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August Wrap-Up

Wrap Up

Let’s just face the truth and get it over with: August was one of the worst reading months ever! *lol* T_T There was so much going on in my life that I barely managed to read anything and the 5 books I was able to read actually kind of managed to keep my sanity intact. XD

Considering it all it’s a wonder I even managed to read them! This month was just crazy… a funeral, a birthday, a hen night and a wedding. I really had it all. >_< (The latter three occasions were a lot of fun though, and a really nice reason not to pick up a book! 😛 ) Anyway, despite my problems to find some time to read, the books I eventually ended up reading were pretty awesome. Out of five there were three I gave 5 paws and two of them even happened to be on My Book List 2019!

Let’s hope it will continue this way! I was careful to borrow the books that are on my list and I’m determined to read as many of them as possible. I might not be able to read all 40 I initially put there, but I’ll be damned if I don’t get close to it. *lol*

So without further ado, here is my monthly statistic and summary!

Books read: 5

Pages read:  1.922 (*cringes* Bloody hell! This really gotta be the worst reading month I ever had. *lol*)

Average rating: 4,6 (Funnily enough those 5 books I actually read were all pretty awesome! XD)

Books that were on my reading list:  3 (1 from 2018 and 2 from 2019)

August Reads:

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35083833__SY475_  3

Vicious: 5 Pfoten

I could still kick myself for not reading this sooner! *lol* V.E. Schwabs story about Victor Vale and Eli Ever was one of the easiest 5 paws I ever had the pleasure to hand out! Morally grey characters, the question of good and evil, a friendship that turned into hate, danger, suspense! This book had it all! ❤ If you want to read my super excited review, you can do it here!

Red, White & Royal Blue: 5 Pfoten

I love this book with all my heart and I’m so glad I read it!! ❤ It was amazing and this even though I had a tough time getting into the writing style at first. Still, the longer I read the more I loved this and yes you can argue that there is too much poltics, you can say it’s unrealistic and sappy, but for me those are all reasons that made the book so perfect!! Alex and Henry are LOVE!!! And they gave me hope, so thank you for that Casey McQuiston. ❤ 😀 My full review!

Warcross: 4 Pfoten

I really wish I would have loved this more than I did. Warcross“ got 3,5 paws from me and I rounded it up to four. So what happened? The plot was rather predictable and I think the world wasn’t explained enough. I would have wanted there to be more details and I kind of missed that special spark! I usually love Marie Lu’s books but unfortunately this didn’t really work out for me. I know I’ve an unpopular opinion but I can live with it. *lol* Still, I’m looking forward to „Wildcard“ and I’m sure Marie Lu will rock my socks! XD

Flutter: 4 Pfoten

This one was a really intriguing read and I never read anything like it before. If you like a little bit of romance that’s mixed with a dash of suspense and a pinch of mystery you should definitely give it a try. 🙂

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone: 5 Pfoten

It was so much fun to go back to Hogwarts and to start school with Harry, Hermione and Ron! ❤ I got really nostalgic while reading this and I’m planning to continue to read the entire series. I’ll do it slowly and I’ll savour every page! XD HP always feels like home and is such a comfort read. 😀 P.S: I’m still mad my letter never arrived!!! *lol*


How was your August? Did you manage to read more books than I did or was it a busy month for you as well?  XD Which books did you read and can you recommend me some of them? 😀

Talk to me and let me know! 😉



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8 Gedanken zu „August Wrap-Up“

  1. What a great (except for the funeral) month! You’ve had so many social events It’s a wonder you got through any books. I adored Red, White and Royal Blue ❤ I loved the politics in this, it really changed it up and kept me guessing. Great wrap-up 🙂

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    1. It really was a great month and I had a lot of fun! Sometimes you just gotta go out into the world and enjoy it. *lol* Well, except of the funeral of course. >_<
      I loved "Red, White and Royal Blue" so much! ❤ It's really an amazing book and the politics were great! I'm glad you enjoyed it too! And thanks! 😀

      Gefällt 1 Person

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