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SASSY Saturday

SASSY Saturday

Hey there my lovelies!

Welcome back to another round of my montly blog meme „SASSY Saturday“!

How does it work? Well, that’s easy! 😉

All you have to do is to follow those three golden rules:

1. Credit the creator of this tag (The Sassy Library Fox) and link back. (so I can see all your amazing answers!)
2. Answer the 5 questions below!
3. AND enjoy doing the blog meme! 😛 

„SASSY Saturday“ is planned to be a monthly meme but if you want to do it more often feel free to go for it! This meme was created to get to know other bloggers, their new obsessions and to reflect on your own last month! Above all it was created to have fun though! 😉 If you want you can also use the banner I created! This said let’s head to the good part:

S – Series you loved this month

Fate – The Winx Saga! Luckily it’s been a while I watched the original series and read the comics. So I don’t remember all that much and while watching the series I got a feeling that this is actually working in my favour. *lol* (For instance I vaguely remember that Bloom had shoulder length straight red hair and no long red curls. XD) So I really found myself enjoying this tv series even though I’m pretty sure that it doesn’t have a lot in common with the original. Okay, I admit Bloom was a little bit too reckless, impulsive and rebellious for my taste but I definitely loved Terra and Musa! ❤

A – Author you discovered

39689878. sy475

Nic Stone – This was the first time I read a book from her and I really liked that it caused me to think. This was definitely a thought-proving read and if you’re looking for something similar to „The Hate U Give“ I can totally recommend „Dear Martin“! They have similar topics but they are very different in their approach and I really liked this. 🙂 Also because this topic is still important and relevant: #BlackLivesMatter

S – Song you couldn’t get enough of

Dua Lipa – Physical

My sister is the reason why I love this song so much now. *lol* She wanted us to dance to this together on my birthday and well, you all know me, I love to dance so I said: Okay, I’m game. XD Little did I know that this song isn’t only earworm material but also very exhausting to dance to as well. We gave it our all and were really happy afterwards. Tired but happy. It’s been a while we were able to dance together but now that it’s allowed to meet another household again we just went for it. (We all got tested before meeting up too. Better safe than sorry! 😉 )

S – Surprise – Something that totally caught you off guard

There were actually two things that surprised me in February:

1.) I reached 400 followers on my blog and since this was my longterm goal for 2021 I’m kind of… overwhelmed? *lol* I really need to celebrate this somehow! For now: Thank you guys so much for following me and for liking my blog and content! ❤

2.) I started my own booktube channel in February and no one is more surprised about this than I am. *lol* Like seriously, what am I even doing? XD My sister and my brother-in-law have way too much faith in me but well, I guess I’ll just try it out and see where this is heading. If you’re interested in my YouTube channel you can take a closer look at it here:

And before the question even arises: Yes, I’ll continue with my blog on wordpress! My channel won’t kill my blog, if anything it will be some sort of extension of it. 😉

Y – Your fave blog post of another blogger

Fanart Friday: Happy birthday j-hope! @ Notes From A Paper Plane Nomad

Yes, my Yoongi! This time it’s you in the spotlight! ;-P Sabrina who I affectionately call Yoongi because she’s the Yoongi to my V is one hell of an amazing artist and I love her drawings to bits and pieces! The picture she made for J-Hope’s birthday is amazing and I love all the colours and details she put into it! ❤ This must have been a hell of work but she’s so modest about it! So this is a shout-out to my dear friend and her skills! Give her (and Hobi) some love and take a closer look at that awesome drawing!


What do you think about „SASSY Saturday“? Would you like to join the fun? Which series did you enjoy last month and did you dance to „Physical“ too? What do you think about me going for a YouTube channel? Did you get curious and do you want to join the freaky ride? XD

Talk to me and let me know! 😉



The Sassy Library Fox

5 Gedanken zu „SASSY Saturday“

  1. That song by Dua Lipa is a great dance song!! I am glad that you had fun. I like to dance but it always takes some coaxing for me to get moving 😂 my sister straight up pulled me onto the dance floor at our cousin’s wedding. 😂 I will have to check out The Winx Saga!!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Ikr?! It’s amazing and whenever I hear it on the radio I send my sis a dancing gif. *lol* Aww, I’m sure I would have done the same thing your sister did. I’m known for dancing everywhere. Haha! Even on the sidewalk. XD It was a really nice show and since it only had about 6 or 7 episodes I went through it really fast. *lol*

      Gefällt 1 Person

  2. Awwwww thank you so much for the shoutout V!!! 😭💞 I’m still so happy that you like my art and are always so supportive whether it’s here or our chats!! 😍💜 big congratulations on the 400 milestone that’s amazing! I’ve added Winx Saga to my Netflix list now and that Dua Lipa song is such a bop! The MV was super cool too – the dance definitely looked tiring 😂

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. You’re very welcome, Yoongi! ❤ I love your drawings! (I wish I could draw like that. *lol*) And of course I am! I'm your V after all. ;-P The Winx Saga was fun! I hope you'll enjoy it too. Thanks for the congrats. 400 feels like such a high number. You gotta look up some of the videos on YouTube of the people that dance to it. We tried to keep up with them but boy, they are all so good and agile. XD My former pro dancer's ass got handed to mel. *lool*

      Gefällt mir

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