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February Wrap-Up

Wow, this is the first time I actually managed to write a wrap-up for the books I read last month. After blogging for umm 6 months that’s quite an achievement. *lol* (At least it’s for me and I think I should get a medal or something. Haha! )

Anyway, I dunno what happened but for some reason I only read 6 books… Oh well scratch that, I DO KNOW what happened. Work, an ill family and real life happened so it’s no wonder I didn’t manage to read more than those six books. Truth be told, it’s a miracle I was even able to read something. *lol* Yep, that’s me, always the imperturbable optimist. XD

Where was I again? Oh, yes!  Six books which makes for a really nice statistic:

Books read: 6

Pages read: 3.009 (Okay, I read KoA over the course of 3 months so maybe it were about 400 pages less, but who counts, right? ;-P)

Average rating: 3.83 (Is it just me or am I really getting hard to please? *lol*)

Books that were on my reading list: 2 (1 from 2018 and 1 from 2019)

February Reads:

23593321 36114743  Sarah J. Maas

25524728  33843362  19508953

Station Eleven: 4 Pfoten

I really enjoyed that book and it definitely was something different to all the other post-apocalyptic books I read so far. If you want to take a look at my full review you can read it here.

Ghosted: 4 Pfoten

The first f/m romance I read in ages AND I loved it. This book was so relatable and if you have children you’ll enjoy it immensely because that aspect of the book is portrayed in a really lovely and realistic way.

Kingdom of Ash: 5 Pfoten

If I ever get over this book I’ll let you know! *lol* So far it hasn’t happened and I’m not entirely sure if it will ever happen. This book was one hell of a masterpiece and my head is still spinning. It’s taking me ages to sort through my sticky notes and to write down quotes so it might take quite a while until you’re actually able to read a proper review. There will come one though, promise! 😉

Illuminae: 5 Pfoten

THIS BOOK WAS SUCH A SURPRISE! I didn’t expect to love it so much but damn I could kick my pre-Illuminae-self for not reading it sooner. What was I even thinking?! Well, post-Illuminae-me is happy I finally dared to read it and the interesting format only enhanced my reading experience! So don’t let it put you off! You can find my full review here.

Genuine Fraud: 2 Pfoten

This was hands down the worst book I read over those last few months. I loved “We Were Liars” so I expected something awesome from “Genuine Fraud”. Unfortunately this didn’t happen and I was really disappointed in the end. As I said in my review on Goodreads: “If I’d be a smoker it wouldn’t even be worth the infamous cigarette after the sex.” *lol* I guess that should give you a good idea of how anticlimactic the entire book was. ;-P

Anna and the French Kiss: 3 Pfoten

It was a nice romance but it didn’t sweep me off my feet. Maybe I read too many similar books or saw too many teenage romance movies but for me it felt like the book ran things by the rule book. XD Look at me getting all picky with my ratings. Urgh! >_<


What about you? Did you already read some of the books I read in February and if yes did you like them?!  Which books were on your reading list last month? Were they good and do you have any recommendations?

Talk to me! =)


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4 Gedanken zu „February Wrap-Up“

  1. im SO HAPPY that you loved illuminae!! it’s basically my favourite trilogy ever and i cant wait to hear your thoughts for gemina and obsidio bc the fun has just started!! glad to see you enjoyed station eleven too, that book was just incredible. and kingdom of ash, i still get emotional thinking about how its all over 😭😭 i’m too attached to the characters and the world.

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    1. Illuminae was such a revelation! I never thought I’d love this book as much as I did in the end. ❤ And I can't wait until my library tells me that I can pick up Gemina!! I really want to continue this series. XD KoA broke my heart in tiny little pieces and I'm not sure when I'll find another series I love as much as I loved ToG. T_T So I feel you. *sniff*

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