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SASSY Saturday

SASSY Saturday

Hey there my lovelies!

Welcome back to another round of my montly blog meme „SASSY Saturday“!

How does it work? Well, that’s easy! 😉

All you have to do is to follow those three golden rules:

1. Credit the creator of this tag (The Sassy Library Fox) and link back. (so I can see all your amazing answers!)
2. Answer the 5 questions below!
3. AND enjoy doing the blog meme! 😛 

„SASSY Saturday“ is planned to be a monthly meme but if you want to do it more often feel free to go for it! This meme was created to get to know other bloggers, their new obsessions and to reflect on your own last month! Above all it was created to have fun though! 😉 If you want you can also use the banner I created! This said let’s head to the good part:

S – Series you loved this month

Emily in Paris: I needed to watch something nice that would let me dive into another world for a little while and „Emily in Paris“ was the perfect series to do that! XD I basically binge watched this, because the episodes are all between 25 – 30 minutes and there were only about 10 in every season. This said: I absolutely fell in love with Mindy and Luc. *lol* Those two are amazing and ahh Mindy can sing! ❤ I loved all the covers she sang in this series! Especially „Dynamite“ and „La vie en rose“. So good! =)

#Mindy Chen | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgir

A – Author you discovered


Natasha Ngan – „Girls of Paper and Fire“

This was the first book of the series and I really enjoyed it. When I went into this I didn’t know that the demons look like animals so that was quite a surprise, but it somehow still worked for me? XD I dunno. *lol* The f/f relationship was such a slow burn but I found myself enjoying it a lot. I think the romance was very realistic and it was forbidden love so that kinda added even more spice to the story. Very curious about book two.

S – Song you couldn’t get enough of

No More Dream – BTS

I already knew this song (of course I did because I’m ARMY ;-P) but I kinda rediscovered it in January and I love it so much! XD One of the most interesting things about the „2 COOL 4 SKOOL“ album is the fact that Jungkook actually started out as rapline! Which only proves that he’s truly the golden maknae of the group. He’s so good at rapping! And knowing this album exists makes me kinda sad that we don’t get to see a lot of rapping JK anymore. *lol* Also TaeTae could have easily been a part of the rapline too. =)

S – Surprise – Something that totally caught you off guard

That I was all alone at work for two weeks because all of my co-workers were knocked out due to Covid. >_< I never saw that one coming. I somehow always thought that at least two of us would be in the office but no such luck. Now some of them are back again and I’m so glad I’m not alone anymore. Still, I’m super exhausted and you can bet that I won’t do anything this weekend. I feel like I need a holiday. XD

MY SOUL. | Jungkook, Jeon jungkook, Bts jungkook (Jungkook from BTS sleeping while he gets styled. I really wish I’d have a stylist too. *lol*)

Y – Your fave blog post of another blogger

„Book to movie adaptations coming in 2022“ by Elli @ AceReader

I really enjoyed this blog post because I didn’t know so many book adaptations will come out this year! I’m especially pumped for „Heartstopper“ because OMG!!! And it’s even going to be on Netflix so YESH!!! ❤ If you want to know which other books will be made into movies or series I highly recommend you to read Elli’s amazing post! 😉 Thank you, Elli!


What do you think about „SASSY Saturday“? Would you like to join the fun? Did you watch „Emily in Paris“ too and if yes, who was your favourite character? What surprised you last month? And which song were you obsessed with? XD

Talk to me and let me know! 😉



The Sassy Library Fox

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