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My Bad Reading Habits Tag

I was tagged by the amazing Caidyn and his answers were a lot of fun to read. Mostly because I found myself in them, too. XD If you don’t know his blog yet, you definitely should check it out! It’s a really lovely blog and I enjoy reading it a lot!

I think I have many bad reading habits, so I guess I had this tag coming. *lol* Okay, let’s get this over with. *braces for the painful truth*



Haha! I totally agree with Caidyn here, I’m king at this one too. *lol*

I’ve the very bad habit to listen to music while I read. Which is probably one of the main reasons I haven’t tried audio books yet, because listening to a book while reading one would be kinda crazy, but then again I listen to music while I’m reading so erm yeah….you get what I mean, right? Also I can watch TV while I read and sometimes I even cook or eat while reading. Jeez! I just realized this is a really bad habit indeed. XD



Of all my reading habits this is probably the worst! Whenever I see an amazing book that’s going to be released in a year I whine and want to buy and read it immediately but once it’s actually out I just D.O.N.T R.E.A.D I.T! Why am I like this?! I’ve been like that with “Restore Me”, “Kingdom of Ash” and about ten thousand other releases. Once I get to them they are already at least three months out and the hype has died down. *lol*



*ignores the death glare from my books*

Before I joined goodreads there was a time when I could say that I read almost every physical copy that was in my shelf. Now? Not so much! XD One and a half years later and I have to avoid their laser death stare. *lol* I swear I haven’t bought that many books in ages and there are entire series waiting to be read. And what am I doing? I go to the library and borrow other books I read before I even pick up the ones I already own. I. AM. HORRIBLE.! I know! >_<



I’m exactly like Caidyn when it comes to this! It’s funny that our reading habits are so similar because I have different times to read my four or five books too. I usually read one in the morning when I’m on my way to work, one in the afternoon when I drive back from work and another one in the evening when my kid is in bed. And because this only makes three different books per day, I vary every other day. Haha! Wow, talk about bad reading habits.



I really dunno why I do this!! Maybe it’s the statistician in me; maybe it’s my inner control freak, but I ALWAYS look at the amount of pages first! And when my reading time is limited I even count the pages of the chapters in order to gauge if I’ll be able to finish the chapter or not. When I start a buddy read I’m even worse because my buddies and I usually set an amount of chapters we’re going to finish per day and then I’m basically forced to look up how long they are. It’s the dynamic of the buddy read, I swear. *lol*


Well, that were five of my worst reading habits and I’m kinda alarmed now because I could have added so much more! XD

I’m tagging Lily @ Sprinkles of Dreams, Ashley @ Bubbly Booknerd and  Camile @ This Chamber of Books! As always you don’t have to do the tag, it would be fun to read your answers though. 😛


7 Gedanken zu „My Bad Reading Habits Tag“

  1. Omg we have a lot in common. However, there can only be one king. But, I count my pages, too. Mainly because I use a reading tracker app where you can program when you want to finish a book so it tells you how much to read per day.

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  2. Haha I don’t read more than 3 books because I’m afraid I’ll lose track! But I totally get not reading new releases as soon as I can get my hands on them…I have a TBR longer than Rapunzel’s hair, lol!

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