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My 4th Bloggiversary! – Wow, how time flies by!

Hey there, my lovelies!!

Can you believe it’s been 4 years I started this blog? Well, I can’t! It’s been quite a couple of crazy years and I’m really glad I started my own blog in 2018! Blogging taught me a lot of things which is great because now I can use some of my knowledge for my BookTube channel as well. *lol* I never thought I’d get this much into social media but apparently I did and I have no regrets. XD

This said: It’s not easy to provide you with good content and I’m really trying my best to give you solid and good posts! Some of you might have realized that I skipped a couple of days on which I was supposed to post (I usually post on Wednesdays and Saturdays) but my life has been pretty busy lately and sometimes it’s tough to get up a post in time. So before I give you something half-assed, I don’t give you anything at all. Does that make sense? *lol* Also I apologize for 2 posts going up only halfway done because I forgot to reschedule them. >_< I use the schedule function … A LOT! So sometimes when I’m ill or too stressed I forget to reschedule and then it happens that a post goes up that isn’t even ready yet. I’m really sorry about that but uff life just doesn’t care about me being punctual with my posts. How dare you life?! *lol*

This said I really want to thank everyone who’s been following my blog journey! Without you guys I wouldn’t have even dared to start my own BookTube let alone my Instagram! ❤ Your support throughout the years means the world and I’m always thankful for every new follower on here! I see you and I thank you for reading my blog posts and sometimes even liking them. ;-P

I’m feeling a little bit under the weather today so I think I’ll wrap it up here. I wanted to write some more but since I’m typing this on my actual blog anniversary this short post will have to do. I just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated and that I thank you for all your support! XD

Last year I asked you about your assumptions about me, but this year I’ll just refer to my „Giveaway!“ Which is still ongoing btw! 😉 You can still throw your name into my bowl and have the chance to win either „Caraval“ or „Sorcery of Thorns“! So please consider taking part in it! After all I’m doing this to thank you guys! ❤


So what about you? Do you enjoy my content? Do you use the schedule function as well? How long have you been on WordPress? Longer or shorter than me? XD What kind of content would you like to see more of? Talk to me and let me know!

And as always: Take care! And stay healthy and safe!



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