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March Wrap-Up

Wrap Up

Okay, not gonna lie here, March was a tough month. Not only book wise but also life wise. You might say one led to the other. When COVID-19 hit my country everything came to a standstill and our lives changed rather drastically. From one day to the next I stopped commuting to work, set up a home office and tried to work from home as best as I could. With a little kid that’s constantly around me because kindergarten is closed too and with my hubby on top of that March was quite a trying and exhausting month though.

I constantly found myself falling into bed right after work and was no good for anything. Thankfully my kid is still taking naps because damn I needed them badly too. *lol* Since the situation in Austria didn’t get any better (at least not up until now) I’ll be on short-time work from now on. So there’s that. More time to take care of my family, to cook for them and hopefully also more time to read and to blog? XD You can always dream, right? Now that my reading slump is over I’ll hopefully read more again.

One thing is for certain though: Now that I’m spending so much time at home my flat is super tidy. I swear it probably was never as clean as it is now! *lol* Or well, maybe it was when I moved into it 6 years ago and scrubbed literally EVERYTHING! 😛

On a side note: There happened something super amazing in March (understatement of the century!!) and I just need to gush about it, so please bear with me! *lol* It won’t take long, I’ll just mention that for some weird, crazy and completely unfathomable reason I ended up being number 99 in the Goodreads Global Top 100 of ALL FREAKING TIME! THANK YOU GUYS SO DAMN MUCH!!! I can’t even… O_o AKDFASDFJASKDFJSAKFSJDFKASJFD! Okay, that’s it, I’m fine. *faints*


Anyway, enough of my weirdness and musings and right back to the few books I actually managed to read last month! XD

Books read: 6

Pages read:  1.642 (Not as great as February but considering that I was in a slight book slump due to work and COVID-19 this actually isn’t all too bad!)

Average rating: 4,00 (That’s quite okay I suppose! I expected „The Death Cure“ to pull the rest of the books down, but apparently my other two 5 paws reads saved the rating. *lol*)

Books that were on my reading list:  1 (from 2019, boy I really need to finish some of my books!! >_< )

March Reads:

34878431. sy475     7171637     13265138
43889556. sy475     7706484    33230173. sy475
Akairya: 4 Pfoten
Abrianna Leaming was so nice to give me a free copy of her book and I enjoyed it immensely! 😀 Yes, it might have taken me way too long to get to it but once I did I kind of rushed through it. This was a great fantasy middle grade book and if you like dragons, magic and elfs this might be the perfect book for you. 😉
Clockwork Angel: 5 Pfoten
Ahh it felt so good to be back in this world! I wanted to reread this series for ages and I finally started with the first book! What can I say? I still love Will, I still adore Jem and Tessa is as great as ever! All those bookish discussions, the characters and their interactions. Amazing! If you want to read my full review on this masterpiece you can do it here!
The Death Cure: 2 Pfoten
I kind of expected not to like it and unfortunately I was proven right. I really enjoyed the first book but from „The Scorch Trials“ on this series just didn’t make any sense. (at least not for me) In the last book there was no aim and no purpose, the characters would say one thing and do another and urgh… that kind of irked me big time. This felt so aimless that I just couldn’t give it a better rating. Truth be told, Minho and Newt were the only reason I kept on reading and that definitely wasn’t enough! >_<
Thank God I’m Fired: 4 Pfoten
Another review copy from an author I appreciate and hold in high regard. 🙂 You might say Sandeep Pawar is an own voice when it comes to IT topics and to say he’s a funny voice would be a huge understatement! I really enjoy his books because they aren’t only fun but also show the human side of IT and this in a very entertaining way. So if you’re interested in this sort of thing, search no more. Sandeep already delivered. 😛
The Last Olympian: 4 Pfoten
Ha! I loved this! Uncle Rick once again proved why he is a genius and one of the best authors to read when it comes to Greek Mythology! This was quite action packed and definitely held my attention until the very last page! A worthy final for a great series! I wish I could read „The Heroes of Olympus“ now but unfortunately my library is still closed. T_T So for now I’ll just have to wait. (Dang! I wanted to read about Nico di Angelo so badly!! He’s my precious son and I love him to pieces! ❤ )
The Summer Palace: 5 Pfoten
I can’t believe I waited 3 years to read this! But then again I can and boy, was it worth the long wait! *lol* I loved this short story so much and it was everything I ever wanted for my two boys! ❤ This was the ending I would have loved to read when I finished „King’s Rising“ and it made my heart sing with joy! I just love, love and LOVE Laurent and Damen! They are everything! XD


How was your March? Did you manage to read more books than I did or were you in a reading slump as well? Are your libraries closed too? And if yes, where do you get your books from now? How’s the current situation at your country? And the most important question: Are you still healthy and okay?!

