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My reading plans and bookish New Year’s resolutions for 2019

I’m finally back from my holiday hiatus and hope you all had a lovely time as well. As always I ate too much (I swear my in-laws still confuse me with a Christmas goose *lol*) and now I’m making “Ula ula” like the food taster in “Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra”. Other than that I’m doing fine though. XD So I thought now that the end of the year is near I might as well write down my bookish New Year’s resolutions for 2019.

I guess by now you all know that I … (well, there’s no other way to say this nicely so I’ll just be blunt) suck big time when it comes to keeping my New Year’s resolutions. >_<  At least up until now I was never able to keep my bookish goals but this time around I’m really determined to go through with it. Mainly because it’s back to work for me in January and reading is keeping me sane so that’s one hell of a good reason to stick to my reading plans for next year. 😉

This said, let’s head directly to the fun part!

My bookish New Year’s resolutions for 2019:

– Don’t read more than 3 books at the same time! (I always read at least 4 – 6 books in 2018 but I really need to get a grip on that. *lol* I won’t have as much time to read anymore so I should choose my books wisely in future. XD)

– Don’t add more than 300 books to my TBR pile. It are 302 at the moment, but I really want to get the number down to at least 275. This is going to be tough but I know I can handle it (if I really want to. ;-P) Less time to read also means less time to scroll through my goodreads feed and therefore less temptations, right? *lol*

– Read the books I already own!! (There are so many books in my bookshelves and they always give me the stink-eye when I borrow new books from the library or read on my e-reader. Sorry guys, I promise improvement! >_<)

– Don’t borrow more than 3 books from the library. (This should be doable… Really! I’ll just resist all those awesome lovely books… Ohh they are such beauties! *drools*)

– Stick to my TBR 2019!! Seriously, I make a list every year but I hardly stick to it. Out of the 60 books I wanted to read in 2018 I only read 28, which is at least almost half of all the books I wanted to read. (If I wouldn’t have exceeded my own expectations and wouldn’t have read a total of 109 books those 28 certainly would be even more awesome though. *lol*)

– Re-read some of my favourites! I get the feeling that I’ll need a lot of comfort reads in 2019 so I’m planning to re-read many series I read before I joined goodreads in 2017. I only started to write my reviews about 1 ½ years ago and there are still so many awesome books that deserve to get a proper review as well. 😉

For instance those five:

7171637   16096824  3  5297  25494343

– Get 100 followers on my blog. XD Right now that seems to be a really hard goal to achieve but I’ll work on it and hopefully will reach it one day. If I ever make it to 150 I’ll not only freak out but also will make some sort of book raffle and will send the book to the winner! 😉 Haha! Hell, if I actually make it to 150 I’ll probably even write a personal  love letter to the person who wins said book! *lol*

– And last but not least, let my followers decide what I’m going to read. Yes, you read right, if you read this far you definitely deserve a treat! ;-P My book list for 2019 is almost done and I’m planning to read 40 books this year. (I’ll probably read more than that, at least I hope so, but I thought 40 will be a manageable amount of books, so 40 it is!) So far there are just 35 books on my list though and that’s exactly where your expertise comes in.  Let me know which book I absolutely HAVE to read! XD Five spots are still empty and I’ll throw all your recommendations into a bowl and will pull out the winners. 😉 Just leave me a comment in this blog post and I’ll make sure to add your book recommendation into my bowl. The more the merrier! XD *crosses fingers and hopes this is going to work*


Anyway!! Enough about me!

What are YOUR reading goals for 2019? Do you have a book list like me or are you a mood reader and decide spontaneously? Which book releases are you looking forward to? Are you going to re-read some of your favourite series too?

Tell me and let me know! =)



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20 Gedanken zu „My reading plans and bookish New Year’s resolutions for 2019“

  1. Reading books that I already have on my shelf was one of the goals I wrote about too!!! Going to the bookshop doesn’t exactly help as its never just ‘window shopping’ you’re doing. Hope you achieve your reading goals for 2019 😀
    The only recommendation that I can think of at the moment is the falling Kingdom series. Its one of those books thats like marmite, you either love it or hate it. I personally loved it (though I can’t say the same for marmite as I’ve never tried it)!

