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Hey there, my lovelies! 😀

I was tagged for this by Emma @ A Few Chapters ‚til Love a while ago and finally managed to get to it! XD So a huge thank you to Emma for thinking of me! You’re the best! ❤ Also I saw that some of those questions will be tough to answer but I love myself a good challenge so I’m all ready for the fun! 😛

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“Not only is it a seriously immersive adventure though the rivers of the world [also I’m low key screaming because we’re getting a movie] but I love the puny tongue-in-cheek humor of the skippers” –  Alexandra

Believe it or not but my knee-jerk reaction to this was that I can’t think of a single book that’s set along the river. Which is kinda crazy if you think about it. I mean there are books that mention rivers in them but they are never truly a big part of the plot. The only book that comes to mind because the characters made a journey on the Nil is „Blood Sisters“ so I think I’ll just go with this one for now. =)

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“Yo Ho, Yo Ho, a pirates life for me! Pirates of the Caribbean is a staple at any Disney Park. Did you know it was the ride that actually inspired the films? That’s right, Walt Disney himself oversaw the development of the ride which opened in 1967.” – Alexandra

I never knew the ride came before the movies! Color me surprised. XD This said „To Kill a Kingdom“ definitely falls into this category! It was such an adventure and I loved Lira and Elian! By reading this book I finally realized that I’m not only a huge fan of morally grey characters but apparently also a sucker for pirate princes and blood thirsty sirens. *lol* If you’re a fan of easy banter and snark too then you really should give this a try! 😉


I am quite literally obsessed with The Haunted Mansion, namely it’s Parisian counterpart Phantom Manor with it’s more intricate, eerie theme. Located in the Western-esuqe Frontierland, Phantom Manor’s narrative centers around the bride herself and tells the story of Melanie Ravenswood who is haunted for all eternity by the menacing Phantom. – Alexandra

Ohh how I loved „Anna Dressed in Blood“. There’s a Victorian haunted house, Anna is the ghost and Cas Lowood is supposed to tackle the task of sending her to her final destination. Well, until for some reason Anna doesn’t murder him but starts to talk to him instead. XD Seriously, I got such a „Supernatural“ vibe (the early seasons) when I first read this and I really enjoyed it! If you want to read an eerie ghost story you’re in for a treat with this one. XD

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Knott’s Berry Farm eat your heart out because Disney’s Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is the best mine cart ride. Ever. Set in a seemingly haunted canyon, Thunder Mountain is a thrilling coaster-like ride through a rickety gold mine. – Alexandra

The first book that instantly comes to mind is „Illuminae“! This book had me at the edge of my seat from beginning to finish and boy did I chew on my fingernails. *lol* I never read such a fast paced book that tackled so many interesting topics and to say my mind exploded would be the understatement of the century! I said it once and I’ll say it again: This needs to be an action movie!!!

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Ah, Splash Mountain – the best thrill ride in any Disney Park. Hands down. Nothing like a five story drop to ground below to get that heart pumping, am I right? Splash Mountain is a classic log ride though the bayou that features a cast of animatronic critters from The Song of the South. And, isn’t there just something so atmospheric about the Deep South? – Alexandra

Here’s an entire series that’s set in the deep south! 😛 Charlaine Harris’s „Sookie Stackhouse“ books play in a small town in Louisiana and even though the last few books of this series weren’t as good as the first 6 or so I still finished it. If you don’t want to fight through all 13 books you can always watch the tv series though. „True Blood“ is the on screen adaption and I’m sure if you like vampires you might enjoy that one as well.


