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The Third Annual Book Blogger Awards (2019)


If Hamad wouldn’t have nominated me I probably would have never known this exists. So a big thank you to Hamad for making me aware of this (and of course for nominating me!! <3) and another big thank you to May who decided to continue the awards this year! It’s not easy to host such a huge Award so you have all my respect for doing it this year! ❤ This is the first time I’m participating and I haven’t been a blogger for all too long so I’ll try my best to nominate some of my fellow bloggers.. 🙂 They definitely deserve it! XD






I’m sorry I couldn’t vote for all of the categories (if you want to see the entire list you have to click on the link to May’s page 😉 ) but I think I just haven’t been in the blogging community for all too long. XD (It’s not even a year yet. O_o)

This said, I really wish I could have voted for all of you, because you guys are all awesome and the bookish blogging community is really the best! ❤

Anyway, this is still a wonderful chance to get to know new bloggers and to support the ones you already love! ❤ Will you participate and nominate bloggers too? =))



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