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100 followers celebration post

Hey there my lovelies! ❤

I just got my 100th follower and I’m EXCITED AS HELL!!! AHHHHHH!!! I can’t even! That has been my goal until the end of 2019 and we still have January so I’m kind of flipping out here. *lol* In a very good way of course! 😉 If it continues like that my book raffle when I hit 150 followers will be soon. XD

Anyway since I hit the 100 followers mark (that sounds so nice, doesn’t it? *lol*) I decided to give you some sort of a treat. I didn’t do a book tag for quite a while now and I just resolved that this would be a nice opportunity to give you a chance to ask me some questions. With book tags you always have predetermined questions you have to answer, but this time around it will be your questions I’ll answer. 😉 There’s only so much you can write down in your “About Me” section and I’m pretty sure you might have very interesting and creative questions for me. =)

So whatever you want to ask me: I’m here and will answer your questions honestly and truthfully in my next blog post.

(Well as honest and truthful as a cunning and silver tongued faerie like me can be. ;-P)

Whoopsie. Were you even able to read that small print? *lol*

Never mind! Ask me about my favourite colour, book, character, ice cream or whatever else you can think of! I promise I won’t bite. (Okay, maybe just a little. XD) This is your chance to fill in some blank spots or to get rid of some of your question marks.

Choose wisely and fire away! ;-P


The Sassy Library Fox