    Gefällt 1 Person

  2. Did you read the Queen’s Thief novels? If you haven’t, then I would highly recommend it. They are seriously some of the best fantasies I’ve ever read. Just so smartly plotted with complex characterization. And the twists. *dies*

    I’m more a mood reader lol though I can stick pretty well to a TBR. I’m planning to reread some books in preparations for the sequel releases because well…I’ve forgotten a lot!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. I’ve never heard of the series but it sounds reallly good! I kind of live and breathe for smartly plotted worlds with complex characters and lots of awesome twists and turns so this should be right up my alley. *lol*

      Lady Midnight and ACOTAR are a reread because of that too. I remember a lot of things that happened but not everything and I just want to be up to date when I start reading „Queen of Air and Darkness“ and ACOFAS. XD

      Gefällt 1 Person

  3. I love your goals! I’ll be publishing a post about goals and reading challenges (hoping before the new year since I start one on the 1st hahaha). The majority will allow me to mood read!

    I can’t believe your TBR is 200!?!?! I think I should start one of those “TBR Highs and Lows” or “Down the TBR Hole” memes so I can pretend to shrink mine! 😂 I think you should add ‘Aurora Rising’ to your jar! I’m thinking that’s my most anticipated new release for next year… and then of course I’m going to want a time machine to skip to the future where the 2nd and 3rd books are available.

    PS. I’m so sorry I haven’t followed your blog until now! (What the heck, Ashley?!) I’ve been going through and trying to stalk my GR friend’s blogs but it’s been a long process distracted by the holidays.

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Thank you! And I’ll wait for your post then! 😉 (Maybe a motivation to get it up before the new year starts? *lol*)

      Haha! Yeah, I tried to keep my TBR down but it still feels like I’m not succeeding. XD I saw those blog post with „Down the TBR Hole“ as well and can’t help but wonder if I’ll have to resort to it one day too. *lol* So far I’m doing fine though, let’s hope it stays that way. >_<

      I haven't heard of "Aurora Rising" yet but it sounds really intriguing! It's going right into my bowl with the others. 😉 And don't worry, I also didn't know you have a blog here so I guess we're even? *lol*

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. No worries I have been working on it for a couple months and decided to go public to avoid studying for a final just over a week ago. 😂 I was working on the graphics all day today so those are updated and now I can write my post tomorrow! Also, my TBR could use the help as I recently added a separate shelf of kindle books purchased a few years ago lol

        Gefällt 1 Person

  4. I love your goals!!

    (Full disclosure if you get two comments from me it’s because WP says it didn’t post and I don’t remember everything I said. 😂)

    First off, I’m so sorry that I haven’t followed your blog until now! (What the heck, Ashley?!) I’m trying to stalk friends from GR over to WP and I haven’t made it through everyone yet.

    As far as my goals? I’ll be publishing a post soonish but it mostly revolves around some challenges I’m excited for! I’m a mood reader so I hope the buddy reads work out?! Never done those before, have you?

    My most anticipated release is ‘Aurora Rising’! You liked ‘Illuminae’ right? I loved it to pieces so I’m psyched for more from Kaufman and Kristoff.

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday and I’m looking forward to how your 2019 goes!!

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. Haha! I got the first comment but it’s always nice to get two! 😛 WP is acting weird again as it seems. *lol*

      As a matter of fact I haven’t read „Illuminae“ yet. *tumbleweed moment*
      I recently borrowed it from my library though, so I’ll hopefully read it soon. XD

      I hope your holidays were amazing too and I’ll look out for your New Year’s post! 😉

      Gefällt 1 Person

      1. Must be my cue to go to bed! Hahaha! Oh shoot, I thought you had read the series… if you can get your paws on the audiobook to read along I’ve heard only good things! It’s full cast too. It was a super long wait at the library so I read the physical copies instead (impatient mood reader 🙃) and I have to say I’ve never read anything like it!

        Gefällt 1 Person

  5. I don’t know if you’ve read One Day in December by Josie Silver, but it’s a great Winter-y read. Also, I saw you haven’t read Illuminae, that’s a good one to read, too. I’m not sure if you’re into audiobooks, but Illuminae was a great audio. There was a whole cast and sound fx. It was an experience. I realllllyyyyy loved Circe by Madeline Miller (another audiobook read for me and the narrator was angelic). 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. I haven’t read „One Day in December“ yet so it definitely goes in my bowl! XD And I only heard good things about Illuminae but didn’t read it up until now. The last time I was at the library I borrowed the physical book though. So I’ll hopefully read it soon. You’re the second person to tell me you loved the audio and I’ll definitely give it a try! XD Circe is already on my list! ❤ Can't wait to read it! Thank you for all those awesome recommendations! 😀

      Gefällt mir

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