Talk to me and let me know!

Also on a last, rather serious but still optimistic note: Stay healthy and take care! ❤ We can get through this and if we stick together we’ll come out of it stronger than before!



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17 Gedanken zu „March Wrap-Up“

  1. Congrats on the Goodreads ranking that’s awesome!!

    I was a little disappointed by The Death Cure too but I’m glad you enjoyed The Last Olympian, I loved that!

    I read a little less than normal in March and my libraries are closed now, but luckily I’ve got a lot of books to hand. Hope you’re staying safe too!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Thank you so much!! ❤
      I was totally surprised by this! Really didn't see that one coming. *lol*

      "The Last Olympian" was great! Very suspenseful and as always funny even though it was pretty serious as well. 🙂 "The Death Cure"… well I'm glad I finished the series. XD

      Let's hope April will be a better month for you then! I'll cross my fingers for you that you'll only read great books! I'll try my best! Stay safe too! =))

      Gefällt 1 Person

  2. TOP 100 OF ALL TIME!!! THAT’S FREAKING AMAZING!! 👏👏 rereading favourites during this time is literally the best form of self-care. and the will, jem, tessa dymanic makes me cryyyy
    ehh, sorry the maze runner series kind of downgraded for you. it definitely felt aimless to me too, bleghhh at least it’s over

    hope you’re having a great month!!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. I still don’t know how I got in there but I’m not going to complain! *lol* THANK YOU!! ❤ And true, it's comforting to reread books I already love. Plus Will, Jem and Tessa are so amazing! I love them all! I'm glad I finished "The Maze Runner" series but I doubt I'll read any of the other accompanying books.

      Thank you, may! I hope your April will be amazing too! ❤

      Gefällt mir

  3. Congratulations on top 100! I’ve sent you a friend request because I am terrible at keeping up with my Goodreads follows 😅
    March seemed to go well, six books is a really good job!
    I hope you have a safe and healthy April ❤
    – Emma 🙂

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Thank you so much, Emma! ❤
      I just accepted it! 😉 And I feel you on that front. I always feel like I can't keep up with my friends updates and reviews. (Which is most certainly because I actually can't. *lol*) Despite everything March was a good reading month. Let's hope April will be even better.
      Stay healthy and safe too, Emma! ❤

      Gefällt 1 Person

  4. Sounds like you had a stressful March! But I can imagine! I was very overwhelmed with university suddenly going online and all the ensuing chaos (especially as I would have had a lot of practical courses this semester) and I don’t have a little kid!

    But readingwise it seemed to have gone really well! 6 books is great! And oh man, I really wanna reread the Infernal Devices series! ^^

    (P.S. You’re from Austria, too??)

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Yeah, I can only imagine how terrible it must have been to change to e-learning all of a sudden. I mean many things were already done online before everything got crazy but now it’s really all over the net so that change must have been quite a challenge. XD

      Readingwise it was a good month though. I kind of was in a slump at the beginning but then gradually came back into the game. *lol* The Infernal Devices is soo good! I really enjoyed being in that world again. ❤

      (P.S: Yes, I am. From Lower Austria. I was born and raised in Vienna though and still work there. 🙂 Where do you come from?)

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. A few semesters back it wouldn’t have been that bad but especially this semester I have *all* the practical courses (you know the ones were you are supposed to get data, measurements or something like that) and it’s so different how the professors deal with it. Some are sooo nice and try their absolute best and some others … oh well 😅

        I was in the worst physical reading slump in March. Audiobook were no problem but I really couldn’t focus on either ebooks or physical copies. It was soo bad! But I think I’m over that now! Yay 🥳

        (Oh cool! I was born in Germany but live and study here in Vienna now. Really like the city ☺️)

        Gefällt 1 Person

      2. Sounds like all the professors in the world. Some are really nice an others … well they are not. *lol* Guess now is a very bad time to have all those practical courses. >_<

        Glad to hear you're over your reading slump as well. I rarely get into reading slumps because I love to read but when they hit me it's always bad.

        (Oh, that's awesome. 😀 Vienna is a really nice city but before we got the little one we decided to move to Lower Austria. It's easier for the kids when you're living in a small town.)

        Gefällt 1 Person

      3. True! And yeah ^^

        Same! I think this is acutally the very first time I had such a hard time reading wise. I just couldn’t focus on the pages. Thank the book god for audiobooks or it would have been some bookless msierable months!

        Yeah, I really like the vibe of the city and the people are so friendly (even though everyone says they’re not?) but yeah, it’s nice to have more space / smaller city for kids

        Gefällt 1 Person

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