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Book Blogger’s Two Truths and a Lie

I was tagged by Sahi @ My World of Books and I’m very glad I was given the chance to do this too. So thank you, Sahi! It’s really nice that you thought of me and I hope this is going to be interesting for my followers and friends! =)

How To Participate

  • Create a post with your two bookish truths and one bookish lie – but be sure to keep it a secret so your readers can guess!
  • Reveal the lie in a spoiler at the bottom of your post (you can use this HTML code! Just change the “S” in Summary to a lowercase)

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Two Truths and a Lie

Ohh, I’m already curious who will be able to detect the lie. 😛

> When I was a teen I read 30 books in a month

> I never dnf’d a book

> I own more than 300 physical books

I Tag

may @ my 1st chapter

Kacey @ Tales of a Bibliophile

Caidyn @ BW Reviews

Hamad @ The book prescription

Iris @ Hoard of Books

Sarah @ Sarah’s Books

ich lese

Kathy @ Books and Munches

And here is the lie:

I own more than 300 physical books. I wish this would be true but so far it are only (*lol*) about 200. Unfortunately there’s not enough space in my shelves and if I know I won’t read a book again I either donate it to the library or a charity flea market. I still dream of my own library in a big house though. XD


So were you able to guess the lie?! Let me know! 😀 

22 Gedanken zu „Book Blogger’s Two Truths and a Lie“

    1. Yay! That’s awesome and I thought really hard to come up with something that wouldn’t be easy to guess. So I’m glad it was tough. *lol* I guess I’m just lucky with the books I pick but there were also some books that had like umm 190 pages and it took me more than a month to read them. XD Talk about slumping. 😛
      I had a very long way to work, about 1,5 hours there and back so three hours in total to read. The books were all between 200 and 400 pages, so it was doable somehow. *lol*

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      1. Ohhh I’m so tempted to do a reread of Illuminae on audio as it’s full-cast and have only heard amazing things (I read the physical copies, I know shock for me! Hehe, but the format is so unique!)

        I’m a massive audiobook listener for my eyes so I love them (keeping in mind a narrator can break a good story so sometimes I end up waiting for when I’m able to up the ebook instead). Listening while commuting is different than my normal reading times but it’s been a good experience! Usually I listen in the mornings while getting ready and night when I’m unwinding (which is dangerous because I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night in the middle of a spoiler scene or the next day and I’ve “finished the book” oops! 😂)

        I’m trying out Scribd and it’s allowing me to listen to more audiobooks a month than I expected, and have only run into the limits for basically NYT bestsellers or new releases. I’m constantly doing the Audible sign up and cancel for any promotion and that’s annoying. Other than that my library has Libby/Overdrive so I can get in the queue for anything else! Digital audiobooks are super convenient since you can adjust the listening rate throughout each book where you can’t do that with CDs and they scratch and they’re never on sale in comparison.

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  1. Darn nope! I was wrong hahaha, I guessed option two… I can’t believe you’ve never DNFd a book! That is seriously impressive. (I could never do that lol)

    Thanks for the tag!

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      1. I feel that hahaha. I very very rarely DNF a book, and I always do it with extreme difficulty, but sometimes I just can’t take it any longer.

        Gefällt 1 Person

    i honestly thought the lie was you never dnfed a book but WOW how have you managed that. i admire you. also 200 books is an amazing library too, so youre actually winning at life
    thank you so much for the tag ❤ ❤ ❤ this looks like so much fun, definitely going to do it!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Better late than never, right? 😛
      Haha! Yeah most people do, but I just can’t dnf books. XD I was actually surprised that it are already that much. *lol* And you’re welcome! ❤ I hope you'll enjoy to do it as much as I did. It was a lot of fun to think about a decent lie. 😉

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