Anyway, let’s find out and compare notes so I can go right into the next year with a super clean slate. Also it’s always good to remember and to celebrate what we achieved, especially in 2020. I need a positive outlook into the next year, because I’m sure it will be better! ;-P

This said 2020 was one hell of a year and it cost me quite a lot of nerves and produced one or another grey hair. XD I won’t go into detail here because most of you already know about everything that’s been going on but let’s just say I’m glad 2020 is over! *lol* There, I’m being positive already! ;-P

So without further ado let’s go right to the awesome achievements and the good things that happened to me in 2020:

–  I recently celebrated my second year of blogging and it’s been a wild ride for sure! *lol* I just love to have my little corner in the internet and even though it’s small in comparison to bigger blogs it’s still my baby and I’m so glad I can be creative and totally myself on here. =) To have a space to call your own is amazing and right now my blog is exactly where I want it to be. XD

– I managed to be consistent and continued to write 2 blog posts a week. Some weeks (when I did  a TTT topic) I even accomplished to post thrice. 😉 For me that was a huge step and commitment so I’m really proud of going through with it!

– I somewhat managed to live more healthy than I did last year or at least I wasn’t ill as often as I was in 2019. I guess lots of lockdowns (we’re currently in the third) and partly working from home might have helped in that regard. *lol* Still, work was very demanding this year and I continued to commute to Vienna twice a week and even increased my working hours. In fact I learned lots of new things, swapped into another team and had to reorganize my entire working life. This by itself is actually a huge accomplishment now that I think about it. XD

– Despite everything I still managed to read 91 books this year and exceeded my own expectations! Considering I initially only wanted to reach 42 this is more than just awesome! ❤ (I’m such a mood reader though and only managed to read 13 books of My Book List 2020. That’s okay though, 2020 was way different than I expected it to be and it’s always better to follow your reading instincts than to fight through a book list you don’t feel like reading. And hey, the good news is that I almost finished My Book List 2019. *lol*)

– I invented not only my own tag – The LGBTQ+ Rep Book Tag (Original!) – but also a monthly blog meme called SASSY Saturday and I’m so glad some people actually do/did them! XD I put a lot of effort into those two and it’s so nice to see that other bloggers enjoy to do them too! I’m still trying to continue with my discussion post Fuss, Cuss & Discuss and even though I didn’t do it for quite a while Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs is still a thing! I focused a lot on writing reviews this year and I’m still working on finding a balance. So I’ll hopefully come up with a plan in 2021. 😉

– I continued to write! I know, I’ve been doing that for years but 2020 really made me creative and I didn’t only create my own blog tags or memes but I also wrote a lot of poetry, rp-posts and reviews. I just love to write and as long as I can do it I’ll be happy! 😀

– I was asked by an author if he could use a quote from my review in his „Praise for ….“ section for the next edition of his book and …. OF COURSE I SAID YES!!! *lol* I mean that’s such an honour and I can’t believe he actually wants to quote me in his book! XD I’m still kind of blown away by that tbh!

– I finally had the guts to change my „About Me“ section and I love that it shows me exactly the way I am! No hiding behind anonymous pics any longer. What you see and read is what you get. 😉 For me this was a huge step because even though we live in the 21st century not everyone is accepting and of course we all want to be accepted the way we are. I’ve reached a point in my life where it’s more important to be at peace with myself than to please others or to live up to their expectations though, so here I am: Out and proud! And it’s liberating! XD Also just in case you didn’t notice: I have two different signatures now. V.Ronan is for the boy days and Virginia for the girl ones. 😉

– I hosted my second giveaway and had a lot of fun compiling the parcels! 😀 And I reached the glorious number of 350 followers just a couple of weeks ago. I think at the beginning of 2020 I wanted to reach 250 so umm yeah that certainly exceeded all of my dreams and expectations! *lol* O_o Hello and welcome to everyone who clicked that follow button btw! ❤

– For some inexplicable reason I managed to make it into the Goodreads „Best Reviewers of All Time Global list“ and I’m still kind of stunned. O_o I never expected to ever land on this list and the fact I actually did is… astonishing? XD I’m still speechless and if you know me, you know that I’m NEVER speechless. *lol* I’m very grateful people voted me on that list and I’ll try my best to live up to their expectations. 😀 So thank you to everyone who reads and likes my reviews, it means the world to me! ❤ (I know I said that already but I really MEAN it! Without your support I would have never gotten that far!)

