Allgemein, Poetry

Life Lessons

In everybody’s life,
There are rules to follow.
Laws that you have to swallow.

Things that you shouldn’t do,
Moments in which you have no clue.
Sometimes you’ll have to
Play with fire,
If you’re willing
To get up higher.

In another case
You might just
Turn into haze.

There are times,
You’ll have to raise your hand,
In order to defend.

You’ll always have to decide,
What is wrong?
What is right?
Of your responsibility,
You can’t pull free,
You can’t hide.

Sometimes if you want
To achieve a goal,
You better just let it roll.
Be not too eager, don’t show too much pride.
Or life will take you on a hard ride.
In all honesty, it’s not easy.

The best thing you can do,
Is to find a compromise,
In everybody’s eyes.

Don’t be mad,
Try to be happy,
And not sad.
Chase away depression,
Make yourself a confession.
Be just who you are,
Truly you,
Then you’ll be a shining star.

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