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Review: The Circle (Dave Eggers)


Rating: 4 Pfoten

”Outside the walls of the Circle, all was noise and struggle, failure and filth. But here, all had been perfected. The best people had made the best systems and the best systems had reaped funds, unlimited funds, that made possible this, the best place to work.”

Did you ever want to live in a world where everything is perfect? Every step is fully automated, no wars, no crimes, no pollution, no problem that can’t be fixed? Well, you found it! Welcome to “The Circle” where they have the best jobs, the smartest brains and the necessary means to change the world. For Mae to work at her new job is heaven and if possible she never ever wants to leave the Circle again! And let’s face it, why should she if everything is going so well?

Maybe a little too well? What’s that little voice nagging at the back of her mind, where does this feeling of loneliness and pressure come from? Is she losing her mind? Is she just stressed? Who’s that mysterious guy she finds herself falling for? Is he an illusion or is he real? Is he against the world they are building? Against the ideas that seem to change people’s lives for the better? What’s wrong with their ideas? Why shouldn’t’ they try to improve the world?


”There needs to be accountability. Tyrants can no longer hide. There needs to be, and will be, documentation and accountability, and we need to bear witness. And to this end, I insist that all that happens should be known.”

Say hello to SeeChange where you can watch every spot you want to see. All over the world there are little cameras that give you a live picture of the place you want to watch. The Maldives? The Grand Canyon? A riot in another country? Live footage of your grandpa on the toilet? No problem! 😉 You can see everything and be everywhere!

”Okay. But just know, from now on, that being social, and being a presence on your profile and all related accounts – this is part of why you’re here. We consider your online presence to be integral to your work here. It’s all connected.”

And there are so many connections that Mae needs 6(!!!) monitors to keep up to date with everything that happens on Campus! But who needs sleep when you can interact with every person around the world? Who needs to eat and drink when you can get likes for attending one of the countless activities on campus? Did I already mention that nice Portugal Brunch that’s hosted by a guy named Alistair you didn’t even meet yet? You don’t have to attend if you’re too busy, but we expect you to be an active part of the community, so please at least tell him you can’t go because you’re swamped with work. Oh, are you overstrained? We take the health of our employees very seriously!

”It’ll collect data on your heart rate, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart flux, caloric intake, sleep duration, sleep quality, digestive efficiency, on and on. A nice thing for the Circlers, especially those like you who might have occasionally stressful jobs, is that it measures galvanic skin response, which allows you to know when you’re amped or anxious.”

There! Problem solved! Now you can check your vitals and act accordingly! This nice tool will inform you when it’s time to eat the next banana so your blood pressure doesn’t fall. But you better don’t do any sport to improve your health, because we expect you to sit in front of your 6 monitors all of the time. Who needs sports with the right nutrition anyway? You’ll look like a supermodel in no time and oh did we forget to mention that all our employees look like models anyway? Sorry, our fault! I hope you’ll still give us the best rating.

”I have thought on this for years, and I have yet to conjure a scenario where a secret does more good than harm. Secrets are the enablers of antisocial, immoral and destructive behaviour.”

If you have any secrets just leave them at the door because inside of the Circle we don’t have anything to hide. We’re all equal; we all strive to improve the world. I mean who needs a hierarchy? Every one of us is an important member of our company! We, all of us, will make the world a better place. But oh, I just saw that you didn’t get as many likes as you got yesterday and you forgot to attend one of our 100 events because you visited your parents? I’m sorry Mae, but you better head to one of the top 40 so they can rap you on the knuckles. And if you did something really bad you’ll have to make an appearance in front of one of the three wise men! #SorryNotSorryWeDoHaveRulesAndAnImpeccableHierarchySystemAfterAll

”Just as within the Circle we know our Participation Rank, for example, soon we’ll be able to know at any given moment where our sons and daughters stand against the rest of American students, and then against the world’s students.”

AND this is one of our newest inventions! Now every student all over the world will know how good she/he is and it will be easy to improve your rank because now you finally know where you stand. No pressure! We swear! Cross our hearts and hope to die!! But well, you’re not doing so good right now, your current rank is pretty low and you’re just on 1.584.256. Might be wise to do something to improve this. What? You worry about all the students that will never be in the top 100? Sorry, but we can’t all be the best, there will always be people that are better than others. Oh, now that you mention it, well yeah what did you expect? There are millions of students all over the world and someone’s got to be the lowest rank. Hierarchy? Pressure to succeed? Nope, never. We just erased those words from the dictionary. ;-P See another problem efficiently solved! Aren’t we great? XD

”And then it occurred to her, in a brief and blasphemous flash: she didn’t want to know how they felt. The flash opened up into something larger, an even more blasphemous notion that her brain contained too much. That the volume of information, of data, of judgments, of measurements, was too much, and there were too many people, and too many desires of too many people, and too many options of too many people, and too much pain from too many people, and having all of it constantly collated, collected, added and aggregated, and presented to her as if that all made it tidier and more manageable – it was too much.”

WHAT? O_o You don’t want to know what everyone thinks of you all of the time? You don’t want to hear negative comments? But you need to hear them in order to improve! No one is perfect but we’ll get there soon, promise!! Just deal with the shit storm like a responsible and normal human being, it can’t ruin you. I mean seriously, we’re all just doing our best, right?! =)

”I expect this is some second great schism, where two humanities will live, apart but parallel. There will be those who live under the surveillance dome you’re helping to create, and those who live, or try to live, apart from it. I’m scared to death for us all.”

This comment wasn’t deleted in order to keep peace; it was only removed to our archive. We strive to be transparent but 1.435.201 of our very valuable members didn’t agree with this statement so we decided it would be best to isolate it on our hard drive. Hope you guys don’t mind! Send us a like! =)

We really hope you liked your trip into our company and we’re looking forward to welcome you as one of our employees soon! And even if your idea isn’t good enough to become one of us, you can still become a member of our network. The Circle is close to being complete; make sure to be a part of it! 😉


P.S: Sorry, but the sarcasm was too strong to suppress it! *lol* This book and the ideas of the Circle… *shudders and shakes head*
P.P.S: Just in case you wondered: I really “liked” this book, but the ideas and solutions that were presented in it scared me so much, that I can’t help but feel like hiding under a rock would be a more than just good idea. XD If you feel the same way, come and visit me under my rock. There’s plenty of room and lots of cookies. ;-P

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