My bookish New Year’s resolutions for 2020 vs. what actually happened and what is hopefully going to happen in 2021:

– Don’t read more than 5 books at the same time! (Well, mostly I actually followed that rule. *lol* Not always, there were times I read 7 books at the same time, but in general this rarely happened so I’m pretty confident I’ll be able to continue in that vein in 2021. 😉 )

– Don’t add more than 290 books to my TBR pile. It are 295 at the moment. I failed! NUUU!! XD Joking aside I did well though. I remember years in which I had 310 books on my TBR so considering it all it’s not that bad. As always I still want to get the number down to at least 275 though. Let’s hope I’ll reach that goal in 2021. (I’ll just have to kick myself in my behind and do more „Hugs’n’Kisses“ posts again. ;-P)

– Read the books I already own!! (Now that’s finally something I accomplished and I can pat myself on my shoulder. *lol* I read a lot of e-books that were on my e-reader and I read even more that were in my shelves so there’s that!)

– Don’t borrow more than 15 books at the same time from my library! At the moment it are 16 and there were times it were only 13 so I think I finally managed to follow through with this goal! XD Sure once or twice it were 21 but I didn’t use the max of 25 and that’s some big accomplishments for me! 😉 I think for 2021 I’ll go with those 15 again! Looks like it worked and we all know: Never change a running system! *lol*

– Stick to My Book List 2020 and finish My Book List 2019! Umm yeah… this wasn’t happening. At all! XD Like seriously, what did I even think? Haha! I kind of managed to almost finish my Book List 2019 (I’m so going to finish it in 2021) and didn’t even get close to finishing my 2020 list. >_< Still, I learned from my mistakes and put a lot of books I know I’ll read on my 2021 list so let’s see if this plan works out. *crosses fingers* (There are still 5 spots left, any recs from you?)

– I didn’t really continue with my „Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs blog meme but this was mostly due to me creating new blog memes and being way too much of a mood reader during 2020. I vow improvement. ;-P

– I might try to create an own book tag! (I actually did that! YAY! My The LGBTQ+ Rep Book Tag (Original!) was a lot of fun to do and I think I’ll continue to do it every year during pride month! XD I put so much effort into it, it needs to be used. *lol* Also I’ve a lot of ideas for new tags and I hope I’ll be able to create some of them in 2021.)

– Get 250 followers on my blog! With a current number of 375 I think we can all agree that I reached that goal? XD I have no idea how but, I did it and I’m certainly not going to complain! *lol* Quite the contrary! Thank you for joining me on this fun ride! 😉 I think in 2021 I want to make it to 400. For me that’s such a milestone, Quite honestly I’ll probably faint if I actually reach that goal. ❤

– Reorganize my physical bookshelves. I did that! YESH! Also I’ve a nice LGBTQ+ section now and it is such a pleasure to look at it! ❤ I might have to reorganize my book shelf soon though. I just got too many books. 😉

– Start an Instagram? Make a short video? Instagram didn’t let me create an account (why not, Instagram??!) and I still didn’t make a video. I have no idea if I’ll ever do it. Depends if you guys actually want me to do one or not, I guess. XD

– Relocate some of my longer reviews from goodreads to my blog. I definitely did that! 😀 I managed to get a lot of my older reviews on my blog so I’m really happy this worked out! Especially with the GR wordlimit getting less and less each year. I have to save them before they are gone!! AHHH! *lol* I’ll try to continue to save some in 2021 as well. 🙂

– Go through with my „German speaking Authors Year“ Hahahahaha! I failed spectacularly at that one! >_< But in my defence: 2020 so didn’t turn out the way I thought it would and mood reading was the only thing that kept me reading so I can’t feel bad about not going through with it. With the sitation as it is right now and our third lockdown in place I won’t go for a special year theme in 2021 though. I wouldn’t be able to follow through with it so I better wait for 2022. Maybe the world will be back to normal by then. XD There’s always hope.


If you read all this you get a medal from me! ;-P I know this was long but it kind of reflects 2020. It felt like a long year but at the same time it also felt short. XD How was your 2020? Did you follow your TBR or did you become a mood reader too? Which goals did you set yourself and were you able to accomplish them? What got you through this pandemic year? (Not gonna lie. For me it was mostly watching cute Netflix movies or series, listening to and watching BTS dance, and lots of Netflix & Chill ice cream when I had an especially bad day *lol* and of course reading.) How did you cope with 2020?

Talk to me and let me know!

And as always try to stay healthy and safe!



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Achievements of 2019 & Ideas to improve my blog

Hey there, my lovelies!

