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Achievements of 2018

Now that the old year is coming to an end many of you decided to write down their goals for 2019 and I probably should do that too. Well, I’m sure sooner or later I’ll actually do it, but today I don’t want to look into the future. Today I’m going to take a closer look at my past. Even more precisely a closer look at my year 2018, because we shouldn’t only look forward to the next year but also always celebrate what we achieved in the last one. 😉

There happened so many things in 2018 and even though it was a tough year in so many different ways, it was also an amazing one. I suppose you could say there are always two sides of a coin and there was at least as much happiness as sadness. Being the incorrigible optimist that I am, I rather tend to acknowledge the good things though. ;-P

So I’m going to talk about the awesome achievements of my 2018 and the many good things that happened to me. =)

– I made many awesome and good friends this year, some of them became really close friends for a while, some of them stayed, others moved on, but no matter how long they were a part of my life they influenced me immensely. I like to think that everything happens for a reason and there were people that had a huge impact on me and my life. It doesn’t matter if I lost some of those close friends again, because regardless of how things turned out in the end, they were a part of my life and I’ll always be thankful for that. Their friendship didn’t only make me stronger and a better person, but also enabled me to accept myself the way I am. And in the end, the memories and the happiness, no matter how short-lived, will always be worth it. <333

– I finally dared to start my own blog at the end of September and I’m so glad I decided to take this huge step. I had no idea what I was getting myself into but looking at it in retrospective I can still say that I don’t regret anything! My blog has become my second baby (my real one will always come first though. ;-P)  and it makes me so happy to see how it’s growing. I had the goal to get 50 followers until the end of the year and by now it are even 72 and I’m so damn grateful for this, I can’t even!! <333 *excuse me while I cry an eight sea* T_T

– Which brings me directly to my next point: The amazing people I got to know through goodreads! I became friends with a lot of awesome authors and I was lucky enough to be able to read some of their books! I think I’ll never get used to that and maybe that’s even good the way it is. =) After all it’s always important to acknowledge the luck you have! ;-P

– I actually managed to read three new releases and considering the fact that I still have to catch up on so many old series (hey, there “A Darker Shade of Magic” and “Nevernight”) this is really a big achievement for me! *lol*

– I continued to write. Whether it was poetry, role-play posts, letters, reviews or personal thoughts I just kept writing and I’m so glad I did!!! To write is a huge part of my life and it always helps me to think things through. You might say I need it in order to continue to breathe and you certainly wouldn’t be wrong with this assumption. I realized that I just need to write and I promised myself that I’ll never stop. No matter how stressful my life is going to become next year, I’ll try my best to keep on writing and I hope people will continue to appreciate what I write. (Well, at least the thoughts that I share. XD)

– I was able to spend a lot of time with my family and even though we’re a rather loud and chaotic bunch, we still love each other to bits and pieces. ❤ Now that I have my own family I’m beginning to appreciate everything my parents did for me and I have to give them kudos for raising me the way they did. No parent is perfect, we all make mistakes, but we learn, we adapt, we grow with our children, we give them all our love and we try to raise them as good as we can. (I’m getting sappy again, aren’t I?) But it’s the truth and it has to be acknowledged. 😉

– Also, I finally read 100 books!!! I’ve been working on this goal for years now and I can’t believe I actually did it this time around! To reach that goal means so much to me because I’ll go back to work at the beginning of next year and I tried to read as many books as possible before I do. I don’t know if I’ll have less time to read (rather likely) or if I’ll get even more reading done because my way to work is quite long, but I’m planning for the worst case scenario (only being able to read a few pages a day *gasp*) and therefore will forever be grateful that I managed to read those 100 books. =)))

– I spent hours at the main library of Vienna and I don’t regret anything. I mean, by now I could be registered as a resident in there and it would be no surprise to anyone. *lol* Plus I also managed to have a babysitter and was able to go to the cinema again! Oh, how I love my movies and nachos! I swear when it comes to that I’m like Gollum: “We loves our precious nachos!!” ❤

– And last but not least I want to thank YOU! I know this doesn’t count as one of my achievements, but I still wanted to mention it in this blog post. If it wouldn’t be for you guys I would have never even started my own blog. Ever since I joined goodreads and wordpress there has been nothing but kindness and encouragement coming my way. So many of you commented and told me they like my reviews, even more of you started to discuss books with me or decided to buddy read entire series. I can’t even put into words how thankful I am for this! For all of you! Because without your constant support and your comments and likes I would have never even gotten to where I am right now. You made this blog possible, you encouraged me to continue to write and you helped me so much you have no idea!! <333

A big thanks to the wonderful book community and all the amazing individuals that make it such a lovely place!! YOU. ARE. ALL. MADE. OF. AWESOMESAUCE!!! Don’t let anyone tell you differently!!! XD

I better stop now before I cry another river, but I hope you all know that you are incredible and appreciated!! <333

Thank you for reading this super long blog post! =)) I think you should get a medal for that. *lol*



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  1. awww, this is so heartfelt, congratulations on all the amazing achievements you accomplished this year and its so awesome to know you and get to have you a part of this community ❤ ❤ so much sap ❤ hope 2019 is even better for you ❤

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