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Review: Throne of Glass (Sarah J. Maas)


Rating: 4 Pfoten

”I will not be afraid. For a year, those words had meant the difference between breaking and bending; they had kept her from shattering in the darkness of the mines.”

Okay since this was a re-read and my kid is keeping me busy I’ll try to make it simple and short.I’m still in love with Celaena’s world and I can’t wait to read the second book. This time however I only gave the book four stars. I don’t know why my opinion changed but for me it just wasn’t a five star read anymore. Maybe the plot lost its appeal because I was already reading it for the second time, or maybe I just got annoyed by Celaena’s choice in the end. *lol*
I mean, seriously?! XD

Well anyway, never mind my biased and completely subjective opinion! ;-P
Let’s head directly to the characters section instead! *lol*


Warning: My spoilery spoiler section is lying ahead of you, so if you don’t want to get more than you bargained for, you better head in the other direction! XD


”But Sam, like her, had been betrayed – and sometimes the absence of him hit her so hard that she forgot how to breathe.”

It’s obvious that the mines of Endovier have changed the way Celaena thinks and acts around others. She’s still that sassy and self-confident assassin, but she’s also very pensive and questions many of her actions and decisions. To read what she had to endure in Endovier always breaks my heart and even after reading the book for the second time it still gave me the chills when she talked about what happened in the salt mines. The scene when she told Chaol how they rubbed salt into her wounds or the moment when Dorian realised that she didn’t aim to reach the wall, but actually only wanted to die? *shudders* Those chapters gave me goosebumps! XD Still, the fact she stayed strong and survived a year in those mines only made me love her even more and I really hope that she’ll face her fears and will be able to kill that damn king!! (Yes, I know we’re talking about Dorian’s father, but I just hate him! I guess Dorian does too. *lol*)

”Here’s a lesson for you, Weapons Master,” she said, stalking past him. “Give me real men to fight. Then maybe I’ll bother trying.”

We all bear scars, Dorian. Mine just happen to be more visible than most.“


Yet there was something in his eyes, strikingly blue – the color of the waters of the southern countries –and the way they contrasted with his raven-black hair that made her pause. He was achingly handsome, and couldn’t have been older than twenty.”

Oh my, Dorian!!! I just love Dorian Havilliard!!! He’s one of those amazing characters you can’t help but have to adore!!! I mean seriously, who could resist such a cutiepie?! No wait, don’t answer that! Celaena! Obviously!! ARGH!!! There were so many awesome and tender moments between those two and then she decides for Chaol?! WTH!?? CELAENA IF YOU DON’T WANT DORIAN I’LL TAKE HIM!!! I mean how could she not fall for him? He’s cute as hell, charming, he has an awesome humour and most importantly his heart is in the right place!!! I love that he prefers books over fighting and that he stands by his convictions!! It was so much fun when Celaena kind of called him a whoremonger and all he did was to be amused by it. *lol* Still, there’s a very serious and passionate side of him too and I just couldn’t get enough of it! I want more of this fierce Dorian and I hope to see a lot of him in the second book! ;-P #TeamDorian all the way!!! ❤❤❤

“I’m not married,“ he said softly, „because I can’t stomach the idea of marrying a woman inferior to me in mind and spirit. It would mean the death of my soul.“

“You won’t believe me. But … I don’t want to be part of that. I can’t call myself a man when I allow my father to encourage such unforgivable atrocities. Yet even if I pleaded for clemency on behalf of the conquered kingdoms, he wouldn’t listen. Not in this world. This is the world where I only picked you to be my Champion because I knew it would annoy my father.”

”He was done with politics and intrigue. He loved her, and no empire, no king, and no earthly fear would keep him away from her. No, if they tried to take her from him, he’d rip the world apart with his bare hands. And for some reason, that didn’t terrify him.”


“Idiot,“ she said grinning now.
“Crazed criminal,” he returned, grinning, too.
“I really do hate you.”
“At least I didn’t come in eighteenth place,” he said.

Chaol Westfall, the captain of the royal guard. I really liked him too and I can’t say anything negative about him. After all, his easy banter with Celaena was at least as adorable as the interactions between Dorian and the assassin. Still, Chaol has a soldiers mind and always seems to think about his duty first. Sure, he saved Celaena in the end but I didn’t really enjoy the chapters from his POV. He seems to be calculating and he still sees Celaena as a threat. Even after all the time they spent together she’s still a criminal in his eyes and he constantly seemed to refuse to acknowledge that she is more than an assassin. She’s a human being as well and I’m sure it wouldn’t have hurt him to come to terms with it. XD Oh well, I guess I just said something negative about him after all. *grins sheepishly*

”How long was I asleep?” she asked again, and noticed a hint of red in his cheeks. “You were asleep, too?”
“Until you began drooling on my shoulder.”
“Such a self-righteous young man,” she cooed, and he poked her leg.

”No matter what happens,” she said quietly, “I want to thank you.”
Chaol tilted his head to the side. “For what?”
Her eyes stung, but she blamed it on the fierce wind and blinked away the dampness. “For making my freedom mean something.”


“Names are not important. It’s what lies inside of you that matters. I know what you went through in Endovier. I know what my people endure there, day after day. But you did not let the mines harden you; you did not let it shame your soul into cruelty.”

The relationship between Nehemia and Celaena can only be described as FRIENDSHIP GOALS!!! XD I think Nehemia is an awesome character and I hope that Celaena and her will stay friends forever! You could basically say that Nehemia is everything I want in a friend. She’s fiercely loyal, loves Celaena unconditionally and accepts her exactly the way she is. Plus she’s a strong woman, keeps her chin up and fights for the rights of her people and against the suppression of the king! What more can you ask for? =)) I want more of her and I hope the next books will fulfil this wish! =)


I enjoyed the book even though it was a re-read and now that I’m done I can’t wait to continue with the series!!! Also this was a buddy read with my precious Gem! I know this time around our buddy read was a little bit bumpy, but I’m still excited for “Crown of Midnight” and I’m so happy we’ll experience this together as well!! <333

P.S.: Just in case you wondered: Yes, this was me keeping it short and simple! ;-P

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