Now that the end of the year is approaching fast I thought it might be good to take a closer look at my achievements of 2019. As it seems this is becoming some sort of tradition because last year I did the same thing and it really helped me to go into the next year. It’s always good to remember and to celebrate what we achieved and it certainly gives you a positive outlook into the next year! 🙂

2019 definitely wasn’t any easier than 2018 but either my attitude changed or I’ve already been hit by way too many things to bother any longer. *lol* Maybe it’s both! Idk. I guess you might say I got used to be given lemons and by now I make the best lemonade ever. Haha! Or if you see it in a negative light: I became accustomed to sorrow. *lol* We’re not negative here though so I’ll go with the tasty lemonade theory instead! 😛

This said I’m heading right to my (for me) awesome achievements and the many good things that happened to me in 2019:

–  I’ve been blogging for an entire year now and even though I was sceptical at first I still managed to to run my blog. I don’t even know how I did it but I guess the WordPress option to plan blog posts ahead kind of saved my blogging life. XD I swear, I really wouldn’t know what to do without that one! Let’s hope WordPress never changes this feature. Haha!

– And if we’re already talking about blog posts I might add that I actually accomplished to write 2 blog posts a week, which is a lot if you consider that my time to write is kind of limited. 😀

– Which brings me right to my next achievement and probably the biggest of them all: I went back to work in January and even though I was away from it for 2 1/2 years I still managed to get back into the swing of things. With a little child that just started to go to kindergarten and got every possible illness you can think of it certainly wasn’t easy to cope with everything. For some reason we actually survived that year though. *lol* Believe me when I say that no one is more surprised about that than I am. 😛 Still, to commute 3 hours a day and to be at work 20 hours a week kind of took its toll on me. I think I never was ill as often as the last year and I definitely don’t want to continue in the same vein in 2020.

– Despite everything I still managed to read 77 books this year and exceeded my own expectations. The count is still going so I might even manage to reach 80 before the year is finally over. Considering I only wanted to reach 40 this is more than just a little amazing! ❤ (And hey I even managed to read 17 books of My Book List 2019 and if I’m good it might even turn out to be 22 by the end of 2019!!!)

– I invented a blog meme and a discussion post and I’m working hard on keeping them running. *lol* I’m pretty good with „Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs“ but I definitely will have to put more effort into „Fuss, Cuss & Discuss“. I already have so many topics I want to discuss with you, I just need to make more time and room to write about them. But I’ll eventually get there, I promise! 😉

– I once again continued to write! Which sounds pretty lame but I just love to write and it’s very important to me. I need my poetry, rp-posts, reviews and blog post like I need air to breathe so I’m thankful when I have the time to indulge in it. XD

– Okay, this is getting very personal now but for me this was such a huge step so I need to write it down in here. I came out to my bestie (Not as a faerie, she already knows about that! *lol*) and she was so cool about it that I still can’t believe it actually happened. It was such a relief to tell her and I was so glad for her words and the acceptance she showed me. ❤ She even went to the „Rainbow Parade“ with me and this was just everything!!! I really have no words how much it means to me to finally have someone who supports me and accepts me for who I am and I think I wouldn’t be here writing this if it wouldn’t have been for her! ❤

– I hosted my first giveaway and it was so much fun! I’ll definitely make one in 2020 too and hopefully will combine it with my 250 followers post! (You can always dream, right? *lol*)

– I found the „follow“ button on goodreads and enabled the function which led to me having a ton of followers. *lol* O_o I’m still in awe of the number and I’m so glad that so many people decided to follow my blog on here too. You guys are AMAZING and made of AWESOME SAUCE and I’ll never get tired of mentioning it!!! XD So be prepared to hear it every once in a while! *lol* 😛 But honestly, I’m just thankful you seem to like what I write and I’m aware that I’m very blessed to have you as my friends! ❤

– I went to the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019 with my bestie and for two days I was in book heaven! XD I got to know so many authors and I’m still trying to recover from the massive overload of everything I saw and heard. This fair was just HUGE and no matter how hard we tried, we didn’t even get to see all of it. XD

So anyway enough of me! Since it’s the 25th I also wanted to use this chance to wish you a Merry Christmas!!! I hope you’ll have a wonderful and lovely time with your family and friends and that Santa is nice and will bring tons of books your way! 😉

AND I wanted to ask if you’d be so kind and write down the things you enjoy to read on my blog. 🙂 I’m constantly working on new ideas to improve it and I noticed that there’s content you seem to like more than the rest. *lol* I just want to make sure that the things and topics I write about are still interesting for you and if there are things you’d like to read about that I didn’t even consider yet. 😉

Thank you in advance and thank you for reading through all of this! If you got this far you definitely deserve a medal! Or probably even an award! *lol*



The Sassy Library Fox

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Achievements of 2018

Now that the old year is coming to an end many of you decided to write down their goals for 2019 and I probably should do that too. Well, I’m sure sooner or later I’ll actually do it, but today I don’t want to look into the future. Today I’m going to take a closer look at my past. Even more precisely a closer look at my year 2018, because we shouldn’t only look forward to the next year but also always celebrate what we achieved in the last one. 😉

