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Hugs’n’Kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs

hugs'n'kisses or dismissed by the missus

Hey there, my lovelies!

It’s been ages I last did this! In fact it’s been so long I needed to blow away the dust that settled on my blog meme! *lol* There! Better! XD I really should do this more often in 2021 and maybe I’ll even make a new logo. On the one hand it’s funny to see my old logos and creations because it shows how far I’ve come as a blogger, but on the other hand I can’t help but cringe whenever I see them. And this one is certainly no exception to the rule. Haha! Anyway, let’s do this! =)

The rules:

1.) Link back to the original post @ The Sassy Library Fox (I really want to know if it works out for you and I’m curious about your book choices! ;-))

2.) Choose 3 random numbers from 1 to the end of your TBR list. (In my case it are 3 random numbers from 1 – 295, so for instance I’ll pick 74, 138 and 252)

3.) Take a look at the 3 books on your TBR. (74 – Mind Games, 138 – The Darkest Night, 252– Broken Throne)

4.)  Then you follow the rhyme:

One to hug and read, (Broken Throne: This is a book that isn’t only on My Book List 2020 but also one I already own so this is perfect! 😀 )

One to kiss and keep, (The Darkes Night: This sounds like one of those books I might read when I crave for something fast that has a couple that can’t keep their hands from each other. *lol* So I’ll just keep it for now. You never know when THAT kind of mood hits you. ;-P )

One to dismiss and weep! (Mind Games: Hmm I can’t help but wonder why I added this to my list. Sure it’s paranormal and urban fantasy which I like every once in a while, but the plot really doesn’t capture my interest. Why did 2017-me add this to my TBR? *lol*)

5.) Read the book you hugged and kept within a month and repeat the process as often and as frequently as you like. (I’ll do this once a month and hopefully it will help me to reduce my TBR ;-P)


I still didn’t reach my goal of 275 books but hey at least I’m at 293 now! *lol* With all the amazing books that are constantly hitting the stores it’s really tough to keep your TBR in check and considering it all I think I’m doing a good job. I was already at 306 once so as long as I’m slowly but surely approaching a number under 290 I’m good. XD



The Sassy Library Fox

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