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Your Questions – My Answers ;-P

Hey my lovelies!

In my last blog post I celebrated a hundred followers and invited you to ask me questions you always wanted to know but never dared to ask. Okay, okay, that last part I just assumed. *lol* Considering how many interesting questions I received this actually doesn’t seem to be too far-fetched, though. XD

Either way it was fun to answer all your questions and I hope you’ll have at least as much fun reading my answers as I had writing them. 😀 I’m sorry if some of them got really long, but oh well, you know me, I’m not exactly known for my short reviews. 😛

So without further ado, here are my answers to your very creative questions!

Ashley @Bubbly Booknerd:

What instruments do you play?

I play a kick-ass e-bass, a mean guitar and a horrible keyboard. *lol* No, honestly, I can play a pretty good and decent e-bass but I think I suck at playing the rest. I was in two bands when I was younger and with one we even managed to go to the studio and made a CD with four songs. It was a lot of fun and we even played some of the bigger halls in Austria… well until our band broke up, but that’s another story for another day. ;-P

Which music do you enjoy the most?

I basically listen to everything. Really, my musical bandwidth goes from rock to emo, to pop and indie and all the way to metal and screamo just to go right back to hit songs and classical music. As long as the overall composition of the song is good, I’ll listen to it. I love lyrics and when they match the music and underline its effect I’m a happy camper indeed. 😀

Are you a vocalist?

Haha! Funny I get that asked a lot but my answer is always no. I used to sing in the background in a few of my bands songs but I’ve a very deep and slightly husky voice and my singing voice sounds completely different. At least that’s what I’ve been told. It’s kind of funny, because I can’t carry a tune in a bucket but apparently have a “sexy voice”? *lol* Well, at least that’s what online people tell me when they hear me for the very first time. It’s really strange…

Does each book you read have a song that you associate with it?

Some do. Not all of them but there are a lot of books that give me certain song vibes I can’t seem to be able to get rid of when I read them. For instance I had a horrible earworm of “One To Make Her Happy” from Marque while I read “Siege and Storm” and whenever I think about “ACOMAF” I think of “Dark In My Imagination” from “of Verona”. XD

Hamad @ The book prescription

How do you write such huge reviews and weren’t you afraid that people won’t read them because of the length?

I love to write? *lol* Mhmm how to answer this question? As easy as it sounds it’s actually pretty difficult to answer. I guess I’ll just go with the flow and try to explain it as best as I can. To write my reviews always takes me quite a while because it’s some sort of process. I already mark quotes I like while I read the book and before I start to write my reviews I always sort through those quotes first. Well, and then I basically write my review around those quotes and the characters of the book. I think some of my reviews easily took me 3 – 10 hours to write. I usually write them over days though, because with a little kid I don’t have all too much free time to focus on writing. There’s a lot of effort going in those long reviews but it’s always worth it! 😀 As to being afraid that people might not read them because of their length: Umm… no?! *lol* I never really thought about it. When I started to write my long reviews I mostly did it for myself. I just wanted to get all those feels off my chest and to write them down sounded like a good idea, so I just did it. XD Truth be told, I’m still surprised that people actually read my super long reviews and even enjoy them! ❤

Xandra @ Starry Sky Books

Who are your top favorite characters EVER, and why?

Ohhh that’s a really tough one! *lol* I promise I’ll try my best to answer it properly. xD There are so many characters I love but I think I’ll go with my favourite seven because otherwise this answer would get way too long. 😛

– Ronan Lynch from “The Raven Cycle”: I think I love him so much because he reminds me of myself a lot. *lol* I mean he can swear like a sailor but despite his rather harsh exterior he actually has a soft heart! He’s brutally honest and once he loves someone he’ll do everything possible in order to protect that person. Plus he is fascinated by Adam and his hands and we definitely share that one too. Haha!!!

– Adam Parrish from “The Raven Cycle”: I adore Adam to bits and pieces! <333 He’s one of the guys who always had to fight for everything and his life definitely wasn’t easy, yet he still managed to get by somehow. He’s a precious bean and it took him a long time to open up to people and to accept the help of his friends, but that’s just because he’s been hurt so much and he had to learn to love and to accept himself first. Plus he has a great character arc and I always love those!

– William Herondale from “The Infernal Devices”:  I love, love, love and love William Herondale, because he’s such a broken boy, because he’s honourable, because he loves books and can quote them, because he’s brave, because he loves his parabatai, because he’d sacrifice his own well-being for the people he loves and cares about, because he literally burned himself to safe Jem’s life!!! Oh man, there are so many reasons why I love Will Herondale! I can’t even! >_< I need this reread badly!

– Nikolai Lantsov from “The Grisha Trilogy”: Haha! Who wouldn’t love Nikolai!? I mean that man is epic! I love everything he says because no matter what escapes his lips it’s awesome. *lol* The world needs more charming charismatic princes like him! Really! XD

– Alex Fierro from “Magnus Chase”:  I adore Alex Fierro! Finally a gender fluid character and a really relatable one as well! Uncle Rick made me very happy when he decided to write Alex into his series and I’ll be forever grateful for fierce and direct Alex! <333

– Kvothe from “The Name of the Wind”: The SASS!!! Another character I love because I can relate to him. That man is so sassy and defiant I can’t even. *lol* Deep down he’s a soft hearted snowflake though so “The Name of the Wind” gave me all the feels when I read it for the very first time.

– Aaron Warner from “Shatter Me”: Aaron Warner and Will Herondale are both my book husbands and I’ll love them forever! I wish there would be more men that are as perfect as Warner but unfortunately they only seem to exist in books. *lol* He’s swoon worthy, intelligent, honest, cunning and one of those broken boys I love so much. XD

And why are all those characters male?! Seriously, authors need to write more awesome women into their books! I mean I can relate to all those 7 characters and they are all male! *lol* (Well except of Alex, who is gender fluid.)

Leona @ InkGirlWords

What are some of your favorite poets?

I’m a huge fan of William Shakespeare and William Blake. (Funny coincidence they both have the same first name. XD) But I absolutely love and adore Friedrich Schiller’s poetry. “The Pledge” and “The Diver” are two of my favourite poems and I must have read them about a thousand times by now. ❤

Miri @ The Book Dragoness

What’s one of the most interesting/strange/crazy things you’ve ever done?

I kind of tramped through Mexico with my bestie. We met in Cancun and then made our way through the country until we ended up in Acapulco. It was fun and we went by bus so we saw a lot of the country and ordinary life. Also we got into a little village where white girls like us were some sort of a rarity and some of the villagers actually asked us if we’d take pictures with them. That definitely was crazy. *lol* It was fun though. XD

Destiny @ Words with Destiny

Have you ever danced/sung in the rain before?

What a cool question! And the answer would be “yes” I did both! *lol* At my sisters 18th birthday party it rained all afternoon but it was summer and it was warm rain so we basically danced Cha Cha Cha and Jive in the rain. Plus I loved to dance and sing when I’m in a good mood so it still happens every once in a while. 😉




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  1. This was great! I too recently broke the 100 follower wall and wish I would’ve thought about asking my readers to submit questions!!!! Also yay, for another German (Austrian :p) speaking blogger. I have such a hard time keeping up with German books these days as many don’t make it over the pond (in a timely manner or at all).

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      1. I’m glad you enjoyed this too! And congrats for breaking the 100 follower wall! 🙂 True, there aren’t many of us out there. XD At least I don’t know all too many. *lol* I’ll try my best to get one or the other German book review on here, but I usually read in English. There are some interesting German authors out there though. 🙂 I guess we’ll see what the year brings.

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