Blog-Life Update & Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays, or both! ;-)

Hey there, my lovelies! 

Some of you might have noticed that my blog schedule was a little bit chaotic those last couple of weeks and this was mostly due to the fact that I just didn’t have any time to sit down and write a decent blog post. XD So instead of coming up with half-assed blog posts I decided I would just leave out a couple of posts and give you the well-thought-out content you deserve. =) 

This said: I’m finally on vacation and I’ll make sure to use my time wisely in order to create and come up with as many amazing blog posts and ideas as I can think of! *lol* Which will be quite a lot because I collected so many ideas but just didn’t have the time to put them into practice! 😉 But before I do that I’ll take a little time to recuperate because work and my life have been so damn busy that I just need a break. >_< It’s been so stressful those last couple of weeks that my health suffered and I almost got a gastritis again. So yeah, I guess that says a lot about the level of pressure I had on my shoulders. 

Despite all that I’m still looking forward to be more active on my blog again and I want to use this blog post to thank you all for still being on this journey with me! ❤ You’ve stayed with me even though 2021 was probably one of the worst blog years I ever had. So thank you so much for all your support, for still reading my reviews, for commenting on my blog posts, for your lovely words and for cheering me up with your blog posts and reviews! You have no idea how much you helped me to get through this year and I really love this bookish community to bits and pieces! ❤

And I’m sure you already guessed it by the title of this blog post: I want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and an amazing time with your family and friends! ❤ No matter where you live, no matter what the current Covid situation in your country is like right now, I wish you all the best and all the health and happiness! I’m sending positive and christmassy vibes your way and I’ll continue to cross my fingers for all of you! I wish you joy, hope, lots of love, luck and most of all I wish you good health! ❤ Have a Merry Christmas, my lovelies and (fox) kits! ;-P

And as always stay healthy and safe! 



The Sassy Library Fox

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