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Not All Prayers Are Answered

You plead,
You bleed,
You scream,
You yell,
You tell.

Your story,
Your worry,
Your fears,
Your tears,
For years.

You hope,
You dream,
You wish,
You feel,
You reel!

You command,
You demand,
You rage,
You age.
You weep,
You sleep.

You wail,
You’re frail.
You cry,
Ask why?

Their reply:
Not all prayers are answered.
That’s why,
Some die.

© Virginia Stone

2 Gedanken zu „Not All Prayers Are Answered“

  1. Oh my. This is powerful . . . because we all know how that feels. Some things are so important, but just never seem to work out, and we can’t understand why. Some day we may look back and say, „Oh, now I understand.“ Or we may never know why a particular plea wasn’t granted, but that’s why we’re here in this world. To take the good with the bad and be the best person we can be in spite of it all. Thanks for sharing.

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