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May Wrap-Up

Wrap Up

It took me ages to get to this but I’m finally writing my May Wrap-Up! If I wouldn’t have been ill over those last few days I most definitely would have posted it already, but life happened and the germs of my daughter happened so yeah, I’m sure you get the idea. *lol*

All I’m saying is that it sucks to be ill when there are 35 degrees (95) out there and you have to lie in bed with a fever. XD Anyway let’s not dwell on the bad things and rather go for the good ones!

For instance the simple fact that I managed to read 7 books in May! Okay, two of them were Fruits Basket volumes but still! This is one more than I managed to read in April so I count this as an achievement. ;-P Plus, I think I’m finally catching up on my review copies and ARCs which means my ARC ban will be dropped soon! YAY!

I guess with this good news we can move to my monthly statistic:

Books read: 7

Pages read:  2.149 (Interesting. According to my last Wrap-Up I read one book more but also read 290 pages less. XD)

Average rating: 4,14 (Am I getting picky again? *lol*)

Books that were on my reading list:  4 (2 from 2018 and 2 from 2019)

May Reads:

5297  38467638  40222479

32682118 16096824

The Picture of Dorian Gray: 5 Pfoten

One of my all-time faves and a classic I’ve read about a thousand times. ❤ This time however I didn’t only read it very slowly but also made sure to write a proper review! I wanted to do this ever since I joined goodreads but I never had the time. XD Well, at least not up until now. 😉 So if you want to read an elaborate  review about one of my favourite classics you can finally do it here!

The Three Hares: 4 Pfoten

This was a review copy and a really nice change to the books I usually read. The genre is somewhere between adventure, mystery and middle grade and I enjoyed to dive into this world. For some reason I had the idea that there would be magic too but there actually wasn’t which was kind of funny and gave the story a touch of mystery. XD If you want to read more about Geoffrey’s book you can always read my goodreads review here!

The Good Daughter: 4 Pfoten

I rarely read thrillers because they have a rather unnerving tendency to give me nightmares but this one was really good! It went in an entirely different direction than I initially expected but if there is one thing Karin Slaughter can do then it is to write thrillers that make you feel for her protagonists. And boy, did I feel for Charlie and Sam! >_<

One of Us is Lying: 4 Pfoten

I wanted to read this book for ages and therefore wrote it on my book list 2018. Yes, you read right: 2018. I don’t have to tell you about good intentions, do I? *lol* Anyway, this was a lot of fun to read and I loved to guess about the murderer! The fun part: I even found out who it was! XD If you’re a fan of murder mysteries with a little bit of teen drama and loved to watch Castle episodes I’m sure this is going to be fun for you too! 😉

A Court of Thorns and Roses: 4 Pfoten

This was a reread but I loved it so much!!! ❤ It was so good to be back in this world and I loved every single moment with my precious autumn leave, Lucien! No one writes faeries quite as entertaining as Sarah J. Maas and I can’t wait to continue my reread. Especially because ACOMAF is my fave book in the entire ACOTAR series! 🙂 I won’t gush about ACOTAR here because if you truly want to see my super long and epic gush feast you can do it right here!

Fruits Basket Vol. 19 & 20: 4 Pfoten

It makes me sooo sad to know that I only have 3 (by now it are even only 2) volumes left to read. I loved this manga as a teen and nothing changed! Those characters are just too precious and each and every single one of them is amazing in its own way! ❤ I wish there would be even more volumes but every series has to end and so I’ll be inconsolable once I finished the final page. T_T


So what about you? Did you read any interesting books in May? Which book made it into your faves and did your already read some of the books I mentioned in my wrap-up? If yes, what did you think of them? Did you like them or hate them?

Talk to me and let me know! =)


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