There happened so many things in 2018 and even though it was a tough year in so many different ways, it was also an amazing one. I suppose you could say there are always two sides of a coin and there was at least as much happiness as sadness. Being the incorrigible optimist that I am, I rather tend to acknowledge the good things though. ;-P

So I’m going to talk about the awesome achievements of my 2018 and the many good things that happened to me. =)

– I made many awesome and good friends this year, some of them became really close friends for a while, some of them stayed, others moved on, but no matter how long they were a part of my life they influenced me immensely. I like to think that everything happens for a reason and there were people that had a huge impact on me and my life. It doesn’t matter if I lost some of those close friends again, because regardless of how things turned out in the end, they were a part of my life and I’ll always be thankful for that. Their friendship didn’t only make me stronger and a better person, but also enabled me to accept myself the way I am. And in the end, the memories and the happiness, no matter how short-lived, will always be worth it. <333

– I finally dared to start my own blog at the end of September and I’m so glad I decided to take this huge step. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but looking at it in retrospective I can still say that I don’t regret anything! My blog has become my second baby (my real one will always come first though. ;-P)  and it makes me so happy to see how it’s growing. I had the goal to get 50 followers until the end of the year and by now it are even 72 and I’m so damn grateful for this, I can’t even!! <333 *excuse me while I cry an eight sea* T_T

– Which brings me directly to my next point: The amazing people I got to know through goodreads! I became friends with a lot of awesome authors and I was lucky enough to be able to read some of their books! I think I’ll never get used to that and maybe that’s even good the way it is. =) After all it’s always important to acknowledge the luck you have! ;-P

– I actually managed to read three new releases and considering the fact that I still have to catch up on so many old series (hey, there “A Darker Shade of Magic” and “Nevernight”) this is really a big achievement for me! *lol*

– I continued to write. Whether it was poetry, role-play posts, letters, reviews or personal thoughts I just kept writing and I’m so glad I did!!! To write is a huge part of my life and it always helps me to think things through. You might say I need it in order to continue to breathe and you certainly wouldn’t be wrong with this assumption. I realized that I just need to write and I promised myself that I’ll never stop. No matter how stressful my life is going to become next year, I’ll try my best to keep on writing and I hope people will continue to appreciate what I write. (Well, at least the thoughts that I share. XD)

– I was able to spend a lot of time with my family and even though we’re a rather loud and chaotic bunch, we still love each other to bits and pieces. ❤ Now that I have my own family I’m beginning to appreciate everything my parents did for me and I have to give them kudos for raising me the way they did. No parent is perfect, we all make mistakes, but we learn, we adapt, we grow with our children, we give them all our love and we try to raise them as good as we can. (I’m getting sappy again, aren’t I?) But it’s the truth and it has to be acknowledged. 😉

– Also, I finally read 100 books!!! I’ve been working on this goal for years now and I can’t believe I actually did it this time around! To reach that goal means so much to me because I’ll go back to work at the beginning of next year and I tried to read as many books as possible before I do. I don’t know if I’ll have less time to read (rather likely) or if I’ll get even more reading done because my way to work is quite long, but I’m planning for the worst case scenario (only being able to read a few pages a day *gasp*) and therefore will forever be grateful that I managed to read those 100 books. =)))

– I spent hours at the main library of Vienna and I don’t regret anything. I mean, by now I could be registered as a resident in there and it would be no surprise to anyone. *lol* Plus I also managed to have a babysitter and was able to go to the cinema again! Oh, how I love my movies and nachos! I swear when it comes to that I’m like Gollum: “We loves our precious nachos!!” ❤

– And last but not least I want to thank YOU! I know this doesn’t count as one of my achievements, but I still wanted to mention it in this blog post. If it wouldn’t be for you guys I would have never even started my own blog. Ever since I joined goodreads and wordpress there has been nothing but kindness and encouragement coming my way. So many of you commented and told me they like my reviews, even more of you started to discuss books with me or decided to buddy read entire series. I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for this! For all of you! Because without your constant support and your comments and likes I would have never even gotten to where I am right now. You made this blog possible, you encouraged me to continue to write and you helped me so much you have no idea!! <333

A big thanks to the wonderful book community and all the amazing individuals that make it such a lovely place!! YOU. ARE. ALL. MADE. OF. AWESOMESAUCE!!! Don’t let anyone tell you differently!!! XD

I better stop now before I cry another river, but I hope you all know that you are incredible and appreciated!! <333

Thank you for reading this super long blog post! =)) I think you should get a medal for that. *lol*



The Sassy Library Fox

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