Allgemein, Poetry

Day Of Reckoning

Never thought it would
Come this far,
But here I am,
Spotting a new scar.

And this one,
Is plain to see,
Spreading through my heart,
Like branches of a tree.

Black ink,
Underneath the surface,
Spilling like oil,
Starting to boil.
So dark and twisted,
It causes others to recoil.

The anger,
Is eating me alive,
All this frustration
Causing it to thrive.

The injustice,
Is killing me,
Filling me,
No longer thrilling me.
It’s not fulfilling,
Making me unwilling,
To do
What I loved
To do.
My only choice,
To start anew.

I’ve been stuck
For far too long,
Trying to survive,
Struggling to stay strong.
Where did I go wrong?

Took me way to long,
To see,
It wasn’t me.

It’s not my fault
If their world crumbles,
If their house of cards tumbles.
I did the best I could,
But no one understood.

Was forced to cut my losses,
To keep my head low,
To dodge their tosses.
To no longer grow.

I’m so done with
All this shit.
Found my voice,
My wit,
My grit.
You better sit,
I quit!

© Virginia Stone

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