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Secret Fox Messages

I think it’s finally time to confess something and all the library visitors who borrow books from the Viennese libraries might be surprised now. *lol* I thought it was about time to write it down here though, so here I am, making my “confession”. ;-P

A while ago my library friend and I were sitting at a food court in Vienna and spoke about how funny it is to borrow books from a library because you never know what’s inside of them. Sometimes people forget their bookmark, sometimes they use postcards to mark a certain page and sometimes they just leave their entire list of borrowed books in it… I’m sure you get the idea. So we had a discussion about this and how it’s always interesting to stumble across stuff like that. You just can’t help but wonder who it belonged to and if they are missing their things. XD

It’s always nice to see the traces of fellow bookworms though and a few of those left items actually made us smile. So I came up with a crazy idea. What if I’d leave a little message in at least one of the books I borrowed before I return it to the library? What if I’d just write a little sentence that would make someone smile when she/he stumbles across it? You know, make their reading and their day a little brighter with an unexpected note. =)

Well, I guess by now you all know me well enough to be certain that I actually decided to do this. *lol* So yes, every time I bring back the books I borrowed, I make sure to write at least one bookish quote on a colourful piece of paper (don’t worry, I’d never actually write into the book!!!) and place it between the pages of one of the books.

I don’t know if anyone already found them, I have no idea if it made them smile like I hoped it would or if they wondered who this crazy person was leaving them a note. *lol* But I like to think that it caused them to smile. XD I’ll continue to leave my notes and maybe, just maybe, one day someone will read this here and know it was me who wrote this and will actually smile! You can always hope, right? XD

So, that’s my confession! ;-P If you ever borrow a book from one of the public libraries in Vienna and you find a note with a book quote, “Happy Reading!” and the initials T.S.L.F. you’ll know it was me. *lol*

With this in mind: Happy Reading! ;-P

And just in case I don’t manage to write another blog post before Christmas (after all it’s a busy time with a little child XD) I also want to use this post to wish you all a Merry Christmas!! I hope you spend a wonderful time with your loved ones and get lots of bookish presents! 😀

Take care, my lovelies!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤



The Sassy Library Fox


P.S: I’m leaving another secret note today. 😉 Maybe I’ll meet you at the library? XD


13 Gedanken zu „Secret Fox Messages“

  1. Yes I have found currency, air tickets and library cards inside the books I have borrowed. Interesting encounters while returning to these people include comments like “What were you doing with this of all people ?”. Guess it takes all types to make the world. Thanks for the interesting blog.

    Gefällt 1 Person

    1. I once found a currency too which is kind of funny because you’d think people would miss money they could use again. *lol* No air tickets and library cards yet, but you never know if it will happen one day. XD You’re welcome, glad you enjoyed to read it. 🙂

      Gefällt mir

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