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SASSY Saturday

SASSY Saturday

Hey there my lovelies!

Welcome back to another round of my montly blog meme „SASSY Saturday“!

How does it work? Well, that’s easy! 😉

All you have to do is to follow those three golden rules:

1. Credit the creator of this tag (The Sassy Library Fox) and link back. (so I can see all your amazing answers!)
2. Answer the 5 questions below!
3. AND enjoy doing the blog meme! 😛

„SASSY Saturday“ is planned to be a monthly meme but if you want to do it more often feel free to go for it! This meme was created to get to know other bloggers, their new obsessions and to reflect on your own last month! Above all it was created to have fun though! 😉 If you want you can also use the banner I created! This said let’s head to the good part:

S – Series you loved this month

Locke & Key: I finally finished watching „Locke & Key“ on Netflix and I really enjoyed the series! I mean it were 3 seasons and there was never a dull moment. Not many series manage to pull that off. Also all the different keys and what they could do. So intriguing. I think I might try to find the comics this tv series was based on and actually read them because I think season 3 was the last one and I don’t want to part with this world just yet. XD

Love, Victor: Yes, this person here finally caved and bought a Disney+ gift card for three months. So I have Disney+ until December and I’m currently binging the hell out of that limited abo. I watched all three seasons of „Love, Victor“ whenever I could and since the episodes are fairly short (30 – 35 minutes and 28 episodes) it was pretty easy to get through this wheneve I needed a break from studying. *lol* It was such a cute series and I really loved that there was even a cameo of Simon and Bram. XD As for the other LGBTQIA+ reps. Well, I think they would have needed some work, but oh well. Has anyone of you seen the series and agrees with me? xD (Also I watched „Permission to Dance“ twice already. Love to see my boys on TV ❤ )

A – Author you discovered

55507414. sy475

Tracy Deonn – Legendborn

I think Tracy Deonn was actually the only new to me author I read in September but I’m really glad I discovered her through „Legendborn“! This book was everything I hoped it would be and even more! Also I really like Nick but Selwyn Kane owns my heart, body and soul! ❤ *lol* I loved how Tracy Deonn managed to combine so many different topics in her book and tackled them with so much care. I mean the bandwith is insane! We have racism, LGBTQIA+ reps and topics, an amazing grief rep, magic and even demons and that all nicely wrapped in an Arthurian retelling tale. I can highly recommend reading this book!

S – Song you couldn’t get enough of

Crush feat. J-Hope – Rush Hour

Those two legends just threw out this song and it’s so much fun and amazing! I love to listen to it and it’s such a cool song to vibe to. Also the videos about their collabo were so nice and wholesome. They really respect each other and it shows. Love those two. ❤

S – Surprise – Something that totally caught you off guard

How many people actually took part in my Giveaway! I was pretty overwhelmed for the first couple of days because the entries just came rushing in and there seemed to be no stop to it. *lol* I did it on all my social media but the biggest bulk of entries definitely came from IG. So if you want to do a Giveaway I can really recommend to go for it on there. XD Well, I guess it helped that it was international and apparently not a lot of people do this. I was totally unprepared for all those participants and this definitely caught me off guard. In a good way of course. 😉

Y – Your fave blog post of another blogger

october 2022 anticipated releases by ella @ella isn’t writing

And here is another one of Ella’s amazing blog posts about anticipated releases! Honestly, I wouldn’t know what to do without you girl because I barely know which books are being released atm. So thank you so much for your blog post and for breaking the infos down for us! ❤


What do you think about „SASSY Saturday“? Would you like to join the fun? Who is an author you discovered last month and what surprised you in September? Which kind of series did you watch and were they good? Do you have Disney+ or Netflix, maybe even both and can you give me some recs?

Talk to me and let me know! 😉

And as always, stay healthy and safe!



The Sassy Library Fox


2 Gedanken zu „SASSY Saturday“

  1. jbfdhgfhgfdhg yayy to enjoying locke and key!! i watched the first few episodes a couple months ago, BUT REMEMBER HATING IT?? the characters annoyed me tbh 😭 ALSO OMG LOVE, VICTOR!!!! i’ve been meaning to watch it since forever, but i… am not that good with following up with tv recs AND HAVE A TON I’VE BEEN EXCITED FOR SINCE YEARS. SO.


    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Aww! I’m sorry to hear you didn’t like „Locke & Key“ but I think I remember not being all too impressed by the first two or three episodes as well. After that the story picked up pace though and I was totally on board. *lol* „Love, Victor“ is really good and fast to watch. I enjoyed every second of it.

      I was so surprised by „Legendborn“ because I never expected it to tackle all those topics but it did. XD The LGBTQIA+ reps are among the side-characters but it was still amazing to have so many in here. =) And yes, demons and magic and arthurian retelling, it ticks off all of those. Such a great book! ❤


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