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Hugs’n’kisses OR Dismissed by the Missus/Messrs

hugs'n'kisses or dismissed by the missus

Hey there, my lovelies!

The last book I read („Radiance“) was a really nice surprise so I thought I’d go for the next round! 😛 I still feel like I’m not doing this often enough but I’m getting there. Especially because my TBR is growing again and I really, really need to reduce it. *lol* The struggle is real my friends!!! >_<

The rules:

1.) Link back to the original post @ The Sassy Library Fox (I really want to know if it works out for you and I’m curious about your book choices! ;-))

2.) Choose 3 random numbers from 1 to the end of your TBR list. (In my case it are 3 random numbers from 1 – 292, so for instance I’ll pick 29, 105 and 241)

3.) Take a look at the 3 books on your TBR. (29 – Snow Like Ashes, 105 – Gold, 241– Dangerous Girls)

4.)  Then you follow the rhyme:

One to hug and read, (Dangerous Girls: I’ve been curious about this one for quite a while and since my Gansey loved it I’m pretty sure I’ll enjoy this too!)

One to kiss and keep, (Snow Like Ashes: I’m not ready to read this young adult fantasy book so I’ll just kiss and keep it. XD)

One to dismiss and weep! (Gold: This paranormal fantasy romance doesn’t sound bad but I’m just not in the right mood to read it right now. Maybe one day it will find its way back on my TBR for now I’ve to say „goodbye“ though. 😉 )

5.) Read the book you hugged and kept within a month and repeat the process as often and as frequently as you like. (I’ll do this once a month and hopefully it will help me to reduce my TBR ;-P)


By now it feels like I’m delusional with my hope to reduce my TBR to 375 books. *lol* But I’ll still try my best! XD After this round it are 392 once again. T_T But I just can’t help it! There are just too many great books hitting the shelves soon and of course they all end up on my TBR. It’s one step forward and two steps back. *lol*



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