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June Wrap-Up

Wrap Up

You don’t even want to know what kind of health troubles I had during June so I’ll just say that it sucked and that I hope it will get better with physical therapy soon. *lol* So this said I’ll only speak about postive things in my monthly wrap up because quite honestly there are enough bad things happening in the world. 

If you have been following my blog you’ll know that I’ve become addicted to k-dramas and I regret absolutely nothing! They are amazing and I can’t get enough of them. If you have some tips for good k-dramas don’t hesitate and drop me a comment, I’m always looking for new ones. ;-P What else good happened in June? Well, with July 1st our one-metres distance rule dropped and I was finally able to hug my bestie without getting weird looks from people on the street. XD And you can bet I hugged the hell out of her. We’re like Taekook when it comes to hugs and cuddles. *lol*

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Also we ate Running Sushi together and I was so happy to be able to spend so much time with her! ❤ I really hope things will be more normal again this summer. XD And last but not least I hit the 100 subscribers mark on my BookTube channel and I was so damn happy I can’t even! I’m currently collecting questions for a Q&A video so if you ever wanted to ask me something bookish or otherwise now’s your chance! You can write your questions into the comments and I’ll include them in the video! 😉

This all off my chest let’s finally head to my monthly wrap-up! 

Books read: 5 (5 books & 0 webcomic, not my best month but also not my worst. *lol*)

Pages read:  1.740 (I’m okay with that number, it’s not all too high but I can live with it.)

Average rating: 3,70 (The pickiness continues OR pickiness pt.2. ;-P )

Books that were on my reading list: 2 (0 from 2020 and 2 from 2021. Despite everything I’m pretty good with my TBR 2021. Guess I learned from former years.)

June Reads:

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36531590. sy475     53081837. sx318 sy475

Caraval: 4 Pfoten

It took me four years to get to this book and I can’t help but wonder why?! This was great and I totally loved it! I can’t really compare it to „The Night Circus“ but it kind of gave me „The Starless Sea“ vibes?! *lol* Scarlett and Julian were interesting characters but if I’m totally honest I can’t wait to read about Tella and Legend! *lol* I’m so ready to dive into book two and I’m pretty sure it will be amazing! 

You’ve Reached Sam: 3 Pfoten

I got this book as an ARC from NetGalley when they had it on the „read now“ option and even though I liked the different grief reps and the overall plot there were some things that could have gone more smoothly. Still, for a debut novel this was great and I’ll definitely watch out for Dustin Thao’s next book! Dustin is still a young author and I’m sure he’ll improve so I’m really looking forward to his next book! =)

Sleeping Giants: 4 Pfoten

Now this book came as a surprise! *lol* I couldn’t get the „ornate metal hand“ out of my mind and therefore finally decided to tackle „Sleeping Giants“. And let me tell you: THIS WAS GREAT! I think this book might have gotten me back into sci-fi and I’m so damn curious where this is series is heading! The characters were great and had a healthy dose of sarcasm and black humour so that was fun! Also the writing style in form of diary entries, interviews and telephone calls was something rather untypical as well and I really enjoyed it. 😉

Superman: 3 Pfoten, 5

From all the DC Icons books I read so far this was probably the weakest but I don’t think this is Matt de la Pena’s fault! He did a really great job at writing Superman’s/Clark Kent’s character but unfortunately I was never a huge Superman fan. He’s too perfect and good for me and I just prefer anti heroes or at least heroes that are all shades of gray. *lol* Still, for a Superman book this was pretty suspenseful near the end! So kudos for that! 

Tweet Cute: 4 Pfoten

This was super adorable and I had such a huge smile on my face whenever I read it! ❤ I loved the Twitter war and both MCs! Jack and Pepper were quite something and I lived and breathed for their interactions! *lol* If I’d have to describe this book in short I’d probably say that it’s a modern frenemies to lovers story. ;-P If you want something cute and easy to read just go for it!


How was your June? Was it full of k-dramas as well or did you watch something different and if yes which kind of tv shows do you watch? =) Are you allowed to be close to your loved ones again as well or is your country still in lockdown? Which kind of books did you read last month? Do you have some intersting questions for me? 

Talk to me and let me know! 😉

And as always take care and stay healthy and safe!



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  1. Great wrap up, sending all my healing vibes in case they can help 💜✨🌻 I don’t think I watched any K-dramas in June (I can’t remember when we finished Hwarang, it feels both like yesterday and 10 years ago lol) but I’ve been watching them vicariously through your messages 😂 this week hopefully I’ll start one! In the UK the 19th is when supposedly the lockdown rules lift, though personally I’m quite nervous about it because the number of cases is increasing.

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