Of all the flagship castles, there’s something to be said about the sprawling simplicity of Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World Resort. I mean, the lofty spires, the climbing turrets, the ornate trims – the moat? It just screams happily ever after. Also, dinning in Cinderella’s Royal Table is a high priority of mine. – Alexandra

Don’t say you didn’t see that one coming! 😛 I mean „Cinder“ is kind of destined for this, right? And true to the fairytale original there was a castle in this one too. *lol* Also can we all agree on the fact that Cinder, Iko and Prince Kai were awesome? I really need to continue with this series because it feels like it’s been ages I read the first book. But oh well, too many books, too little time and all that jazz! XD

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No trip to Disneyland’s complete without taking a spin through the whimsy of Alice’s Mad Tea Party. I don’t know about you, but I’m always the one shrieking with laughter, spinning the teacup as fast as it can go and holding on for dear life. [Would not recommend riding after a Dole Whip] – Alexandra

And here comes another retelling! „Heartless“ was one hell of a whimsical book but considering it’s the story about how a young girl became the queen of hearts this should be no surprise. 😉 I might have a few issues with this book and how the character arc was executed, but that doesn’t change anything about my love for Jest! He’s one of the best and most intriguing fictional characters ever and if you haven’t read „Heartless“ yet you’re definitely missing out!


Okay, so the Matterhorn isn’t as cool as Thunder Mountain but it’s snow-capped aesthetic and alpine vibe is seriously atmospheric. As you hurtle though snowy chutes and jagged edges, you might even glimpse the Abominable Snowman himself. – Alexandra

In Robin Hobb’s „Assassin’s Quest“ the characters spend a lot of time walking and hiking on the mountain so that’s the first book that came to mind. *lol* If you want to read it I recommend to read the first two books though! If you’re an epic fantasy fan you’ll most likely end up loving it because Robin Hobb doesn’t only write awesome fantasy but also amazing characters (especially Fitz, Nighteyes and The Fool)! I loved this series so much! ❤

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Ignoring that fact that It’s a Small World is the most annoying song ever written [try getting that one out of your head], I can’t fault it’s child-like celebration of world peace and unity. It’s whimsical and iconic as you board a boat and traipse across the globe. This might make me seem like a Basic White Girl™, but I’ve always been fascinated by French folklore and culture. – Alexandra

„The Grisha Trilogy“ is inspired by Russian folklore and mythology and you can read it in every single page. I guess that’s part of why I enjoyed it so much! Other countries, their culture and their languages always fascinated me and still do so it’s no surprise I was a sucker for this kind of fairytale! XD And Leigh Bardugo can write!!! If the Darkling and Nikolai Lantsov aren’t enough reasons to read this, then I don’t know. *lol*


As far as roller-coasters go, you can’t beat the thrilling breathlessness of racing through the cosmos in Space Mountain. The attention the detail – the futuristic space station vibe, the swirling strobes and the nebulae as you hurtle through the void of space makes Space Mountain a truly immersive, out-of-this-world experience. – Alexandra

Okay, that promt was really hard because I think I never read a real space opera! If NetGalley decides to approve my ARC of „Seven Devils“ I’ll finally go for the experience though! *lol* I really can’t wait to dive into this and after reading Sabrina’s review I’m convinced that I’ll enjoy it immensely. 😀

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Iris @ Countless Words With Iris | Kaya @ A Fictional Bookworm |  Amy @ Sparks of SpiritHollis & Micky @ A Take From Two Cities | Sabrina @ Notes From A Paper Plane Nomad | Elli @ AceReader

Of course you don’t have to do the tag if you don’t want to! I just thought you might enjoy doing it! Disney is always a lot of fun, at least for me it is, so I wanted to share it! 😉


This was quite a tough tag indeed. *lol* I really had to think long and hard before I could come up with a book for some of the promts. XD It was fun though! Do you like Disney and did you ever visit one of the parks? Do you agree with my prompts? What kind of books would you have chosen? Did you read and like some of the books I mentioned? Talk to me and let me know!



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  1. Thanks for the tag!!! This looks so fun I’ve wanted to do it for ages hahahah 😂❤️ I love Disney – I went to Tokyo DisneySea a few years ago and IT WAS FANTASTIC. Absolutely amazing 😭😭 They have popcorn stalls in all sorts of flavours and you can get them in buckets shaped like Disney characters! I have Minnie Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Dumbo buckets (I ate a lot of popcorn 😂) – oh my god I need to stop before I write a whole page-length comment. Maybe I’ll say more when I do the tag 👀😂

    Hope you get approved for Seven Devils and enjoy it as much as I did!!

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