My Stolen Voice – I never thought I’d have to deal with plagiarism T_T

Hey there my lovelies,

I know I don’t write personal blog posts all too often but this Monday something happened to me and the more I think about it the more it feels like I’ve to write it off my chest. I’ve always been someone who needs to write about things in order to process them and this really hit me hard so please bear with me when this gets a little bit more personal than my usual blog posts.

You probably already wondered what the title of my post means and to put it bluntly and right out there: Someone stole my voice! I’m sure you’ve a question mark over your head now and I’ll try my best to explain.

So here it comes: When I logged into my goodreads account on Monday a good friend of mine wrote me that someone stole my reviews and posted them on their own profile, claiming it was their own work. He even sent me a link to the profile and told me that he already informed the admins to take off the user’s profile. My first reaction was bewilderment and I followed the link seeing MY reviews on another person’s profile!

She even had the audacity to use my book updates, copying them word for word. Down to the *lol* and winking smiley!!! I can’t even express how I felt in that moment. Suffice it to say that my face fell and that I was at least as shocked about it as I was fuming! How dare that person to steal my words, my thoughts, my ideas, the very essence of my personality! How dare she to pose as me?!?!

I swear I’m blinking back tears writing this now, because this is not okay, this is wrong on so many levels that I can’t even… well I can’t even! I feel exactly like I felt when they stole my bike at the train station a couple of years ago. I left it in the morning and when I came back in the afternoon it was gone. I cared for that bike. It was the first one I ever bought for myself, the others I had were always second hand and this was the first bicycle that was new. I bought a bell for it, I chose a basket, I made it mine! And then it was gone, taken from me by someone else who used it like it belonged to them. Like it had been them who made it what it is.

I felt so sad, powerless and helpless! I was angry, frustrated, furious and disappointed. I felt violated and humiliated and I’m feeling all those emotions right now. Only that this time around it wasn’t just my bike, it was my soul, my heart, everything that makes me “me” that was stolen and abused. Some might say that I’m overreacting that it’s not a big deal, but for me it is.

I am a person that writes reviews because books make me feel something, because they mean something to me, because I find myself in them, because I love them or hate them and because I need to get all those different emotions off my chest. I love to write, I love to get those thoughts on paper and writing is so damn important to me that it just hurts to know how easily someone was able to take away my words. 😥 I’m pretty sure that person can’t even fathom what she did to me when she copied my reviews. For her it were probably just a few clicks, for me it were hours of reading the book, hours of choosing and writing down the quotes, of pouring my thoughts into a suitable mould that reflects my personal feelings and ideas…I work hard for my reviews! They don’t just happen! >_<

So what did I do and where does this leave me?

Well, I obviously wrote to the admins of goodreads and flagged the profile of the person before I wrote an update about it. And here comes the moment where I thank all my amazing friends and followers because, boy, do I LOVE you guys! You were amazing, your words meant so much to me and they cheered me up immensely! It’s good to know that I have your support and that you don’t only appreciate my reviews but also me as a person! <333 I feel so loved and I’m grateful for all your kind comments and words! Just to know that there are people out there that felt with me and tried to console me meant so much to me! ❤ You guys are just the best! XD

So yeah, as it seems the person who stole my reviews read my update too and she actually wrote me a message and apologized for it. I know some of my friends asked me to send them the link to the person’s profile so they could flag it too, but I didn’t because despite everything she did to me, it still felt right to protect her privacy. I know I’m probably a fool for trying to protect her from a witch hunt but I know how ugly such things can get over the internet and I think there was already enough harm done. Yes, I’m aware that she didn’t give me the same courtesy when she stole my work and violated that very privacy, but I like to think that everyone deserves a second chance. I can only hope that she learned her lesson and won’t ever do such a thing again. Well, at least she deleted the profile including all those stolen reviews so there’s that. >_<

Still, this experience kind of leaves me distraught and agitated, because there’s always the thought that it might happen again. 😦


What do you think? Did something like that ever happen to you and if yes, how did you deal with it? Will this strong feeling of betrayal ever leave me? Do you think I’m a fool for trying to protect her after all this?

Share your thoughts with me and let me know! I value your opinion and I’d be happy to get some input.



The Sassy Library Fox


6 Gedanken zu „My Stolen Voice – I never thought I’d have to deal with plagiarism T_T“

  1. What a terrible thing to have happened. I’m so sorry. I think you’re being gracious by protecting her identity, especially since people online can be cruel. Do what feels best for you. I hope the feeling of betrayal fades soon.

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  2. That is terrible! You are so mature and handled it so well – I know many people who would not hesitate to rip down this girl with all the support they could get!
    I won’t excuse her behavior, but I will commend yours, you are amazing!
    – Emma 🙂

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