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Merry Christmas! & My Answers to YOUR Questions (350 followers celebration)

Hey there, my lovelies! 🙂

I want to use this blog post to wish you all a Merry Christmas! ❤ I know 2020 has been a tough and crazy year and Christmas is definitely going to be way different than all the Christmases we had before! I still want to wish you a lovely time though! We might not be able to celebrate with all our family members but they are in our hearts and with us, no matter if we have to celebrate without them. For us it’s the first year in forever that we can’t visit my in-laws (they live in Germany and the borders are closed) so we’ll at least try to spend some time via Skype or WhatsApp. It’s not the same as being with them, but at least my kid will be able to see her grandparents. 🙂 

This said: However you spend your Christmas Holidays and no matter in which kind of form you’ll be able to see your loved ones: I still wish you all a Merry Christmas! XD May you all be healthy and happy on this special day! ❤

And because I promised it a long time ago and didn’t get to it earlier: Here are my answers to your questions when I hit the 350 followers mark! I hope you enjoy them! 😉 

1.) What’s your favorite color? 😉 from Caitlyn

It used to be violet when I was a kid but now it’s green! 😉 Especially emerald green. (must be the hidden Slytherin in me. *lol*)

2.) Bookstore or Library? Where would you rather spend your time if you had to choose? from Latanya

That’s an interesting question! I like bookstores but if I have to choose I’ll always go for the library. All those bookshelves filled with treasures and cozy corners you can hide in to skim through or read books. I just love the atmosphere. XD For me every library is some sort of sanctuary and I could get lost for hours. 

3.) Go on then tell me the best Christmas cookie recipe so I can drool! from Fran

Haha! You can not only drool you can also try baking them! 😜
Vanillekipferl recipe: (they are something typical Austrian)
250g flour
210g butter
100g grated almonds
70g powdered sugar
Now you take all the ingredients and knead them into a dough. (Tough on the hands and takes some time) The dough needs to rest about 30 minutes in the fridge before you take it out. Well and then you form little croissants out of it. (The best way is to take little dough portions and to roll them between your palms until you have some sort of little dough string you can form into a croissant. 😉) And once you’re done with all of them you put them into the oven (180°C) for about 10 minutes. Make sure to bestrew them with a mixture of powdered sugar and vanilla sugar as long as they are still hot. They taste best when they had a few days in a cookie jar because with time they get soft and melt on your tongue. XD

And because I promised Fran a picture, here it is! 😊


4.) Where is your favorite place to read and with what beverage? from Phillip

Since I don’t have all too much space it’s my sofa! *lol* As for the beverage: Always coffee! There’s nothing better than to sit on my comfy sofa, wrapped into a blanket while reading a book and drinking coffee. (Some days when I read at night I might exchange that coffee for a good whiskey though. 😜) 

5.) What’s your favorite movie? from BG

Oh that’s a tough one. Just one? *lol*
It’s always a close tie between „Moulin Rouge“ or „Love, Actually“. I must have watched them both about a thousand times, guess that’s the hopeless romantic in me. Still, the beginning of Moulin Rouge is so strange. XD

6.) Since you brought food up, what’s your LEAST favourite foods? Gurl gotta know what no to feed you on a dinner party 😉 from Maja

Haha! Love the thought behind your question! XD 
And to my mum’s chagrin it’s „Erdäpfelgulasch“ (potato goulash). My whole family loves it but I don’t, probably because they didn’t eat it as often as me. There’s a story behind it and I promised to write it in this blog post so here I go:
When I was 13 years old my mum went back to work (I know! Best mum ever for staying with her kids for so long) and of course she didn’t have all too much time to cook for us. So being the sweet and caring mum that she is, she still wanted to cook me something for lunch. My dad ate at work, my sister at school and I was the only one who still ate at home. So she went for something easy that could be heated up in no time: Erdäpfelgulasch and basically every other sort of goulash you can think of. She just made the potato goulash more often than the others. *lol* So yeah, I ate a lot of goulash that first year of her being back at work and I kind of overate on it. I can’t even smell it anymore. >_<  So yep, that’s my least favourite food because I ate it too often. XD I know that’s a luxury problem but it is how it is. 

7.) What are some of your favorite songs? from David

Ohh that’s a dangerous question. As a musician I live and breathe music so I have many favourite songs. I’ll go with a few of my faves, okay!? *lol* 😜
Rainmaker – Iron Maiden
Hallelujah – Damien Rice
Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
Unconditionally – Katy Perry
My Heroine- Silverstein
Sky Full of Song – Florence + the Machine
White Doves – Cider Sky
Million Reasons – Lady Gaga
Bad Liar – Imagine Dragons
Hurt – Johnny Cash
BTS – Dynamite
The Rules For Lovers – Richard Walters

And about a gazillion more, but it’s already a long ist so I’ll leave it at that. 😅😂


8.) Favorite animals? from Sabrina

3 of my faves are definitely foxes, owls and axolotls. ❤

Thank you so much for all those amazing questions! It was a lot of fun to answer them and I’m so glad you guys seem to enjoy my blog! 😀 I’ll try my best to keep it interesting! And I’ll think about something nice when I hit 400 followers. *lol* (Whenever I get there. xD)

This said: I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! ❤ Enjoy it with your family and loved ones and please try to stay healthy and safe! =)



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    1. Thanks, Sabrina! XD It was a nice and funny one and we all ate way too much. *lol* Merry Christmas to you! I hope you had a great day with your family! ❤ And *lol* I listened to "Bad Liar" on repeat! Such a great song and so good to dance to. I couldn't put all the BTS songs in my list so that's the only reason why I just mentioned Dynamite. *LOL*

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